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Major Announcement From James Carrion

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2010
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      > *Major Announcement >From James Carrion*
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      >> *Important Announcement From James Carrion*
      >> Effective March 1st, 2010, I am relinquishing my position as MUFON
      >> International Director to take on a different position within the
      >> organization. The reasons for my relinquishing the position are many
      >> but the overlying issue is that I simply no longer have the time to
      >> dedicate to the job. As a member of the "sandwich generation": a
      >> single parent of a young child who must also deal with aging parents,
      >> my time has become very limited. In addition, I still actively manage
      >> a separate for-profit company which further limits my time. Finally,
      >> I am also doing time-consuming independent UFO research that focuses
      >> on the role of Government in the UFO field - a gold mind of
      >> information yet to be adequately explored.
      >> It may come as a surprise to you, but my transitioning out of the
      >> International Director role has been two years in the making. In
      >> 2006, I committed to a three year term as the International Director
      >> until 2009, but when no suitable candidate was found, I agreed to
      >> stay on for one more year. In 2008, the MUFON Board of Directors
      >> approved the role of a MUFON Business Manager to separate the duties
      >> of leadership from those of running MUFON's nonprofit business
      >> operations. I gave the board notice in December 2009, but I offered
      >> to stay on until the 2010 Symposium in July so a suitable candidate
      >> could be found. Fortunately, a candidate search was not necessary as
      >> one of the existing MUFON Board members offered to become the new
      >> International Director and was unanimously voted into office. I will
      >> be occupying the role of MUFON Business Manager which will be far
      >> less demanding of my time.
      >> I am proud to announce that the new MUFON International Director is
      >> my long term good friend and colleague, Clifford Clift. Clifford will
      >> be featured in the MUFON Journal so that the MUFON membership can
      >> become acquainted with him and his professional background. I am
      >> completely confident that Clifford is the best man for the job and I
      >> know that MUFON could not be in better hands.
      >> It has been my pleasure to serve MUFON as the International Director
      >> these last three years and I know that going forward, MUFON will
      >> still be on the cutting edge of UFO investigation.
      >> If you would like to congratulate Cliff or introduce yourself to him,
      >> please direct all correspondence to cclift@...
      >> <mailto:cclift@...>
      >> If you want to keep up with my independent research, stay tuned to my
      >> personal blog at http://followthemagicthread.blogspot.com
      >> <http://followthemagicthread.blogspot.com/> where I will continue my
      >> fight for the truth and exposing those who have no intention of
      >> revealing the truth.
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