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  • Royce Holleman
    http://www.paranormalpalaceradio.com I have a really great line up this week folks especially tonight anyone interested in The Bermuda Triangle does not want
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 24, 2009

      I have a really great line up this week folks especially tonight anyone interested in The Bermuda Triangle does not want to miss tonight read on and you will soon see why. Please be sure to spread these notices of my show far and wide feel free to post my upcoming shows on your site your visits will keep coming to see whos on next week. i work hard to get the most knowledggeable people in the paranormal community on my show but its for nothing if no one comes. So no matter what you think of me come to hear from the people who know.


      Show: 8/24/2009 8:00 PM

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605
      Gian Quasar is recognized as the leading authority in the world on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the man responsible for taking the subject out of the haze of two decades of debunker driven obscurity and placing it in its actual and often disturbing light. He is the first person to completely document the Bermuda Triangle, incident by incident. His research began over 15 years ago, and he has compiled the largest private repository of reports and official maritime documents, containing over 350 cases spanning over 2 centuries. Over 150 of these have been disappearances which have happened in the last 25 years.

      Gian's tenacity in finding every scrap available has gained him popular recognition as Generation X's number 1 investigator of the most famous phenomena topics long established by the 1970s, uncovering them for an entirely new generation, but now with actual documentation instead of the endless hype and hyperbole of their public marketing. He presents them as all facts must be presented: in a mature and objective manner.

      In 1990 he began with the Bermuda Triangle, approaching it from the perspective of a sportsman, presenting the mysteries according to the facts based on official reports rather than newspaper or popular magazine accounts. These facts launch his readers into a modern day odyssey, from the Triangle seas to far lands, from beneath the oceans to far out in Space, to the past, back to the present, and to the threshold of the future and what warnings the evidence may hold for it.

      He has a wide knowledge of and long standing interest in avionics and maritime matters. He remains constantly abreast of current incidents and regularly receives documents from the US Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board. He is the first to propose von Karman's vortices, Gulf Stream Eddies, and "The North Wall Phenomenon" of the Gulf Stream as viable theories for some of the missing, while at the same time documenting facets of incidents which remain completely unexplainable. His research required the Coast Guard to update their official stance on the topic, and hence that of the Federal Government. As a result, after more than 30 years, inaccuracies and obsolete theories were finally removed from their official opinion.

      Bermuda-Triangle.org began in 1999 when he decided to place up a web site in order to counter the many false claims. The overwhelming response has culminated in the first book on the Triangle in over 25 years. This was not a "write for hire" work. Rather, in the old style, Gian wrote his manuscript and sent a proposal to an editor. It was accepted immediately, and the book was "crashed" for publication for November 2003 by McGraw-Hill, and is now in paperback in its 4th printing.

      Along with the Bermuda Triangle, Gian has been actively investigating other unexplained but popular topics, such as "Bigfoot," Flight 19's disappearance, and the kernel of truth the Loch Ness monster and other sea serpents. Gian's continuing investigations have inspired or culminated in tangible explorations, both at sea and in the forests. He is also the founder of Pacific Northwest Expedition II, which is currently data-gathering.

      . Gian is also a frequent guest on radio talk shows. He has also been the primary researcher on TV projects as well holding the powers of consultant or associate producer. His articles have appeared in historical journals as well as popular magazines.

      His web site has generated unprecedented interest, with several hundred thousand regularly visiting it. It was listed in the Web's Most Linked as being in the top 15 percent of visited web sites in the world.

      Although educated in history (classical Western Civilization), Gian preferred film making and began his career by writing screenplays. A man who always preferred to remain behind the camera ("When you look like you came from under the camera, it is always best to remain behind it") it is ironic then that he became well-known for his "hobby" of real life adventures into the mysteries of the world, and found television to be unavoidable. Gian and his work have been the subject of dozens of hours of TV, including several 1 hour long documentaries on Discovery Channel, History Channel, The Learning Channel, Travel Channel, BBC, TVN Poland, National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic TV & Film, SCI-FI Channel, NBC, plus several other independent TV companies in America and overseas.

