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    Filer s Files #35 -- 1999, MUFON Skywatch Investigations George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern September 2, 1999, Majorstar@aol.com
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      Filer's Files #35 -- 1999, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
      George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
      September 2, 1999, Majorstar@... (609) 654-0020


      Chinese Government has been arresting thousands of Chinese citizens
      including Communist Party members who follow the beliefs of the Falun
      Gong. The Falun Gong or the Falun Dafa claim membership of 100
      million Chinese. They can often be seen conducting exercises in
      unison in thousands of places throughout China. Their excellent
      mental and physical health is seen as a threat to Communist rule. I
      requested information from the Falun Gong and about their beliefs in
      extraterrestrials and UFOs. Their August 27, 1999, answer follows:

      Dear George: Your message requires careful thinking before answering.
      Otherwise we may mislead you and result you lose the opportunity to
      really understand the Falun Dafa, which would be the worst we don't
      want to happen to you. As you may know, Falun Dafa is a
      mind-body-spirit cultivation system. It teaches people to follow the
      principle of Zhen-Shan-Ren (truth-compassion-forbearance) and improve
      ourselves in order to return to our true beings (true selves). Our
      humble understandings of the boundless Dafa (great law) tell us that,
      the structure of the universe is very complex.. Many time-spaces
      (dimensions) exist. Many higher living beings (human beings call them
      "God," "Buddha" or "Tao") live in the higher dimensions. Also, some
      living beings at our human level stay in other planets and other
      dimensions. We have also learned that, the meaning of life to humans
      is not to be humans. It is to return to our true selves, because we
      are dropping down to this earth as we have committed in wrong deeds
      before. The divine beings (God, Buddha or Tao) are compassionate to us
      and give us this mazed time-space, in which we may be enlightened to
      the orthodox teachings and cultivated ourselves to return.
      Unfortunately, we often are so unenlightened that we always indulge
      ourselves in temporary happiness on the earth in our short life time,
      pursuing fame, money, "achievement" and other personal interests.
      Living beings in other planets also have the reason to their
      existence. But what they have done to the earth and humankind is
      against the law of the universe (Zhen-Shan-Ren). They will be
      responsible for all of the consequences of their actions. Everything
      happens with reason, (including WHY "excellent sightings increase
      worldwide in July and August"). We have to stop here, because our
      understanding is very very limited. All of the answers to your
      questions can be found in the book Zhuan Falun. Would you mind to
      take a look at our web site (www.falundafa) read online or download
      the book? With best wishes, info@.... Editors' Note: The
      Soviet Union was plagued by aggressive UFO activity prior to the
      collapse of Communism.

      NEW YORK

      PORT BYRON -- David Sheppard e-mail states, on August 1, 1999, I woke
      up about 3:15 AM to a bright light in the window. I looked out the
      window and saw a craft shaped like a boomerang, with red, and green
      lights all the way around it. The bright light was from the craft.
      It was not a plane because it was just hovering over the trees, and it
      made no noise. After a few minutes it just started moving. I am
      located 50 miles west of Syracuse. Thanks to David Sheppard.


      CHARLOTTE -- A 50 year old male resident who is handicapped and uses a
      motorized wheelchair on July 1, 1999, noticed his dog acting funny.
      The dog refused to come when called at about 9:00 PM. He sensed a
      presence behind him and turned his wheelchair around and observed a
      bright glowing blue-green object hovering silently just above the
      adjacent trees. The witness tried to move away, but the power in his
      wheelchair failed. He was immobilized in this manner for about 5 to
      10 minutes while the object moved around above the trees. It finally
      left, shooting upwards and vanishing. The power then returned to his
      wheelchair and he went back inside (at a high rate of speed according
      to the witness)! He stated that he has always been skeptical about
      such matters, but no longer. ISUR/MUFON Investigator Terry Kimbrell
      is to conduct the investigation. Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board.


      HARTSVILLE - On May 8, 1999, my 16 year old niece and I witnessed the
      glide over of an unidentified boomerang-shaped object at 10:27 PM. We
      were stargazing, when my niece suddenly exclaimed WOW! When I looked
      up, I saw a 'darker than night' boomerang-shaped shadow glide silently
      by without making a sound. The outline was very distinct. The object
      had rounded edges with seven yellow-gold lights lining the front edge
      of the craft. Three lights were on each wing. The lights gave off no
      reflection on the object, just points of light as they might be
      recessed into the object. I lost sight after the object passed over
      the roof of the house. My niece who used to be a skeptic saw the
      object at 30 degrees above the horizon. She saw five patterns
      connected together in a V shape. They were a dull gray reflecting the
      city lights in the distance. The shapes of the patterns from the
      drawing she made were concave arcs on the front and convex arcs on the
      back. She did not see the seven lights, that is one reason I think
      they were recessed in the object and I saw them when it was directly
      overhead. The craft was 2 1/2" to 3" tip to tip at arm's length. She
      calculated the actual size as 500 to 600 feet. The estimated altitude
      was 2000 to 3000 feet. The angle of the boomerang was 120 degrees.
      Thanks to Terry Kimbrell (MUFON/ISUR) JJLJ45@...


