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History Is Wrong Say Author Giorgio Tsoukalos

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      GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS has often been described as the
      real?life Indiana Jones. As a trailblazer he is changing the way
      the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory.
      Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is also Erich von Daniken?s official
      representative in the United States and the rest of the Englishspeaking
      world. For over 10 years, Tsoukalos has been the
      Director of Erich von Daniken?s Center for Ancient Astronaut
      Research (A.A.S. R.A. ? Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI
      Research Association). He is also the Publisher of Legendary
      Times Magazine, the world?s only and definitive Ancient Astronaut research journal.
      Tsoukalos has traveled the world extensively (54 countries ...and counting). Today,
      he is one of a few people who have actually visited and explored nearly all the
      mysterious places our planet has to offer. Giorgio has conducted and participated in
      several risky expeditions and adventures to the remote corners of the planet in
      search of the mysterious. In his undying quest to uncover the Truth he has traveled
      hundreds of thousands of miles, seeking out strange archaeological artifacts and
      monuments which will further strengthen his research. Over the years, he has
      gained first?hand access to, photographed and measured ancient artifacts and other
      archaeological relics not currently accessible to the general public.
      Giorgio is fluent in five languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Greek. He
      is also proficient in Spanish. Giorgio grew up in the little town of Laufenburg, near
      Basel, Switzerland, spending the summers in the Greek Islands, and the winters in
      Innsbruck, Austria. He was educated at Institut Montana, an international boarding
      school in the heart of Switzerland near the Alps and has a Bachelor?s degree in
      Sports Information & Communications from Ithaca College, NY.
      Giorgio enjoys a good and relaxed sit?down meal with friends, weight lifting, classic
      jazz standards, classical opera, sailing, going to the beach and the movies, and
      spending time at the new Legendary Times Clubhouse in Southern California with
      A.A.S. R.A. Members visiting from all around the world exchanging adventure
      stories and research. He lives in Oceanside, CA.

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