      Gian's investigations, whether of the world of the unexplained or not, are not just those of a data gatherer or commentator. The object of data gathering is to find the solution. He has actively searched to uncover some of the mysteries, including the disappearance of Flight 19, the five Avengers lost in 1945. Moreover, his MS on the subject, They Flew into Oblivion (though not yet released), was the inspiration and basis for the stunning 2 hour SCI-FI Channel sponsored documentary produced by NBC NEWS Productions (aired November 27, 2005), which showcased NBC and SCI-FI Channel's multimillion dollar search in the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia for the lost flight, as well as the extensive at-sea search for the Martin Mariner, led by David Bright of Titanic and Andrea Doria fame. His data also inspired a lobby led by Congressman E. Clay Shaw (R. Florida), who then sponsored a Resolution in Congress honouring the men of the flight. This passed overwhelmingly on November 17, 2005, with a vote of 420 to 2. This was the first of its kind involving any of the great disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

      Gian's passion shall always be History and Film making. He can echo the words of traveler Richard Halliburton "I love places far away and times long ago. . . " He is currently working on a number of screenplays and novels. He has a working knowledge of several languages and scripts. He is a native Californian and still resides there. He is also a strong supporter of continuing education, especially the programs at both Oxford University and the University of Cambridge.



      Show: 8/25/2009 8:00 PM

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

      Dr.H's full name is Christopher C. Humphrey, Ph. D. His bachelor's degree is in physics and his doctorate is in philosophy. He is the author of the underground cult classic Whole Earth Inner Space.

      This is a book that answers all the ancient philosophical questions: about the good, the right, the true, the nature of mind and soul, divinity, immortality, and free will. It does so not by windy argument, but by the discoveries of the forbidden sciences created by Toynbee, William James, C.G. Jung, Dr. Humphrey, and many others. For every question, there is some realm of experience which can provide an answer, using the essence of scientific method: reproducibility and ruling out the alternatives. If you want to know the solution to the classical problem of evil, don't ask a theologian; ask a mystic, one who has experienced cosmic consciousness, and has seen the pattern that runs through all things. These new sciences are forbidden in the universities, but they flourish, nonetheless, including the study of UFOs. Are they real? Why don't they make contact? How is it possible to jump hundreds of lightyears in an instant? If ETs are at all common, why didn't they colonize the Earth? The answers to these questions provide the unifying theme of this book, our own journey to the stars by levitation and teleportation. We take our first step to those powers by attaining spiritual maturity. We begin our spiritual evolution by learning the answers to the perennial philosophical questions. If it seems impossible to do all this in 280 pages, then read carefully, for Dr.H does not waste words or repeat himself. If you think it impossible in any number of pages, read his chapter on "The Function of Philosophy." Dr.H knows what that is, while those who scoff are often mere sophists or professional skeptics.
      This is a book for intelligent readers, those willing to leave behind conventional notions, and take the Adventure Unlimited.

      Interstellar Travel requires instantaneous jumps over hundreds of light years. There is no theory of physics and no conceivable technology which will provide this ability, yet UFOs do it all the time. Therefore, they must do it by the powers of the mind--powers which only come with the higher development of civilization as well as the higher development of spiritual life.
      If we want to go to the stars, it is the mind and spirit we must study, not technology.

      We are a primitive and violent species. Our universities lack any sciences of the mind, spirit or civilization. If we want to develop interstellar travel, the first thing we must do is grow up.

      With degrees in physics and philosophy, Dr. Christopher Humphrey pursued both topics away from the academic world. he has created the first non-paradoxical interpretation of quantum mechanics, and the first non-reductionist quantum based theory of the mind. Here he shows how levitation and teleportation are powers of the mind, produced by warping the geodesics of space-time.




