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  • Royce Holleman
    http://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/ For show click http://www.paranormalpalaceradio.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=43 Journey to Egypt, the Sacred
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2009

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      Journey to Egypt, the Sacred Land of Khem, with author, Independent Egyptologist and Indigenous Wisdom Teacher, Stephen Mehler, and Egyptologist, Vivian Zaki, PhD. Elevate your consciousness and expand your awareness in preparation for the dawn of a new era on Earth known to the Ancients as the "Golden Age". As you Journey to the Land of Ancient Wisdom and wander through this majestic and mysterious land, a land of high wisdom and knowledge, you will move closer to the ultimate goal of higher wisdom and the power of the eternal now.

      The ancient dwellers of Egypt had wisdom and knowledge that we are only beginning to rediscover and understand today. They incorporated astronomical cycles and universal laws and principles into the dimensions of their sacred stone structures. They viewed their connection to all of creation in a very different way than we do today. The sacred sites were considered a mirror image of what is in the heavens; "as above, so below". The human body was understood to be a holographic image of the Universe. The universe was considered the same as God, God the same as man, man the same as the cell, the cell the same as the atom, the atom the same as. and so on, ad infinitum.

      Many people have forgotten this truth and the reason for their connection. The ancients realized the harmony of the universe and understood how to attune to its energies. They understood that everything is intimately woven together in the beautiful pattern of creation. They understood that the same pattern for the creation of a solar system is the same pattern for the creation of a single atom. They understood the intelligent energy and spirit that creates and connects all life everywhere.

      The Temples and Pyramids built by the Ancients were multi-functional; they were astronomical observatories, places of initiation into the secrets of the cosmos, energy and healing centres, and most important for humanity today, they held the keys to understanding the universal laws and principals and the knowledge of the coming Golden Age, the age of enlightenment. The ancient astronomer priests were measuring cycles of time and following the processional cycle through its ages. They understood the enormous importance of these cycles in relation to the consciousness of all life on Earth.

      As we now move with increasing speed towards this shift in consciousness, it is integral for us to understand this ancient wisdom. In order to navigate these chaotic times and walk forward, fully empowered and enlightened, it is essential that we "wake up" and "remember" who we are and where we come from. As we journey through this ancient and sacred land, we will awaken our ancient memory, activate our light bodies and heal our mind, body and spirit so that we may enter the Golden Age full of wisdom and insight


      Tuesday August 4 Th 8:00 PM Cst

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      Richard Phillips has spent over 30 years developing aerospace
      software for the U.S. government. During this time, he was
      exposed to many classified projects for developing aircraft and
      flight-system technologies. He draws on this experience in his
      first book in "The Rho Agenda" series, The Second Ship (Synergy
      Books, May 2009, 978-0-9815462-6-1, $13.95).
      Born and raised in Roswell, N.M., a place that has become the
      heart for alien conspiracies, Phillips grew up with a conviction
      that we are not alone in this universe.
      "I have always held a fascination that there could be life on other
      planets," Phillips says. "I think that suspicion comes growing up
      in Roswell."

      Eager to learn more about the government, Phillips attended the
      United States Military Academy at West Point where he earned a
      Bachelor of Science in engineering, in 1979. As an Army Ranger,
      he then went on to serve with First Infantry Division in Europe
      before earning a Master of Science in nuclear physics at the Naval Post Graduate School, in 1989.
      Starting his professional career as a scientist and researcher, Phillips spent several years performing
      classified research at Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories. He then went on to
      work as a computer scientist for General Electric, Hughes Aircraft Information Systems, and Lockheed
      Martin Space Operations, developing flight software and simulation systems.
      After many years of working for the U.S. government, Phillips decided to expound on his experience and
      pursue his passion as a writer. In The Second Ship, the comfortable world of three high school teens is torn
      apart when they discover a hidden alien ship in Los Alamos, N.M., and find themselves in a tangled web
      of government conspiracy and intrigue. Phillips presents a thrilling depiction of how mankind's pursuit
      for advanced technologies, may, in fact, destroy the very fabric of humanity.
      "Every new technology offers fascinating opportunities, but at a potential cost," says Phillips, who cites
      the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator, as a prime example. "I am a huge
      promoter of scientific research, but we need to recognize the repercussions that come with any scientific
      Phillips now lives in Phoenix, Ariz., with his wife of 28 years, Carol. He currently works for General
      Dynamics developing flight simulation systems and is an active member of West Point Association of
      Graduates and Arizona Authors Association. He is working on the next two titles in "The Rho Agenda"
      series, Immune and Wormhole. For more information on The Second Ship or Phillips, please visit


      8:00pm cst Wednesday August 5th
      For show click

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

      An Unforgettable Evening of Haunting and Healing
      October 30th, October 31st, and November 1st, 2009
      The Adolphus Hotel
      1321 Com

      Are you experiencing paranormal activity in your home? Does your spirit need rescuing? Do you need help in getting rid of your demons? Have you lost your faith and don't know where to turn? Join us for a most unusual, enlightening, and unforgettable evening of haunting, healing, and deliverance with all four of the following paranormal experts:
      The Adolphus hotel is a very popular hotel in Dallas, and one of the best so many guests don't suspect that this hotel might be haunted.

      A bride who was left at the altar hung herself in this hotel and guests have claimed to have seen her ghost wondering around the hotel.Guests have also reported seeing things in the bar moving all by themselves;

      What You Can Expect From This Event

      Four paranormal experts with expertise in different fields of healing, join together and merge their energies for an unforgettable evening where anything can happen and probably will.

      Bill Bean is the most famously haunted man in America. Wherever Bill goes, strange things occur. It's a certainty. Having survived massive demonic attacks in his childhood home, his story will have you on the edge of your seat. Bill has emerged triumphant as a man who is a true messenger of God, a champion of delieverance, and banisher of evil. The power that flows through this man will absolutely astound you.

      Sierra Sky and Derik de Leon live in Fort Worth, Texas. They are rescuers of lost spirits, as well as high level Reiki masters, among other things. Do you suspect paranormal or demonic activity in your home and don't know what to do about it or where to turn? Sierra and her team know exactly what to do and how to help you.

      Dyan Garris is a bestselling author, international clairvoyant counselor, trance channel, #1 charting New Age musician, an expert in the field of chakra balance and manifesting beyond the Law of Attraction. She is also a gifted energy worker through whom the Holy Spirit works through.

      Together, these four individuals form a unique and very powerful grid of light and healing.

      Warning! This is not just an ordinary event. What happens here has the power to change your life forever.

      Tickets are $20 in advance and $30 at the door.
      Please note that seating is limited. We recommend registration now to be guaranteed a seat. There is no standing room. Register now: (You do NOT need a PayPal account.) Print a copy of your paid reciept. You will need it for entry into the event.

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