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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZETATALK POLESHIFTNING.COM CHAT: [5-29-2010] Notched Pie crop circle, Planet X complex on SOHO, 8 of 10 hint, Heilongjiang province, Spiral hoax, Canada
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      Notched Pie crop circle, Planet X complex on SOHO, 8 of 10 hint, Heilongjiang province, Spiral hoax, Canada border, "Why Live" motivation, Gulf Oil scope, Mind/Soul interaction, Bronze Age collapse, NWO cabal, Rescued humans, GM plants, NASA Moon Swirl disinfo, Sudden Silence during passage, Intuition, Land ownership rights, Obama's options, Nuking the Gulf, Iraq holocaust, Politics

      [Questioner]   Could Zeta explain what this new crop circle created in Wilton Windmill, nr Wilton, Wiltshire means?
      [Zeta response] Upon examining this crop circle, one will find that the 12 sections never have a line-notch that matches a line-notch on another section. There is no continuity, from one section to another, in these notches. What do the 12 sections represent, and what do the notches represent? Since the Gregorian calendar is universal, we confirm that it is months. The notches represent significant seismic activity, or plate movement. This tends to get hot in one area, and then the stage moves to another area. We are not yet at the point, as will be the case certainly during the pole shift and may be the case during an 8 of 10, where significant plate movement in one area does not start and stop, but just keeps going. Rock fingers are still holding the plates in their current positions, in the main, so there is some movement and then a halt as new catch points take hold. As to whether this crop circle, showing 12 month slices, indicates we have a year of
      this type of halting plate movement to anticipate, realize that this circle could represent months past, or even a year of past activity. We are certain that there will be a flurry of analysis, thus, on just what pie slice is what month, and just what notch is what earthquake or stretch zone movement. But we predict that no timeline clues will be able to be discerned with certainty from this crop circle.
      [Questioner]   The Zetas say that they have taken the unselfish people off flights before they crash, where the bodies would not be recovered. So, when India slides under the Himalayas, will the Zetas remove the unselfish as that happens? And in Indonesia, and western Australia, and all the other places where the catastrophe is so extreme? And let us say the total number is 400 million, where will they put them? Is there any truth that a new planet has been built, created, or moved, for the huge numbers of people to live on while the tribulation goes on?
      [Zeta response] It is not the intention of those in attendance during the pole shift and the Transformation of Earth to perpetuate the human species. We are developing a hybrid race, have you not heard? There is a benefit to having a certain number of humans who are highly Service-to-Other survive the pole shift in order to operate during the Aftertime. Except for a tiny fraction of a percent these will all be surviving because of either chance or because they have been offered the lift and accepted. As we have stated, those being offered the lift, being essentially highly Service-to-Other, almost routinely decline because they feel they need to be with those who are dependent upon them, or that they as an aged or infirm person would only be a burden on others if they survive. Those who are taken today, live in human form, are those that