      Show: 8/26/2009 8:00 PM

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

      Tonights Guest

      Franklin Carter is the spokesperson, cofounder and vice president of The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations (ISGC) that has been established to raise awareness on how extraterrestrials have influenced our civilization from the very beginning. He has also worked professionally as a scientific researcher and is a former CEO of an animal nutrition company.

      Carter hosted Spacecraft News, a radio show in Phoenix, Arizona; and has also been a popular guest on numerous talk shows around the country. He was president and cofounder of the Institute for UFO Research, which convened conferences for abductees at the University of Wyoming, and was himself, an abductee. He is a participant in Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project; a highly acclaimed collection of interviews with numerous government and military personnel disclosing UFO information. Carter served four years in the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Technician, specializing in radar repair.his UFO experiences started during this time, and still continues to this day.

      Ron Regehr has been a UFO researcher for more than 40 years, and he is a retired aerospace engineer with 30 years experience at Douglas Aircraft and Aerojet ElectroSystems working in space and space surveillance systems. He is MUFON co-state director-Utah, and a MUFON research specialist in space satellite technology. Two of his major areas of contribution in UFO research are satellite detection of UFOs and analysis of photos and other data associated with the Roswell case.

      Aerospace Engineering

      From 1969 to 1998 Ron was an engineer with Douglas Aircraft (now Boeing) and Aerojet (now Northrop Grumman). At Douglas he was part of the Saturn/Apollo design team responsible for the electrical interface between stages of the Apollo rocket. Later he developed the requirements for the first US space station, Skylab, working closely with the astronauts, NASA headquarters, and Douglas designers.

      At Aerojet, Ron was part of the team which developed specifications for one of our nation's top spy satellites, the Defense Support Program or DSP. The team developed ground data processing software and interfaces with other program elements. During his career, he held various security clearances up to the level of top secret Q, and he was frequently called upon to assist government specialists in evaluation of classified programs.

      UFO Research

      Ron first became interested in the UFO phenomena in the mid-1950s as a young volunteer for the Ground Observer Corps. Through the years he continued reading everything available on UFOs, and in the mid-1980s he became seriously involved in UFO research when his knowledge of classified data indicated to him the US government was not telling the pubic the truth about UFOs.

      In particular, based on technical details in the 1976 Iranian UFO case, Ron became convinced that US spy satellites were detecting UFOs. Between 1988 and 1994 he published a series of articles establishing that this was true, culminating in his April 1994 MUFON Journal article, "Do Spy Satellites See UFOs?" Also in 1994 Ron made the information available to a national audience as a guest participant in a documentary on the Iranian UFO case on the TV program "Sightings." In 1998 Ron published a monograph "How to build a $125 million UFO Detector," which is an analysis of the technical problems involved in satellite detection of UFOs. Ron's current Iranian UFO paper, which won 1st prize in MUFON's 2006 "Best Evidence" contest, combines newly published information (Pratt; Maccabee) with Ron's analysis to show that the 1976 event in Iran provides irrefutable evidence of the reality of UFOs.

      Other research done by Ron Regehr has contributed to knowledge about the Roswell case. Ron's Feb. 2000 MUFON Journal article "Not Enough 'Foil'," shows that the 200-yd. diameter debris field described by Mac Brazel was far too large to have been caused by the impact of a Mogul research balloon.

      More About The Conference

      A historic gathering will take place on September 25-27 in Denver, Colorado called A Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations, to be held at the Doubletree Hotel Denver Tech. Sponsored by The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations, this event will offer proof about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and evidence that they have been interacting with humanity for eons. Eight incredible speakers, including three former college professors, will present evidence of interaction with six different races of extraterrestrials who have influenced almost every aspect of our life, including science, wars, and our religions.

      Arthur David Horn, Ph.D., author of Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins, and former anthropology professor at Colorado State University, will give evidence that the origins of humanity came from extraterrestrial life, rather than Darwin's evolution theory.

      Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., author of Soul Samples, and professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Wyoming, will describe his research regarding thousands of people who have interacted with extraterrestrials and spacecraft, with many of them having been on board the craft.

      Norma Milanovich, D.Ed., author of We The Arcturians, and former education professor at the University of New Mexico, will talk about her experiences regarding her interaction with an advanced ET civilization from Arcturus.

      Wendelle Stevens, a renowned extraterrestrial and UFO researcher, was the first to investigate Billy Meier and his physical interaction with the Pleiadians, resulting in Stevens' highly acclaimed book Message from the Pleiades.

      Best selling author Stan Romanek will talk about his many documented experiences with the "Gray" extraterrestrial civilization and present actual photos of these visitors, as discussed in his book Messages.

      Sheldan Nidle, co-author of You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, has interacted with extraterrestrials from Sirius for over forty years, and will discuss their messages about the upcoming changes o n Earth.

      Ron Regehr, a former aerospace engineer, and Associate Director of Research for MUFON, will talk about his 50 years of research regarding the interaction of extraterrestrials with the Hopi and Anasazi native American nations.

      Rainbow Eagle, revered Wisdom Keeper, Peace Shield Teacher, and author of Native American Spirituality: A Walk in the Woods, will discuss the interaction of Native Americans and various extraterrestrial civilizations whose legends go back thousands of years.

      The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilization's founding president was Maury Albertson, Ph.D., former director of research at Colorado State University and co-founder of the Peace Corps. Maury passed away in January 2009, and the conference is dedicated to his memory. For more information please visit www.GalacticCivilizations.org; details about the conference and links to speaker's web sites are included there as well; or call (970) 484-3631.

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    • Royce Holleman
      Hey everyone I think it was last week if memory serves someone brought to my attention my show post were too long and they suggested I put them on a blog page
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 12, 2009
        Hey everyone I think it was last week if memory serves someone brought to my attention my show post were too long and they suggested I put them on a blog page then post the link to that. A idea I think is great so i am now putting my weekly shows on Blogspot then posting the link.

        This week I have 4 shows on a variety of topics from ancient mysteries to werewolds
        Check them out here

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      • Redneck Radioman
        The Cosmic Seed With Author Ed Fulco http://thecosmicseed.info/ Show Tuesday July 13th 8:00 PM CST Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605 To listen to the show at
        Message 3 of 3 , Jul 12, 2010
          The Cosmic Seed With Author Ed Fulco


          Show Tuesday July 13th 8:00 PM CST

          Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

          To listen to the show at showtime click either of the two links below

          Blogtalk Radio


          Paranormal Palace Radio

          Why do Some Abductees Accept their Abductions and Some Do Not?

          Are we alone in the universe? The government maintains that we are but Ed Fulco knows better. Ed Fulco had contact with extraterrestrial beings which changed his life forever. In The Cosmic Seed Trilogy (Fulco Enterprises, 2008), Ed Fulco writes under the pseudonym of Henry Edward Webster to introduce concepts about why aliens are here and what they might want.

          Some of the lessons Henry learns in The Cosmic Seed are gleaned from the "Universal Learning Concepts". These concepts enhance knowledge and progress for aliens and the humans that work with them. Throughout Henry's journey to save earth and himself, he learns the "Universal Learning Concepts". All thirteen "Universal Learning Concepts" are guideposts that every being -human or other -should know.

          Using Henry's narrative, Ed confronts several hard questions such as:

          a.. What is the secret of Area 51?
          b.. Why do some abductees accept their abductions and some do not?
          c.. What is the government hiding about alien abductions and UFOs?
          d.. What do the aliens who abduct people want?
          e.. And much more!

          Alien abduction has been a long running punch line for comedians and media for more than a century. Those who accept what happened to them struggle with questions such as was that real?, why me? and what do they want? Ed Fulco discusses these and many more compelling questions in The Cosmic Seed.

