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Did Jesus Ask Judas to Betray Him?

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    Did Jesus Ask Judas to Betray Him? Was there ever a Gospel According to Judas? An ancient book found in an Egyptian cave could be just that--and have an
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      Did Jesus Ask Judas to Betray Him?

      Was there ever a Gospel According to Judas? An ancient book found in an
      Egyptian cave could be just that--and have an explosive message for

      About three decades ago, a 2,000-year-old mystery surfaced when a farmer
      looking for treasure in an Egyptian cave instead found a decaying
      leather-bound book, called a Codex, written in ancient Coptic. Not realizing what he
      had, he sold it to an antiquities dealer.

      Five years after the Codex was found, a scholar named Stephen Emmel was
      asked to look at it, but under the condition he not photograph it or make any
      notes. He told ABC's "Primetime" that he leafed through it and spotted a
      dialogue between Jesus and Judas and his disciples. "The name Judas came up
      again and again," he recalled. Then for 16 years it sat crumbling in, of all
      places, a safe-deposit box in a Long Island, N.Y., Citibank. In 2000 it was
      sold to former antiquities dealer Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos, who told
      "Primetime," "I think the circumstances of this manuscript coming to me were
      predestined. Judas was asking me to do something for him."

      National Geographic and ABC News report scholars now think this is the
      long lost Gospel of Judas that was banned by the early church as blasphemous
      and ordered destroyed. Deciphering it was a monumental task since the 13
      pieces of papyrus were in more than 1,000 pieces. Swiss restorer Florence Darbre
      and her partner painstakingly fit the tiny pieces together like an ancient
      jigsaw puzzle. Then Emmel and another scholar, Rodolphe Kasser, were called
      in to authenticate the text. "I've looked at hundreds of papyri, Coptic
      papyri, in my career, and this is absolutely typical of ancient Coptic
      manuscripts," Emmel told "Primetime." "I'm completely convinced." The final task was
      to use radio carbon-dating to authenticate it, which meant destroying tiny
      pieces of the precious document. The result? The text was written between the
      third and fourth century and is believed to be a copy of a much older
      document written in Greek in the second century.

      What it has to say could shake Christianity to its core: The Bible says
      that Judas is the one who betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver,
      handing him over for crucifixion, an act that damned him for all time. But this
      Gospel of Judas tells it differently: Jesus asked Judas to betray him.

      "Now, the Gospel of Judas also has Judas say to Jesus in fear and terror
      that he has a dream that the other disciples will hate him and will stone him
      to death, will attack him, Elaine Pagels, a professor at Princeton
      University and one of the world's foremost experts on ancient religious texts, told
      "Primetime." "And Jesus says, 'Yes, in fact, they will think that you are a
      terrible person because of what you did. This is part of the burden that you
      bear. But they will be wrong about that.' So it is an extraordinary
      transformation of the ordinary understanding of Judas Iscariot."

      What does it mean? Pagels says that it shows Judas's betrayal of Jesus was
      not a reprehensible act or the act of a traitor. "It's a secret mystery
      between him and Jesus."

      Herbert Krosney, author of "The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel of
      Judas Iscariot," goes even further. He calls Judas "the favored disciple of
      Jesus," adding, "He is the one whose star shines in the heavens and in the
      skies, and Judas, therefore, becomes unique. He is Jesus's best friend rather
      than his betrayer."

      Pagels admits there is no historical proof for the Gospel of Judas, just
      as there is no historical proof for the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and
      John. However, she is quick to say, "The Christian message is a message about
      faith and hope and, you know, the relationship between God and human beings.
      It's not a matter of historical fact."
      --From the Editors at Netscape

      From Art: This is exactly what happened. I explain this in my book and show
      how this was the first step in Jesus' plan to overthrow the rulers of the
      Roman Empire and replace them with leaders who would let the Empire fall
      apart. Jesus did not die on the cross. Two movies were even made about this
      titled, "The Inquiry," starring Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine, and "The
      Final Inquiry," staring Monica Cruz. See:

      What really happened is mind-blowing. Our alien Repto Sapien cousins were
      behind this, because the Roman's "Pax Romana" (Roman Peace) was bad for the
      Rep's meat gathering program. I show evidence in my book in later major
      wars that "cannon fodder = Reptoid fodder." You can get the Ebook version of my
      book immediately from the publisher's website.
      My Website: http://antigray.tripod.com/
      Check out all the pages on the site. I wrote the site like a tabloid
      newspaper to impress on readers an outline of what has been going on throughout

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