      meet the criteria for the Element of Doubt, meaning that when they go missing this will not confuse others, and
      fill a necessary or highly important role during the Transformation. Beyond stating that Nancy is one such person, due to her international fame and familiar voice and face, we decline to identify this criteria or such individuals further
      [Questioner]   The Kolbrin describes at least three different passages of the Destroyer. In all three passages there is the description of thunderous ear shattering noise during the event of the passage, followed by silence, complete utter silence. Then the men went mad and became very violent. At first I considered this madness to be the result of having their lives completely upended. I've already purchased lots of ear plugs for people to wear to try to protect their ears from the noise. And I thought mental preparation would help with the shock. However, these descriptions continue to stay with me, as if I am missing something. My question to you is related to this pattern of madness. Would you clarify the cause of this violent madness, and if allowed, point us in the direction of what we may need to do to prepare for this potential?
      [Zeta response] Of course a "sudden silence" does not occur during the tumultuous last weeks and pole shift hour. The Earth moans in agony as the core wants to continue to turn, to rotate, while the crust is holding it back. What is a thunder clap, but the astmosphere clapping when a void is created between air masses by the passage of lightning. Lighting will be continuous or at least frequent during the last weeks at times, and the thunder claps burdensome. But beyond these known sources of noise, what would create temporarily deafness in a populace? The last weeks are described in folklore or prophesied as being accompanied by trumpets, blasts of a horn. Of course, the human animal perceives sound because of air mass changes. What is the noise from a trumpet but a blast of air, vibrating at a certain frequency that humans have come to associate with a trumpet. The near presence during the last weeks, when the Earth is in such a magnetic grip that
      rotation slows to a stop and the Earth is drawn closer to Planet X by almost 30 million miles, does more than present a show to those on Earth watching in fascination and horror. If thunder claps are due to lightning traveling to the Earth's surface, what of the lightning in the upper atmosphere which we have described, which moves from the Earth to Planet X? Mankind is not familiar with thunderclaps in the upper atmosphere, although man is aware that lightning does occur up there. Due to the extreme friction caused by the wafting charged tail of Planet X, lightning discharge is humongous, with massive crackling discharge leaving the Earth's upper atmosphere. This creates voids in the upper atmosphere, which clap, causing vibration in the lower atmosphere where such vibration is interpreted by mankind as trumpets or horns. And on occasion, such loud claps cause temporarily deafness in those subject to this noise.
      [Questioner]   A few weeks ago, the Zetas said that President Obama's reason for opening up oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is his hope that new oil will be discovered that will replace foreign oil shipments to the U.S. that are disrupted due to earth changes. The Zetas have also said that the BP oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico in April was triggered by the stress that the North American continent is under as it is pulled into a bow, subjecting the oil trapped between rock layers to increasing pressure until a blowout occurs. The Zetas hint that additional drilling mishaps could occur. President Obama is a wise and cautious executive, and given that future foreign oil shipments might be in jeopardy, his plans for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico seem to make sense on the surface. However, I am confused about one point. The President must know that the Gulf of Mexico is in a region with increasing tectonic plate movement. Why would he call for more
      oil rigs to be built in such a vulnerable area?
      [Zeta response] There are no good options. What is the option with the happy outcome here? Obama inherited the Iraq War mess, where Bush had already lost because civil war was consuming that country and his "coalition of the willing" was deserting his side at a dead run. The country was not being rebuilt, oil was not being pumped as expected, and Russia and its allies were pressing for influence and contacts from the new Iraq government. The US military was hiding in the Green Zone, and trying to avoid the countryside as much as possible. The US, clearly, was not going to be in control of the Middle East after the pole shift, and thus other options had to be explored. What are those options? Even with invading Venezuela and Canada for their oil production this would not meet the needs of pampered Americans, encouraged for decades to drive bigger and faster cars. In arguments behind closed doors, the options were argued endlessly, alongside of the various
      possibilities for an outcome from the pole shift. If the pole shift were slight, then infrastructure in American might remain largely intact. Being able to placate the surviving population and keep them subservient to a federal system would then involve plenty of handy oil and gas. And of course the US military endlessly points out that in order to defend borders, all those tanks and choppers and fighter planes must have fuel. What is Obama to say - "never mind all that, we're going to have a severe pole shift and won't need fuel, because the Zetas say so"? We have endlessly explained, the US government is not a dictatorship. Many opinions and many voices come into play
      [Questioner]   What are the worldwide implications if a nuclear device winds up being the only option left to stop that oil flow?
      [Zeta response] The nuclear option will not be used on the BP Gulf Oil spill, we predict, because the implications are unknown. The geology of the sea bed, a mile down, is not well known. What rock underlies the mucky sea bed, and what way will this rock fracture or crumble? Thus, the potential of opening up an even wider hole exists, one that could not be plugged. This is of course in the hands of man, and thus cannot be predicted accurately, as we so often say. The pocket which is spewing oil at present is not infinite, nor is the pressure going to be continuous in future. It will ease in time, and this easing will allow plugging the hole by the mechanical means already employed to eventually be a success.

      [Questioner]   Breaking News: President takes nearly 3 months to have staff reveal crimes now imputed to Obama. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix/white-house/how-the-sestak-job-offer-becam.html Presidential Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel had President Bill Clinton offer Senatorial Candidate a position on a 'Presidential Board' if he stayed a congressman and Sestak refused. This is a felony in every state in the country and could qualify as a 'high crime and misdemeanor' under the Presidential impeachment provision of the constitution. The Presidents Obama and Clinton huddled all day in meetings, which republicans characterize as conspirators adjusting their stories. Calls are being made for appointment of special prosecutors to examine the evidence and for discovery under oath.
      [Zeta response] This is politics as usual, taken out of context. Quid pro quo is done all the time- you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Judicial appointments, appointments for family members, voting up or down on a bill depending upon what kind of pork is included - is this not quid pro quo? Is selling your vote legal? What's all that pork that is being attached, if not selling one's vote? Most of this is done not with written demands or written offers but a wink and a nod, because it is either illegal or unethical. It is only when the matter gets frank and money is exchanged is it considered bribery, a matter that can be prosecuted. Why is the White House silent? Bill Clinton has had heart problems, and lack of oxygen during episodes of heart weakness or during surgery can affect the brain. Slick Willie has become Sloppy Willie. What Obama is trying to determine is what actually happened. Sestak may have made demands that were not met, and furious
      about not getting what he wanted sough revenge in the press. Clinton was sent forth to talk to him, to encourage him to stay on board, but one seldom handicaps an emissary so that they cannot explore the issues. Should Obama throw Clinton to the wolves? Would this be helpful during an election year? Think! This is politics as usual, not something to be concerned about when a pole shift will be knocking at your door soon. Get your priorities straight!
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