          Available From


          About The Author

          Henry Edward Webster is a pseudonym for author/publisher Edward Philip Fulco. Mr. Fulco welcomes the controversy the subject of this trilogy brings to the public. He has little patience for UFO fakes, public and private debunkers, government cover-ups, or misinformation programs. It is Mr. Fulco's hope that The Cosmic Seed Trilogy will excite the public interest in alien abductions and the UFO phenomenon. He welcomes questions about aliens, government involvement, UFO sightings, and people's reaction to the subject.

          For a review copy of The Cosmic Seed Trilogy or to interview Ed Fulco

          please contact Sabrina at (402) 484-8124 or email: sabrina@...

          The Mayan Calender, 2011-2012; What On Earth Is Going On With Presenters Max And Alana Tobin


          Show airs 14/15th July, Wedsnesday at 8:00pm US Central time and Thursday at 1:00pm NZ time.

          Call in number (646)915-9605

          To listen to the show at showtime click either of the 2 links below

          Blogtalk Radio


          Paranormal Palace Radio

          Biographical Background:
          Alana Tobin is a skilled and seasoned Telepath, Psychic Medium, Transition Facilitator and trained Life Coach/Counsellor.

          Max Tobin is a Visionary, an articulate Story Teller, Transition Facilitator and a Digital Publisher through Media Magnetix.

          Alana and Max are committed gardeners intent on co-creating and celebrating a conscious relationship with Earth and within Community.

          What On Earth is Going On?
          The Creator has provided humanity with a Divine Blueprint which has been gifted to and through the Mayan people in the form of a Calendar System which is core to the Maya's cosmology.

          The Calendar combines symbolic glyphs and numbers which move in an intricate dance relative to each other, and their purpose is to describe and track the patterns of creation. Ironically and paradoxically, this calendar system is better utilised to understand the transformation of consciousness within our global cultures (Divine Alchemy) rather than it merely being a time-keeping tool which records linear time.

          Humanity is being gifted an opportunity to align within the field of unity in support of transforming the current collective human condition. Individuals can choose to play out the dramas of co-creating and living therefore within a world where suffering is the natural consequence within a 'separation consciousness.' However there is an alternative option for individuals to choose to consciously align within the Divine flow - to utilise this plan of creation which supports a return to a 'unity consciousness'. Is a Map not essential to guide us through this time of great transformative change? The fulfillment of the cosmic plan will require each of us to step up to the role of co-creator within this divine plan.
          Max and Alana provide an introduction to the Mayan Calendar system and how it supports humanity gaining a deeper understanding of what is truly going on upon planet Earth. Through our cultivating and growing a conscious relationship with Earth, humanity is empowered to embody and express conscious mastery. In order to exhibit mastery however, we as an evolving humanity must make the choices which align us in harmony with Earth's evolutionary changes. It is through nurturing our conscious relationship with Earth that we will ensure our survival as a species. Through a conscious choice to Return to the Garden, we become conscious gardeners who understand what it truly means to LIVE AS ONE under the SUN. Through remembering our oneness and choosing to live it, we will restore the humane within humanity, and we will remember the unity within community.

          To know more about this time of transition visit Heartstory

          For further and more in depth information about the Mayan Calendar please refer to the website of Swedish Scholar, Carl Johann Calleman

          Conscious Convergence, A Wave of Unity, 17/18th July, 2010 Also provided are details about the upcoming Global Event:

          Crash: When Ufos Fall From The Sky With Author Kevin Randle


          Show Saturday July 17th 12:00 PM CST

          Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

          To listen to the show at showtime click either of the two links below

          Blogtalk Radio


          Paranormal Palace Radio

          Media Contact: Simon Warwick-Smith
          (707) 939-9212

          UFOs Fall from the Sky

          in Kevin D. Randle's New Book, CRASH

          "An expert on bringing the language of science to the topic of UFOs."
          Publishers Weekly

