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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZETATALK POLESHIFTNING.COM CHAT: [6-5-2010] San Benigno CC, 19 of 20 Contactees, Sidereal time, Israeli aggression, Colloidal silver, Dictators, Siberia
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      San Benigno CC, 19 of 20 Contactees, Sidereal time, Israeli aggression, Colloidal silver, Dictators, Siberia methane, Aftertime communities, Guatemala sinkhole, Stopped rotation heatwave, Hopi tablets, Korean ship incident, Vince Diehl prophecies, Silbury CC, Liddington CC, Planet X shadow, Tribano CC, Last weeks sloshing, Codford CC, Hatoyama resignation, Gore's divorce, Unaware populace, 8 of 10 scope, Spinning fireball

      [Questioner]    Nancy has said that though many contactees want to be involved, start out that way, get support from the visitors, and then fade, the Zetas say 19 of 20 such contactees proves to be a disappointment for them. I'm sure the reasons are varied but could the Zetas explain the main reason why only 1 out of 20 contactees live up to the Zeta's expectations? That is a pretty high failure rate.
      [Zeta response] In saying that 19 out of 20 contactees that we support prove to be a disappointment, we are not talking about the vast majority of contactees who are seeking information about the coming times, and seeking consultation in general on many matters. There are those contactees who have chosen an ambitious role, who in the view of ourselves and other aliens in attendance during the Transformation deserves our backing and support. Often, these are contactees who are intent upon their role well before their current incarnation. They are contactees who have a track record from past lives, giving us some confidence that their missions will succeed.

      An example is Nancy in her communication role. She had a pre-birth agreement to participate in the hybrid program, but more than that was an understanding among all concerned that she would attempt to position herself as a communicator going into the pole shift, even at risk to herself. This was entirely in keeping with what we knew of Nancy from her past lives. She more than met our expectations and deals with danger with almost unflappable courage. ZetaTalk has been more successful than expected and has required more of our resources to be assigned to this task.

      So what goes wrong when 19 of 20 such individuals disappoint? Courage is a key attribute, as the time of the Transformation is a time when polarization of the spiritual orientations is occurring, so an Service-to-Self attack is strengthened by numbers and thus much stronger than in past lives when it would have been diluted. The contactee realizes this is war, not just a skirmish, and backs away from the mission. Life circumstance is another factor, where the contactee anticipated a life of ease, a supportive spouse, economic security, and good health. When this does not manifest, they think of immediate issues first, pushing the soul mission to the background. Has Nancy encountered this? She has health issues and almost died from French Polio, bearing the remnants of this as muscular weakness. She has had a hard live, economically speaking, living at or below the poverty level for most of her life. Her husband divorced her rather than be at her side
      during the attacks expected due to ZetaTalk. Yet she continues, unabated, and undeterred. 19 of 20 do not do so.

      [Questioner]    As we've all been pre-occupied with the oil spill and other catastrophes, Israel seems to be preparing for a war or major attack on Southern Lebanon possibly dragging Syria into it. Their attack on Gaza this week is probably part of a planned sequence of events leading up to a major attack, it's been said they want to flatten Southern Lebanon this time, wiping out Hezbollah. We recently gave Israel 250 million for defense in addition to all the other money. Netanyahu has a planned meeting w/ President Obama next week in Wash DC. Will President Obama give Israel the green light, (like the previous Bush Hawks) or will he give Netanyahu a warning?
      [Zeta response] It is no secret that Obama has been pressing Israel to stop trying to settle in Palestinian land, and that Israel is defying Obama in this. Nevertheless, the longstanding habit of considering Israel an ally in Arab territory puts any such demands in conflict with existing treaties and congressional action such as funding. As we have endlessly stated, Obama as President is not a dictator, and is obliged to work in concert with many other voices and former promises. It will be the threat of future cooperation by the White House that will be the club that can be used, and we predict will be used, against Israeli arrogance and aggression. Will Israel escalate until WW III breaks out in the region, as many prophecies predict? We have stated, since the start of the ZetaTalk saga, that though much sabre rattling may commence, that no war on that level will emerge prior to or after the pole shift.
      [Questioner]    I know the zetas will inform us four months before the pole shift. Wouldn't some people in certain areas move earlier because of natural disasters like big earthquakes, and volcanos?
      [Zeta response] We have stated that the pole shift will occur at the end of one of the magnetic trimesters, which occur at the end on either an April, an August, or a December. We are not allowed to say which trimester, nor which year. We have also stated that the last weeks will be within that trimester. This includes a severe wobble, a static position in a lean to the left, 3 days of darkness and the resulting 6 days of sunrise west, a slowing rotation and a stopped rotation of 5.9 days. There are those who today have their eyes opened because they have noted an Earth wobble, with the Sun and Moon not where expected. Or they have noted the ground trembling and an increase in sinkholes and increasingly erratic weather. They have sought answers, and have begun looking to the skies for signs that the prophecies are correct and Nibiru has returned. But most on Earth are exhausted working long days just to set a meal on the table, and would not have the
      resources to move to a safer location even if aware of what is coming.
      [Questioner]    Does Nancy's vision describe Earth changes from now until the Last Weeks (9 of 10)? Essentially, does the vision represent the 7 of 10 and 8 of 10 event(s)?
      [Zeta response] We have stated that a 7 of 10 will arrived by the end of 2010, and that it will include one or more of the incidences presented to Nancy in the holographic presentation. We also hinted, last week, at what might be included in an 8 of 10, specifically oil explosions in Iraq due to plate movement, continuous plate movement (rather than start or stop activity along fault lines), and planetary clash. It would be safe to say that all of the scenarios in the holographic presentation will occur by or during an 8 of 10 stage. What else will occur during an 8 of 10 we wish to hold in abeyance, as it will be more effectively received later when some of these disasters have occurred. Our words would be theoretical now, where later will be received and acted upon not as theory but as fact. Trust us on this matter. We know human nature well.
      ZetaTalk Newsletter
      Issue 188: 8 of 10 Hints, Trumpeting, Guatemala Crunch

      [According to the STO ZetaTalk space angels, planet earth can expect an increase in many more UFO/ET sightings] 

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