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      Newsletter from Paranormal Palace Radio sent on September 06 2009
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      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605
      Show: 9/8/2009 8:00 PM

      Gary A. David has been intrigued by the Four Corners region of the United States since his initial trip there in 1987. The following year he lived for about six months in northern New Mexico, where he studied rock art and indigenous ruins. In 1994 he moved to Arizona and began an intensive study of the ancestral Pueblo People (sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Anasazi) and their descendants the Hopi.

      In late 2006 after more than a decade of independent fieldwork and research, his nonfiction book The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cites of the American Southwest was published by Adventures Unlimited Press. This volume describes a pattern of Hopi villages and ruin sites that precisely mirrors Orion, with an ancient site corresponding to each major star in the constellation.

      The sequel published in early 2008 by Adventures Unlimited is titled Eye of the Phoenix: Mysterious Visions and Secrets of the American Southwest. This book deals with diverse topics such as: the Ant People, Snake People, Dog Star People, Sedona Sanskrit, Arizona Knights Templar Crosses, Reptilian Round Towers, Frontier Freemasonry, Meteor Crater, Hopi Kachinas, Stone Tablets and the End Times.

      His articles have appeared in Fate, World Explorer, Atlantis Rising, Ancient American, and Four Corners magazines.

      Mr. David earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University and a Master of Arts in the literature of the American West from the University of Colorado.

      He has worked as a adjunct professor of English and creative writing, a traveling ambassador for the South Dakota Arts Council, and a professional lead guitarist and vocalist.

      Gary is also the author of a number of poetry books, including A Log of Deadwood: a Postmodern Epic of the South Dakota Gold Rush (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 1993) and Tierra Zia: Poems and Petroglyphs from New Mexico (Nine Muses Books, Winston, Oregon, 1996), both available from Amazon.com.

      In addition, he is editor and webmaster of Island Hills Books, an online publishing house, distribution center, and showcase for literature that focuses on the spirit of place.

      Gary currently lives with his wife and daughter in northern Arizona, where the skies are still relatively pristine

      Click link below for show.
      Show: 9/9/2009 8:00 PM

      Bret Lueder


      received his degree in Journalism from Chico State University in 2000. Since then he has published over 650 articles in several local, regional and international periodicals including the Chico News & Review, the Lotus Guide, Magical Blend and UFO Magazine on a wide variety of subjects including music, alternative history, health, spirituality and consciousness, among other things. As Lueder began to cross-reference what legendary roots reggae music artists from Jamaica told him in interviews about global "politricks" and history with what many key occult scholars were saying about the same subjects, he began to realize that they were in agreement about the situation on Earth today: there is a struggle for human consciousness. Exploring this line of thought has led to the self-publication of Lueder's first book titled Song in Your Heart: The Story of the Search for the Lost Note which is about the role of the roots reggae artist as leaders of human consciousness transformation within this global struggle. Lueder has also directed and produced two DVD sets titled the Esoteric Guide to the Bay Area UFO Expo Volumes I & II where he interviews many past speakers about a plethora of topics. www.bretlueder.com, www.esotericguide.com

      Song in Your Heart: The Story of the Search for the Lost Note

      Author Bret Lueder describes his first book, /Song in Your Heart: the Story of the Search for the Lost Note/ (2008 House of Lueder Publishing 338 pages nonfiction). It is the story of the role of the "Roots Reggae Rastas,"--an emergent faction of the Rastafari and purveyors of the lost note, both as defined by Lueder--as leaders in a global consciousness transformation movement in light of a global struggle for the control of human consciousness. As he searches for what he believes is the knowledge of a lost note which equates with an ancient technology of consciousness expansion, Lueder uncovers many hidden or lost parts of society, human history and human spiritual potential. Join Lueder on what will be a 45-minute journey through music, magic and the ongoing attempts to suppress this knowledge.

      God's Law vs. Man's Law: Truth, Honor and Respect in the Magical Universe

      Lueder delves deep into the mystical world of law. He considers the possibility that if one wants to have contact with a higher being or a benevolent ET species, then you first must break all hidden contracts, lasso your STRAWMAN, and claim the abundance that is each human's birthright. When one claims their true power; when, as a collective human species, we demonstrate to the universe that we will tolerate no less than absolute soveriegnty as individuals, the universe will respond favorably. Aiding in this reclamation is the cultivation of one's magical lense. As you begin to see the world in magical terms (in terms of ritual, intention and symbolism), the illusion of society unfolds: ficticious institutions like fractional reserve banking, the national debt and deficit, fiat money, derivatives and the staus quo of scarcity all interplay to become what is know as "the magic of society." Once humanity does not accept man's law, or the contract of modern financial philosophy and practice, the magical veil is lifted and God's law of abundance can be enjoyed by all. Integrity can then be restored in commerce with the honorable practice of full disclosure once again becoming commonplace. Only then will we, as a united Earth people standing in respect to the individual, be in correct position to welcome our off-world neighbors for an open visit.

      John Rhodes

      CRYPTOHUNTER John Rhodes is the world's foremost authority on Reptilian-Humanoids, or Reptilian Aliens. His pioneering work investigating claims of reptilian alien contact, and years of promoting the theory of intelligent reptilian life forms resulted in the birth of an entirely new genre of study in the UFO community.

