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Planet X is Coming!

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  • William Alek
    Hello all, I uploaded today s shows to the archive section at http://VortexNetworkNews.com. Very fascinating three hours of news you won t hear anywhere else!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2010
      Hello all,

      I uploaded today's shows to the archive section at
      http://VortexNetworkNews.com Very fascinating three hours of news you won't
      hear anywhere else! I interviewed John DiNardo about the return of Planet X
      and how it coorelates with Noah's Flood, Moses and the Exodus and what will
      happen to Planet Earth in the near future. Its coming folks, so, be
      prepared! The GREAT CLEANSING OF THE EARTH is coming! This, of course,
      dovetailed very nicely into Michael's show and the release of a new edition
      of his and Aurora's book, "Prepare for the Landings!"

      Out of Town? You can also participate via SKYPE in our weekly group meetings
      in Sedona at The Launching Pad. Michael does a short channeling session with
      our ET friends upstairs, which includes a question and answer period. For
      details, contact Aurora Light at 928.282.1685.

      This is truly a unique experience.

      So, don't be left behind. I mentioned to Michael I want a "window seat"
      aboard the ships when the Great Evac occurs!


      William S. Alek, Chief Director, President
      2370 W. SR 89A, Ste 11-422
      Sedona, AZ 86336
      PHONE: 928.282.1685
      URL: http://progressivetechcenter.org/
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