          "An authoritative examination... Randle provides a hard-hitting look at the UFO
          phenomenon." Jack Anderson, award-winning syndicated columnist

          "The leading proponent of the theory that the U.S. government knows more than it's
          saying about UFOs." Toronto Globe & Mail

          San Francisco, CA (May 15, 2010) - For over 30 years one of the foremost experts on UFOs, a
          decorated combat veteran and retired Lieutenant Colonel whose assistance is sought by
          government, news media and scientists, Kevin D. Randle, Ph.D. has written a new book. Crash:

          When UFOs Fall From the Sky, A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-ups.

          With about 100 books to his credit, including science fiction and historical fiction, and hundreds
          of magazine articles, Randle is best known for his works about UFOs and the Roswell story. He
          has lectured throughout the U.S. and Europe, and has appeared on hundreds of radio programs
          and TV documentaries and specials, including the Today Show, Good Morning America, 48 Hours,
          Larry King Live, and others.

          Crash provides a complete update of the latest research into reports of alien spaceship crashes,
          including new insights into the older cases and hair-raising revelations about recent reports,

          . late-breaking information on the controversial Roswell UFO crash

          . exploration of 19th century UFO crashes

          . the controversy surrounding the 1950 Del Rio UFO crash

          . update of the Las Vegas UFO crash of April, 1962

          . solutions for some of the more notorious UFO incidents

          Randle's blog, "A Different Perspective", keeps his readers and fans up to date on the latest
          news in ufology (KevinRandle.blogspot.com).

          Randle served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and the second Gulf War, piloting
          assault helicopters. Between the wars, he served in the Air Force as a public affairs officer, a
          general's aide, and an intelligence officer; he completed his reserve duty as Captain and
          Director of Intelligence for an airlift group. After 9/'ll, he joined the Iowa National Guard as an
          intelligence officer and was deployed in Iraq in 2003. Randie was awarded a Combat Action
          Badge for his participation in several firefights in Iraq, and retired from the Guard as Lieutenant
          Colonel in 2009.

          Among Randle's many bestselling books are:

          . The Gate

          . Starship

          . Operation Roswel!

          . Conspiracy of Silence

          . Project Moandust

          . Case MJ-12: The True Story Behind the Government's UFO Conspiracies

          . Invasion Washington: UFOs Over the Capitol

          . and more


          Title; Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky, A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and

          Pub Date: April 2010

          Author: Kevin D. Randle, Ph.D.

          Publisher: New Page Books, a division of Career Press

          EAN: 978-1-60163-100-8

          Format Trade paperback, 320 pages, 6x9 inches

          List Price: $16.99 (Can. $20.95)

          Distributors: New Leaf, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Bookazine, Brodart, Nutri-Books, Partners

          Information: www.newpagebooks.com; www.warwickassociates.net (for electronic press kit)

          Career Press Turns 25!

          Career Press was founded in 1985 as a niche publisher of career directories which
          since has grown into one of the best known independent publishers of its kind.
          Career Press boasts an active, strong-selling backlist of nearly 300 titles spanning
          careers, personal finance, business management, and study skills.

          In 1950, a columnist for Variety, Frank Scully, published a book entitled. Behind the
          Flying Saucers. It was an expose of a government program, funded in secret and
          retaining some 1800 scientists, to study the remains of three crashed flying saucers

          allegedly captured in the desert Southwest. This story, if true, would be the exclusive of

          a lifetime.

          Scully laid out the information given to him by the scientist and by Silas Newton. J.P.
          Cahn, of the San Francisco Chronicle took an assignment from True, a men's magazine
          devoted to war fiction, government expose, and other stories of interest to men, to either
          find the proof the tale was accurate, or that it was a complete fabrication.

          Cahn's article, published in 1952, so thoroughly destroyed the idea of crashed flying
          saucers and government cover up that no one inside the UFO community wanted to
          even discuss the possibility. Any information suggesting that flying saucers crashed was
          rejected almost out of hand.