      Additionally, John has worked with law enforcement officials in Cattle Mutilation cases. In fact, his investigations prompted him to alert the public about the dangers of MRSA-like Pathenogenic Diseases spreading from Pig Feeding Operations. **John made this warning on the Coast-to-Coast AM show with George Noory ONE YEAR prior to the first outbreak of H1N1 "Swine Flu" near a large pig farm in Mexico!**

      John's Highly Controversial Perspectives have provided audiences with an Entirely New View into the World of Cryptozoology, UFO's, Underground Bases, Extraterrestrial Life and. . . Inner-Terrestrial Civilizations.

      He has lectured both in the US and internationally. He has also appeared on TV shows, including MonsterQuest, The Conspiracy Zone, BBC Conspiracies, Animal-X, Unsolved Mysteries, and most recently on the History Channel's "UFO Hunters" in shows discussing the Dulce Base, America's Secret Underground Tube-Shuttle System, and the MIB.

      John Rhodes - The One and Only CryptoHunter7 - Online at Reptoids.com

      This Lecture May Save Your Life!

      ARE YOU READY FOR A REALITY SHIFT? If so, then Buckle Up for a Hair-Raising, Roller Coaster Experience as CryptoHunter John Rhodes shares the Warnings Received by Numerous Reptilian-Humanoid Contacts: "PREPARE."

      Ancient history shows how Our Ancestors Fled into Caves to Survive Fiery Objects Falling to Earth. The U.S. Government Now Considers "Falling" Space Objects a National Security Secret. The Media is Told that it is due to Issues pertaining to Failed Satellite Debris. Strangely Enough, this Shift to Secrecy was Announced AFTER a 200-FOOT WIDE ASTEROID, Carrying Impact Energies Equal to 1000 Hiroshima Bombs, Missed Earth by a mere 40,000 miles on March 2, 2009! Are We encountering a 12,500 year old Cycle of Space Debris Impacts and Contacts with Inner-Earth and/or ET beings?

      Whether it's Asteroids, Meteors, Mega-Earthquakes, Ocean Levels Rising, Pandemics, Nuclear or Biological Terrorism, Droughts, Food Riots, Solar HyperStorms, or Volcanic Eruptions, YOU MIGHT WANT TO SURVIVE THE EVENT THAT IS ABOUT TO UNFOLD. The CyptoHunter has been on the trail, Detecting How One Might Survive Times of Natural, Man-Made or long awaited Prophesied Disasters. Instead of being a Victim of Foreseen Circumstances, Live Long enough to be an Eyewitness to the War in Heaven and the Unfolding of a New 'Age of Enlightenment'. . .

      WORKSHOP: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Age of Transformation

      Escape Your Perceptual Bonds and Join Cryptohunter John Rhodes on a THRILLING and NERVE-RACKING Exploration of Possibilities and Mysteries.

      Find out how to Avoid Being a Pawn in another Historical War in Heaven between the Elder Man race of AngEL's and the Inner-Earth and off-Earth Draco-Reptoids. See how Crop Circles, Solar Eclipses, Venus Symbolism, Religious Prophecy and the Occult Connects to UFO/Inner-Earth and 2012. You'll be amazed as John reveals how the Serpent Image was used by Our Ancestors as a Powerful Tool to Evoke Magical Spiritual Transformation.

      John Rhodes will take his audience on a Fascinating Journey of Wonder as he demonstrates how Venus Transits, Solar/Cosmic Energies, and the 2012 Galactic Plane Crossing represent a Time-Space Convergence of Religious and Archetypal Symbols that are about to Invoke Global TRANSFORMATION in the Human Mind, Body, and Spirit

      Masters of Ceremony

      Robert Perala

      Robert Perala is the Internationally acclaimed author of: The Diving Blueprint, and The Divine Architect. He is considered to be one of the most unique clairvoyants in North America, and has appeared on: The Fox Network, SHOWTIME, CNN, and Coast to Coast AM. He recently received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition at Stanford University for his humanitarian Relief efforts with the United Nations Association and his support of Adopt-A-Minefield, HERO Aids Africa and UNICEF

      Ruben Uriarte

      Ruben Jose Uriarte has been a member of Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) and is the State Director for Northern California. He has also served as a state coordinator for Crop Circle Phenomena Research International and served as a research director, guide, and translator for Beyond Boundaries, a company specializing in leading groups of people to various UFO 'hotspots' in different parts of the world. He is an OPUS (Organization for Paranormal and Support and Understanding) board member. He has been involved with a large network of research organizations.

      Ruben has been interviewed on many local and national radio shows and television documentaries on the subject of the UFO Phenomenon, such as the History Channel's UFO Files series "Mexico's Roswell" and UFO Hunters. He is the MUFON liaison with OMIFO, Mexico's unifying investigation organization for UFOs.

      More recently, Ruben has been co-authoring a series of books with Noe Torres about major UFO incidents that have occurred in Texas, Mexico, and the Southwestern US. They published Mexico's Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash, which tells the story of an August 1974 UFO crash retrieval along the Texas- Mexico border, near Coyame, Mexico in the Chihuahua Desert. They have written a second book, titled The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border. It focuses on a 1950s era UFO crash retrieval near Del Rio Texas. In the book, a retired Air Force pilot tells the amazing tale of a highly luminous UFO that he chased across the skies of Texas before watching it crash near the Rio Grande River on the Mexican side of the border. Complete details are available at www.roswellbooks.com


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