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ZetaTalk: GLP Live [4-10-2010]

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    ZetaTalk: GLP Live [4-10-2010] Part 1: Dark Twin looms   Part 2:  Earth Stop show, Poland plane crash, Water
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2010
      ZetaTalk: GLP Live [4-10-2010]
      Part 1: Dark Twin looms

      Part 2:  Earth Stop show, Poland plane crash, Water pollution, Psychic spying, UK politicians, STO vs STS, Warning vs silence, Hybrid sexuality, Human choice, NASA leaks, ISS, Nancy equivalents, Crop Circles, DOW manipulation, DNA prevalence, Survival groups, Great Pyramids, Survival alternatives, Dark Twin location, Countering denial, Moon's pole shift, Kyrgyzstan, Dreams, Tail debris, Indian awareness, 7 on 1-10 scale, Dome homes, Southern hemisphere, Gold market, Apparent precision


      [Questioner]  Rivers after the shift will be poisoned. Whether it is fast mountain rivers and streams?
      [Zeta response] Volcanic ash will fall everywhere on Earth, heaviest downwind from volcanoes for several hundred miles in that direction. There will be some places on Earth where no detectible ash falls. Such ash is less likely to poison water if the body of water is large, as then it can dilute any heavy metals in the ash. Rivers of course will sustain other pollution, as chemical tanks will burst and drain into nearby rivers. We have stated that drinking water should be distilled, and this continues to be our recommendation regardless of the source of the water. Well water will likewise run the risk of lead poisoning, from magma pushing up into the underlying soil strata. For some years after the pole shift, distillation is advised.

      [Questioner]  Sexuality is a complicated issue for humans. It has such a dual nature. On the one hand, it can be associated with love, affection, and tenderness. On the other, it can be associated with betrayal, misuse, and abuse, leading to devastated emotions, shattered relationships, life-threatening disease, and the break-up of families. The Zetas have said that sex drives have been genetically engineered into the Zeta/human hybrids. My question: have the hormonal and other imbalances that trigger inappropriate sexual cravings in humans been engineered out of the hybrids?
      [Zeta response] No. 4th density life is not an exemption from challenge. Spritual growth requires challenge, as little growth happens when all is sweetness and light.

      [Questioner]  Is DNA present in all the universe's sentient beings? Is it a double helix like it is in humans, or is it more, or less, complex?
      [Zeta response] DNA develops in a similar form in all life that we, the Zetas, are aware of due to a simple fact. The chemistry of the Universe, and how particles interact, is similar enough on all worlds that such structures develop. It is not DNA that is similar, it is the particles available for DNA to develop that is simliar. Worlds may vary in their components, such that life may be carbon based or silicon based, for instance, but the helix of DNA is there.

      [Questioner]  Will the Moon have a pole shift as well?
      [Zeta response] We have stated that the Moon will continue to hug the Earth, and not leave it during the passage. The Moon, as is known, faces only one side toward the Earth due to its composition. One side is more attracted to the Earth than the other. The Moon, obviously, will return to this stance after the pole shift, and continue to orbit the Earth in a similar manner as today. Whether it twists around during the hour of the pole shift is irrelevant.
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      Issue180, Sunday Apr 11, 2010 Baja Bow Breaks; Slum Survival; Toyota Recall Cause

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