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Re: What or Who will Force West Out of Middle East and When?

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  • broali4x
    Please pardon me, but when I recently join this group, I put you in the WRONG group category! I have corrected the error , and this should not happen again.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11, 2010
      Please pardon me, but when I recently join this group, I put you in the
      WRONG group category!
      I have corrected the error , and this should not happen again.
      Please pardon!!

      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, Kerry Wisner <heru@...> wrote:
      > Two Questions:
      > 1 - What does this have to do with the study of UFO's?
      > 2 - Why does the moderator allow such e-mails on this list?
      > At 10:00 AM 1/10/2010, you wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >Dear Group,
      > >Word is that by GOD Â ONE way or the OTHER, the
      > >mighty warmongering West is going to be
      > >ignominiously forced out of  the Oil RICH
      > >Middle East entirely most likely before or near
      > >the end of 2012 as calamity after calamity after
      > >calamity will make saving the Western homelands a more urgent
      > >
      > >January 10, 2010
      > >CALIFORNIA - A powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake
      > >struck off the coast of northern California. The
      > >quake occurred 35 kilometres west of Ferndale
      > >and 360 kilometres northwest of Sacramento, at a
      > >depth of 16 kilometres. The temblor hit at 4:27
      > >pm (0027 GMT) and was followed by a series of
      > >four aftershocks measuring 3.7, 3.8, 3.5 and
      > >3.6. Windows broke or popped out of storefronts
      > >in Ferndale. Local media also reported a brief
      > >powercut, ruptured gas lines and there were
      > >initial reports of damage to Ferndale's city
      > >hall building. The initial jolt was felt as far away as San
      > > >
      > >*
      > >
      > >The earthquake struck Eureka Saturday, leaving
      > >much of the city without power and police
      > >scanners buzzing with reports of damage and
      > >injuries. The quake, which lasted for around 30
      > >seconds, had power poles waving back and forth
      > >along Eureka streets and brought panicked
      > >residents out of their homes. The Bayshore Mall,
      > >as of 5:30 p.m., had been closed off to
      > >customers and employees. It was unclear how many
      > >people were injured there, but one employee
      > >reported that several people were picked up by
      > >ambulances. Employees also reported light
      > >fixtures falling out of the ceiling and floor
      > >tiles popping up off the ground. Another
      > >employee reported seeing chunks of the ceiling fall onto customers.
      > > >
      > >*
      > >
      > >FLORIDA - The US cold snap has struck the
      > >famously warm southern state of Florida,
      > >damaging key citrus crops and shocking both
      > >residents and tourists. Iguanas were seen
      > >falling from trees in southern Florida while
      > >manatees - or sea cows - congregated in warmer
      > >waters outside power plants. Temperatures have
      > >fallen to around 0C, far below normal levels in
      > >the state. Although temperatures in the southern
      > >state were nowhere near as brutal as in the
      > >northern US states which were blighted by snow
      > >drifts and arctic winds, the sudden dip was "a
      > >strange situation". Farmers and fruit-growers
      > >are worried that colder temperatures this
      > >weekend will damage more of their crop. Already
      > >some say that as much as 10% of their harvested
      > >oranges and lemons have been damaged by the
      > >formation of ice crystals. Concerns over the
      > >potential damage to orange crops has pushed up
      > >frozen concentrated orange juice futures in New
      > >York, which hit their highest levels in almost two years.
      > >Â
      > >**
      > >What are the sagacious words of the space Zeta angel people on this
      > >
      > >The wicked ENDTIME - NOT the RIGHTEOUS.
      > ><http://Zetaheaven.org>http://Zetaheaven.org Â
      > >
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