      TROUP COUNTY - Residents of Western Georgia were startled by loud
      booms and a ground tremor on August 2, 1999. Ufologist John Thompson
      investigated the events and interviewed a La Grange College student
      who said the Heard County 911 received their first loud booms reports
      BEFORE 10:00 PM. A few minutes later at 10:01 PM Troup County 911
      received their first explosion reports from the Liberty Hill area.
      The reports show the boom either originated in Heard County or
      originated near there and moved southward. The Georgia Emergency
      Management Agency (GEMA) claims the college student saw a 'blue-white'
      light go streaking towards Alabama just before the 10:00 PM booms.
      John's interview with the student indicated she heard the booms firs t
      and then saw the blue white light. When an object breaks the sound
      barrier, the sonic boom it produces follows the object.

      John also contacted the National Earthquake Information Center who
      said there was no abnormal seismic activity in the area. Troup County
      Fire Chief said, "I don't know anything else it could be except a
      sonic boom." It's just consistent with a sonic boom." John continued
      his investigation and found a witness living about three miles west of
      Franklin. She said five minutes AFTER the dual boom, she and others
      were looking to the northeast and saw a trail of red, yellow and white
      fire going away and down. The story confirms the timing of a
      spectacular meteor well AFTER the booms indicating the meteor was a
      coincidence, and not the actual cause of the boom. Two witnesses in
      Franklin saw what looked 'like a firecracker at both ends' going off
      before 10:00 PM. She saw the northern end of the cylinder first flash
      red, yellow and blue. Then the southern end flashed. Two seconds
      later she heard 'boom, boom.' This suggests that the two explosions
      went off a half mile west of her house, near Highway 34. Her sister,
      standing behind the first witness saw a dark mass go down and then
      heard the boom, boom! The round black mass then went down fast and
      rose more slowly. On coming up, it now had a fuzzy red circle around
      the solid, smooth, black circle. The circle rose until it seemed to
      dissipate. The object was three times the size of a full moon. This
      may have been a rising fireball from a detonated explosion.

      Further investigation found Greg and his family who saw two 'V' or
      boomerang shaped UFOs. Between 10:00 and 10:15 PM the UFOs were seen
      flying in from the southwest as slow as 30 mph. Seven or eight huge
      blue white halogen-like lights illuminated their entire hilltop area
      and home for about four minutes.. The UFO's made no sound and their
      wingspan was 160 feet. Suddenly, five twin-engine loud jets probably
      F-15s flew into view in pursuit of the two boomerang craft. The UFOs
      launched leaving a three foot long streak in the sky looking like
      shooting stars as they ascended almost instantly in opposite
      directions. The witnesses said, "The jets appeared to stand still in
      comparison to the speed of the UFOs." The UFOs departed on a heading
      of 220 degrees towards the panhandle of Florida. Shortly afterwards
      Blackhawk helicopters showed up operating in a search pattern.
      Numerous helicopters were also observed the next day. Satellite
      receivers were blown out by the jolt and electrical power was lost for
      several hours. GEMA spokesperson Pamela Swanson stated, "We were able
      to determine we had a meteor shower that evening. We're perfectly
      satisfied with that. Case Closed." Thanks to John C. Thompson former
      MUFON State Director. Editor's Note: The Georgia authorities refused
      to interview the UFOs witnesses since it is easier to believe a
      natural explanation despite eye witness accounts of UFOs. The fighters
      chasing the UFOs may have caused the sonic booms.