          Still the stories swirled around the edge of UFO research. In the 1970s, a retired college
          professor, Robert Carr made a splash by claiming that he had interviewed five people
          who had seen an alien craft or the bodies from that object that crashed near Aztec, New
          Mexico. These were independent witnesses, whose names he refused to provide, but
          who convinced him that the UFO crash was a real event.

          And again the story was investigated. Mike McClelland reported in Official UFO that the
          UFO crash at Aztec was a hoax. He cited the names of residents who had been in Aztec
          in 1948 and who remembered nothing of the event. It seemed that the case was dead. In
          fact, it suggested, again, that all tales of UFO crashes were little more than rumor and

          But Len Stringfield, a respected UFO researcher in Ohio wasn't as convinced as
          everyone else. He had been quietly collecting the stories of UFO crashes for a number of
          years. At the Mutual UFO Network annual symposium in 1978, Stringfield presented his
          paper on what he termed Crash/Retrievals.

          The majority of his reports were single witness with no corroborative detail. Often they
          were told by the people making the claim, but without other, more detailed information,

          these tales were of little value. Stringfield hoped that someone else might be able to find
          that elusive information.

          There was one report, not included in his paper, but mentioned during his presentation.
          Stringfield had just learned about Major Jesse Marcel, who, in 1947, had been the Air
          Intelligence Officer of the 509th Bomb Group at the Roswell Army Air Field in New
          Mexico, and who knew of a crash. Marcel was telling his friends, on a HAM radio
          circuit/ that he had picked up pieces of a flying saucer at one time.

          But this story was different. Marcel was who he claimed he was, he was identified by
          name and pictures of him, in 1947, printed in newspapers were found. It turned out that
          there were many documents providing additional names of those who were in Roswell
          in 1947 and at the time the investigations began, many were still alive. When they were
          located, many of them talked of the flying saucer crash, to one degree or another. This
          meant that Marcel's tale was not a stand-alone story.

          Patrick Saunders, who had been assigned as the base adjutant in Roswell, told family
          members that he had participated in a cover up and had buried the paper trail deeply.
          Edwin Easley, told his family that there were creatures, though he didn't say much
          about them. Thomas DuBose, who was the chief of staff in Fort Worth which was the
          next higher headquarters for the base in Roswell, said that the weather balloon offered
          as an explanation was a cover story designed to get the reporters off 8th Air Force
          commander. Brigadier General Roger Ramey's back.

          In other words, here was a story of a UFO crash that didn't disappear into the mist. Here
          was one where there were many witnesses to some aspect of it, from the officers at the
          top to some of the enlisted men at the bottom. One of those enlisted men was Sergeant
          Thomas Gonzales who talked not only of the craft, but of the creatures from inside it. He
          provided his first-hand testimonies to a number of UFO investigators.

          As more information was developed, suggesting that something real and extraordinary
          had crashed at Roswell, UFO researchers began to examine what Len Stringfield had
          found, and to pursue other stories of UFO crashes. One of them, an event from April of
          1962 was not only the story of eyewitnesses, but the case was included in the Project
          Blue Book files. Blue Book was the official Air Force investigation of UFOs.

          The Air Force decided that the answer was a fireball seen over the western United States
          that was so bright that it fumed off the photoelectric cells on city streetlights. The
          problem for the Air Force was that witnesses in Utah also saw it near the ground and
          that it had turned off the lights in buildings and houses by disrupting the power rather
          than interfering with photoelectric cells.

          Sixteen minutes later a bright object, tracked on radar, looped over Reno, Nevada, then
          south toward Las Vegas, to explode in the sky to the east. Dozens in Las Vegas saw the
          explosion and the Sheriff's Department dispatched its rescue team to search for a crash
          site and victims.

