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Professor of Boscovich's theory predicts end of world ifLHC (Large Hardon collider ) not stopped

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  • Roger Anderton
    Professor of Boscovich s theory predicts end of world if LHC (Large Hardon collider ) not stopped Professor Otto E. Roessler: Dear Planet Dear Planet: The
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2010
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      Professor of Boscovich's theory predicts end of world if LHC (Large Hardon collider ) not stopped

      Professor Otto E. Roessler: Dear Planet
      Dear Planet:

      The highest director of the Albert-Einstein-Institute, which is the most prestigious institution of its kind on the planet, Professor Gerhard Huisken, yesterday agreed to sending me material confirming my differential-geometric new (actually not that new) results in general relativity - on which my danger warning is based concerning the LHC experient which is being launched these very minutes unless still stopped by a miracle. This without any counteragrguments offered to my mine which point to a 1:12 danger of this experiment as planned today causing Armageddon within a few years time.

      I am asking Professor Huisken's forgiving that I am mentioning his authority without having been authorized by himself to do that. This is bad
      manners indeed that are only allowed - demanded - in a situation of acute danger. to everone concerned.

      Sincerely yours, Prof. Otto E. Rossler, Chaos researcher, University of Tubingen. 11:15 AM, March 30, 2010

      About Professor Otto E. Roessler
      Rössler is a world famous scientist, a multiple Nobel prize nominee, an elected member of the Leibniz Sozietät, he held professorships in theoretical physics and mathematics among many others, and has published numerous papers in general relativity among his about 500 scientific publications, is world reknowned for the invention of the "Rossler attractor," the simplest and most frequent chaos found in nature, is the discoverer of "hyperchaos," of the "brain equation," of the "Rossler task," of the new science of "endophysics," he holds some prizes (Chaos prize, Descartes Award), is a frequently quoted author, got several festschrifts and is the father of "Lampsacus hometown of all persons on the Internet" years before google and wikipedia were founded. His publications until 2001 are collected in the form of brief abstracts in a book that is on the Internet. He was a close friend of famous physicist Carl-Friedrich von Weizsäcker who was responsible for his first Max-Planck appointment, and of nobelist Konrad Lorenz because both were intrigued by his theory of chemical evolution found when he was 21. Jointly with his wife, he discovered chaotic heart arrhythmia and the aging equation. But the fact that he rediscovered endophysics, first seen by Boscovich in 1755, which led to his black hole equation, is perhaps Rössler's greatest achievement.http://www.notepad.ch/blogs/index.php/2010/03/30/professor-otto-e-roessler-dear-planet


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