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Faeries, Angels, Indians With Author Rex Haire

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  • Royce Holleman
    http://rexhaire.com/ http://www.paranormalpalaceradio.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=80 Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605 Show: 10/20/2009 8:00 PM
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      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

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      Dr. Rex Haire, is a retired Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist who has authored several books about continuing contacts over a period of fifteen years with interdimensional beings through the amazing channeling abilities of Marjorie Ann, to whom he was married for fourteen years. Those contacts began through hypnotic regression sessions for the purpose of helping Marjorie to overcome the effects of multiple physical and emotional traumas. From the beginning of their inner explorations, they received assistance from entities who normally reside in other dimensions, but who channeled through her due to their vital interest in her welfare. The first of the contacts was with Perithnea, a faery who had selected Marjorie from The Book of Suffering as someone she wanted to help, and who became very protective of her. She allied herself with Dr. Haire in his efforts to help her, as did several other entities. The second entity was her guardian angel, Alta Sha, who not only protected her,

      but who acted as a messenger of The Creator of All, whom he referred to as I AM. It was Alta Sha, in his role as messenger, who suggested that Dr. Haire keep notes of all that transpired in the efforts to help Marjorie, in order that eventually they could be incorporated into a book. As the hypnotic work continued, more and more interdimensional entities became involved, including the Archangel Metatron, the spirits of numerous ancient Native Americans, and several extraterrestrials living in physical form in their own dimension. It was revealed that Marjorie had been receiving forgotten, but loving and life saving contacts from extraterrestrials from the age of four, under the guidance and supervision of Metatron. One of her most important contacts was with Nucleus 8, who adored her spiritual Light and instructed her from the beginning. These entities frequently channeled through Marjorie and made their presence known by a variety of paranormal phenomena which became a daily occurrence.

      Notes describing the events of the first two years of their involvement with otherworldly entities led to three volumes of Faeries, Angels, Indians and Aliens, which are a day to day account of interactions with them. Those contacts helped Dr Haire and Marjorie to perceive reality in an entirely new way. Their lives have been greatly enriched through contacts with those beings, who became treasured members of their adopted family. Dr. Haire continues to write about their experiences in new volumes devoted to teaching others that as the children of God, we are multidimensional, spiritual beings with unlimited potential

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