          In the Project Blue Book files, this case was broken into two parts, one dated using
          Greenwich Mean Time and the other local time. It appeared that the events took place
          on two consecutive days and hours apart, when, in fact, it was only minutes. That
          allowed the Air Force to slap a label on the cases without actually explaining either one.
          These were cases that should have been listed as "Unidentified" and cases that
          suggested something real was flashing through the Earth's atmosphere.

          Over the years there have been other, similar reports that deserved investigation by
          official agencies but that received none. In the late 1960s, the Air Force commissioned a
          study of UFOs by the University of Colorado. While that investigation was being
          conducted, something fell into the waters off Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada.
          Although the official investigation in Colorado made a preliminary stab at research, they
          wrote the case off as hysterical teenagers with too much time on their hands.

          UFO researchers Chris Styles and Don Ledger spent years chasing the information and
          found reams of documentation relating to the case in archives in Canada. Here was a
          sighting with a list of witnesses nearly as long as that from Roswell, and that didn't
          suffer from a lack of a paper trail. Clearly something of enough interest to the Canadian
          government, and which was not explained as a conventional object, had fallen into the
          water, and a week later, disappeared.

          In the United States, however, the UFO study in Colorado was more interested in
          explanations than in investigations and there was no follow up discussion. That was left
          in the hands of private citizens, though the scientists in Colorado had something
          tangible to review, including a photograph of the object before it fell.

          Research into UFO crash/retrievals still rests in the hands of private citizens. They have
          assembled an impressive array of documents and witnesses that suggest something
          extraordinary is happening. But conventional science, along with parts of the US
          government refuse to take a look. It is simpler to just suggest these things don't happen,
          there are no alien spacecraft penetrating our atmosphere, and all the evidence is merely
          anecdotal. To take a serious look at the data compiled might lead to some astonishing

          To leam the truth about UFO crash/retrievals, we must now rely on the private
          researchers and investigators who often fund their research themselves. The official
          sources are just too busy explaining why this is impossible rather than attempting to
          leam if it is true
          Warwick Associates (707) 939-9212 www.warwickassociates.net 18340Sonoma Hwy, Sonoma CA 95476


          Kevin D. Randle

          Kevin D. Randle has, for more than thirty-five
          years, studied the UFO phenomena in all its
          various incarnations. Training by the Army as a
          hrhiJupter pilot, intelligence officer and military
          policeman, and by the Air Force as both an
          intelligence officer and a public affairs officer, has
          provided Randle with a keen insight into the
          operations and protocols of the military, their
          investigations into UFOs, and into a phenomenon
          that has puzzled people for more than a century.

          Randle's educational background is as diverse as
          his military experience. As an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, he studied
          anthropology. Graduate work included journalism, psychology and military science at
          the University of Iowa, California Coast University and the American Military
          University. He has both master and doctoral degrees in psychology and a second master
          degree in the Art of Military Science.

          During his investigations, Randle has traveled the United States to interview hundreds
          of witnesses who were involved in everything from the Roswell, New Mexico crash of
          1947, to the repeated radar sightings of UFOs over Washington, D.C. in 1952, to the
          latest of the abduction cases. Randle was first writer to review the declassified Project
          Blue Book files while they were still housed at Maxwell Air Force Base and before they
          were redacted, among the first to report on animal mutilations and among the first to
          report on alien abductions. He also was the first to report the alien home invasions and
          among the first to suggest humans working with the aliens.

          Randle has written extensively on UFOs beginning in 1973 with articles in various
          national magazines. He had published many books about UFOs starting with The UFO
          Casebook in 1989 and continuing with Crash in 2010.

          Randle was away from his UFO studies while recalled to active duty with the Army in
          Iraq from 2003 to 2004. He recently retired from the Iowa Army National Guard as a
          lieutenant colonel.

          He hosts a blog that can be found at www.KevinRandle.blogspot.com. His mailing
          address is PO Box 10934, Cedar Rapids, IA 52410 and his email is Krandleg93^'aol.com.

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