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ZetaTalk: GLP Live [4-24-2010]

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    ZetaTalk: GLP Live [4-24-2010] X-37B, Sun s activity, Jesse Ventura TV, Restore America Plan, Infectious disease, Action vs passivity, 8 on 1-10 scale, Nancy s
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      ZetaTalk: GLP Live [4-24-2010]
      X-37B, Sun's activity, Jesse Ventura TV, Restore America Plan, Infectious disease, Action vs passivity, 8 on 1-10 scale, Nancy's age, New Madrid warnings, Astronaut opinions, Shortwave radio, Hybrids, Martial law attempts, Lloyd Pye's starchild skull, European tsunami, Alien technology, Alien invasion, Cell phone towers, Flying hominoids, Reincarnation shuffle, Races of man, Puppet Master choices, Out of Body, Earth wobble, Mayan lore, Victoria BC, HAARP, Oregon fungus


      [Questioner]   Is TRAP (the plan to restore america) legit? [and from another] Anti-Government Group tells Governors to Resign or be Removed [Apr 2] http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2010/04/ Security has been stepped up at some state capitols after an anti-government group mailed letters to more than 30 governors telling them they would be removed from office if they did not resign within three days. The FBI expects all 50 governors will get the letter from a fringe libertarian group calling itself the Guardians of the Free Republics, the Associated Press writes. The anti-corporate, anti-tax, anti-bank group promotes a "Restore America Plan" that relies on "de jure" (rightful) grand juries convened by citizens.
      [Zeta response] If by legit you mean not merely a hoax, this is a group, intent on making noise in order to get its way if not by any other means. Like the Tea Parties, these are individuals disgruntled at the Republican's loss of control over the White House and Congress. The inference in the letters is that covert violence will occur, the group formenting rebellion that will enforce its own laws. Since this is obviously against the law, threatening duly elected governors, action will be taken and at some point the arrests will hit the news.

      [Questioner]   When the tsunami hits Ireland and the UK, approx what speed will it hit the coast line at, and approx how far in land will the tsunami go as Ireland and the UK will be the first and I am assuming worst hit?
      [Zeta response] We have stated that the tsunami that will hit Europe will be from 200-300 feet high at its worst. If the pole shift tidal waves are estimated to strike the coastlines 500-600 feet high, but diminish to 200 feet inland by 100 miles, then assume approximately half this distance and height for the tsunami. Where the tidal waves during the pole shift are essentially the ocean on the move, like a normal tide but with more of a volume of water, a tsunami moves differently as it is a wave in an otherwise quiescent ocean. Thus, tsunami build suddenly at the coastline, and rush inland at wave speed. Assume the same for this tsunami as for all others of record, which man has in its historical records.

      [Questioner]   Since the Zetas are so much more advanced than us what makes them trust worthy? Conquerors always try to win over the native population during their conquest to occupy land, don't they? Couldn't all this talk about Service to Self and Service to Others just be a ruse to make it simpler for them to occupy the earth?
      [Zeta response] Do you trust your mother? Your father? Your spouse? Your best friend? Why? The same logic applies. If you assume that anyone can be lying to you, then why not these individuals? You judge them by all their prior actions, and the general vibes you get from them. Do they step up to the plate when needed, supporting you, putting themselves at risk or sacrifice for you at times, or do they disappoint you, walk away from you, and break their promises? Contactees know their visitors, often better than they know their friends and relatives, from frequent contact and interaction and joint team efforts. You are obviously not a contactee or you would not ask such a vapid question.

      [Questioner]   Undecided souls who have recently left their human body. Are they already being moved to their new octopus life form on a water planet? STO souls who have recently left their human body. Are they already being born as hybrids? Or will the whole process start only after Pole Shift?
      [Zeta response] The Transformation is now. Those who are Service-to-Self are taken to their prison planets as they die, and not allowed to reincarnate on Earth except in situations where they are on the verge of their final decision so allowed one last incarnation to make that determination. Those who are Service-to-Other are either reincarnating on Earth or into Hybrid or even full Zeta bodies, depending upon their situation, their personal mission. Those who are undecided, at this time, are almost invariably moved along to their new water world, unless there is a match between the lessons the soul needs to learn, the opportunities it needs, and the needs of a family the babe would be placed within. Some mixed households are staged for the benefit of all. A highly Service-to-Other parent or child might benefit from having a highly Service-to-Self member of the family, so they can learn what to expect during 4th density during encounters or engagements
      with those in the Service-to-Self. An undecided, in this environment, might gain much wisdom in watching the interaction, and thus be a leader on the new water world. There are as many variables as there are souls involved.

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      Issue182, Sunday Apr 25, 2010 Coral Sea Rise; China Hammered; Iceland Volcanoes
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