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Re: [UFOnet] Quantum Holographic Technologies

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  • Bob Foster
    Would this superconducting microwave activated laser system function in ambient temperature conditions or does it require a supercooled environment? As you
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2009
      Would this "superconducting microwave activated laser system" function in ambient temperature conditions or does it require a supercooled environment? As you must know, room temperature superconductivity has, to date, defied the best minds and labs on the planet. Whereas a supercooled system of any scale would be a tremendous feat requiring incredible resources and funding. Please elaborate. Is this still in the conceptual stage or do you have a working prototype?

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      From: William Alek


      Hello all,

      My special guest this week on the PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY HOUR is author and

      inventor, Larry Maurer:

      http://unitel- qht.com/uni/

      Larry and his partner, Michael Miller formed a company in 1982 called

      Unitel, and research and develop practical applications of new theories in

      magnetism, electricity and quantum mechanical physics. A superconducting

      microwave activated laser system design was developed. Upon applying for a

      patent with a generic version of their design, a patent entitled the

      "Acousto-Electromag netic Hologistic Resonant System ", U.S. patent no.

      4,817,102 with ten claims was awarded to Mr. Maurer and Mr. Miller as

      co-inventors on March 28, 1989.

      Larry co-authored a technical book called "Laser Propulsion" and worked with

      Paul kirsch in developing his book on our technology: "This Way to the

      Stars." I have also written a Sci Fi book entitled: "Debris" which will be

      available from RedLead Publishing Co. this January. We have been discussing

      creating a film (several films actually, on the various spin-offs from our

      patented inventions) that involves utilization of our Quantum Laser

      propulsion along with the various historical events involving UFOs whereby

      the events are real except the names of the persons are fictional.

      Listen LIVE this Saturday morning starting at 10am PT, 1pm ET:

      http://www.achiever adio.com/ vortex-progressi ve-tech/index. php

      All my shows are archived at AchieveRadio. com


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