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[Fwd: UFO: Did UFO Cause Blackout?]

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  • Tim Edwards
    ... Subject: UFO: Did UFO Cause Blackout? Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 00:24:56 EDT From: Ufojoe1@aol.com To: Ufojoe1@aol.com *Thanks to Jay for alerting me to his
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 1999
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      Subject: UFO: Did UFO Cause Blackout?
      Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 00:24:56 EDT
      From: Ufojoe1@...
      To: Ufojoe1@...

      *Thanks to Jay for alerting me to his story*

      Some of the details of the sighting are included after this article. The
      blackout during this sighting is very intersting. Or did the "motor part
      a rocket" hit a power station? Yeah right. Could be a coincidence but
      have to wait until more details come out.




      Was UFO A Russian Rocket?
      Sightings Of Bright Streak In Sky Reported in Southern Oregon

      KLAMATH FALLS, Ore., Posted 6:25 p.m. September 2, 1999 -- The National
      Weather Service in Medford received a flood of reports Wednesday night
      of an
      unidentified bright object moving from west to east across southern

      A federal space official in Colorado said it likely was a Russian

      Descriptions ranged from "two bright headlights" to a meteor shower.

      "It was a bright red light coming out of the west, then it started
      up -- like a meteor," said Klamath Falls resident Lorinde Gamble.

      Sightings were reported throughout the Klamath Basin, the Rogue Valley
      and in
      Northern California.

      Maj. Perry Nouis, a spokesman for U.S. Space Command in Colorado
      Colo., said he knew exactly what it was.

      "It was part of a Russian rocket body, the auxiliary motor part of a
      Nouis said. "It was a rather large part, that's why a lot of people saw

      Nouis said the military tracks about 9,000 objects that are orbiting the
      Earth. Only objects larger than about 6 inches are tracked.

      "Stuff re-enters the atmosphere every couple of days, but it's usually
      oceans," Nouis said. "This one streaked across the sky and came pretty
      on time."

      Copyright 1999 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This
      may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.



      Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 03:37:58 -0400
      From: tedwards@... (Tim Edwards)
      To: unascan@... <lunascan@...>
      Subject: [lunascan] Heads Up - Incoming

      Heads Up Everyone!!!

      There has been a massive sighting, made by multiple individuals,
      of 7 or 8 Unidentified Flying Objects in the Western US. More
      specifically, Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada.

      This report was announced by Art Bell on "Coast to Coast" around
      9:30 pm pacific time (1:30 am eastern). He received multiple
      faxes and e-mails about the event.

      He had Peter Gersten on and interrupted the second hour of the
      show to bring on Peter Davenport of the UFO Reporting Center.
      Davenport had several "Live" excerpts from callers who reported
      this sighting.

      Below are several eyewitness descriptions of this anomaly

      7 or 8 "flaming" UFOs heading "in formation" from Northwest to
      Southeast at a low altitude and at a surprisingly low speed. It
      took the objects 1 1/2 to 2 minutes for the objects to traverse
      from horizon to horizon.

      8 UFOs "with flaming tails" traveling "in formation" from west
      to east. 1 1/2 minutes to cross the sky.

      7 or 8 "flaming" objects "in a straight line" traveling in
      formation" from Northwest to Southeast, 1 broke formation then 1
      joined formation.

      Single red light traveling steadily across the sky, broke into 4
      or 5 pieces.

      Military jets flying in Afterburn over the same area several
      minutes after sighting.

      At approx. 9:30 pm pacific time, parts of the western United
      States suffered a widespread power blackout.

      Art Bell is currently broadcasting via a propane powered

      Don't miss this one!

      Art Bell

      National UFO Reporting Center

      Tim Edwards
      Galax, VA

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