      KENNESAW -- On August 30, 1999, a family witnessed a bright flashing
      light in the southwest sky behind their house at 10:30 PM. The light
      changed from red to white to green. It would stay in one place, then
      move down and around. Jan said, "We observed through binoculars and
      the light was in constant motion." My husband got out the video
      camera and taped for a while until it was obstructed from view by some
      pine trees. It was the size of a star, but it did not "act" like any
      star we have ever seen. This was witnessed by my husband, daughter
      and myself. We watched it for an hour. Thanks to Jan, Sm. & Rebecca
      Bruner, Yallnomejr and John Schuessller


      I spoke with Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting
      Center who is very excited about the spectacular unidentified object
      display that caused the night sky to light up at 11:18 PM on August
      15, 1999. A dramatic bluish-white ball of light was seen by observers
      with the apparent diameter of the full moon. One pilot described
      multiple large objects heading northwest turning the night sky into
      daylight. Peter has received numerous reports concerning the
      phenomenon and possible meteor that was caught on the camera at Sandia
      National Laboratories. Photos can be seen at
      http://www.UFOcenter.com Thanks to Peter Davenport


      SAN JOSE -- On August 22, 1999, Ralph Storey reports that I spotted a
      small sphere at what seemed a very high altitude at 11:25 to 11:45 AM.
      It shone white and bright. It moved very slowly, then stopped in
      midair and hovered for about fifteen minutes, then disappeared. I
      would have thought it was a star, except I saw it move, stop, become
      smaller before it disappeared. Thanks to Ralph.storey@...


      The UFO Video Clearing House, Yucaipa, CA claims that on August 24,
      1999, a giant 2 mile in diameter UFO was photographed between Puerto
      Rico and the Dominican Republic by a private party. Those who have
      viewed the stills claim they amazing. They cautioned that we have
      heard of photos like this before. So lets not get too excited.
      Thanks to Dave Aaron 92399. ufoaaron@...


      ARDMORE, ALBERTA -- On August 27, 1999, Bill Swiderski a farmer who
      lives northeast of Edmonton reported six circles in his hay field.
      All are about 4 feet in diameter with a standing one foot wide center.
      Three are grouped together in a semicircle, equal distances apart. The
      other three are a distance away from these ones, and not grouped
      together. The hay is not flattened, however, it is simply "missing"
      except for the center areas (nothing growing in the ring areas). Mr.
      Swiderski said that they have found the same circles in this spot for
      the past three years now. Thanks to Canada Paul Anderson Director


      LIVERPOOL -- August 30, 1999, my very reliable friend saw an oval
      shaped object moving over the church a few roads away from us at 04:00
      AM. He described the object as being slightly bigger than a full
      moon. The object was not a plane because it appeared so close. At
      first he thought it might be a police helicopter with a searchlight
      but there was complete silence!!!! It was obvious the light was
      extremely large and could not be the searchlight of a helicopter. The
      object slowly moved for five minutes until it disappeared out of view.
      Just as he was about to go back to bed, the object slowly traveled
      back again on the reverse course. After five minutes the light
      disappeared out of view. The speed, height and other attributes of
      the object did not change at all. The object was bright like a crystal
      would glow if you shined a light on it. It looked as though it
      consisted of a number of objects huddled close together as opposed to
      one whole object. The witness was terrified at what he saw. Thanks to
      Dave Ledger UFO Scotland dledger@...

      COATBRIDGE, SCOTLAND -- Strange circles were noted in a Soccer Stadium
      on August 27, 1999, weird black rings appeared on their field
      overnight. UFO experts believe the twelve circles, only visible from
      the air, show the clubs crumbling Cliftonhill Stadium is being used as
      a secret flying saucer site. The marking's at Rover's ground in
      Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, were spotted by a photographer taking
      photograph's from a helicopter. Each ring measures around five yards
      in diameter and they cover half of the patch. The groundsman Hugh
      McBride, he said: "I would like to know what is going on?" I have
      never seen anything like it before. Some of the circles seem to plot
      out a path to the goalpost's, so maybe somebody is trying to tell us
      something." Thanks to "Mark Fraser.


      Italian Ufologist Adriano Forgione writes he conducted a research in
      the archives of National Italian Television Broadcasting, RAI, and
      discovered some interesting UFO footage. "I found an interesting
      daylight UFO footage, of the mysterious Flying Triangle." The objet
      was shot in 1985 in Valle D'Aosta in Northwest of Italy. The film was
      shown on national TV program called FILO' in 1985. The video passed
      totally unobserved and was forgotten by Italian Ufologists. The video
      has great importance because: 1) it's the only one to show a flying
      triangle in the daylight; 2) the video was taken in 1985, five years
      before the Belgian UFO flap (1990) and the invasion of Flying
      Triangles in north Europe; 3) The object is stationery in the sky and
      has a dark triangular structure. Thanks to Adriano Forgione


      The abduction also clearly occurs during an altered state of
      consciousness. The average number of witnesses for three different
      events shows this. A town bank robbery generates about 3 witnesses
      per event who are not directly involved in the incident. A non alien
      UFO sighting has approximately 2.6 witnesses per case from various
      studies -- not wildly different, suggesting both are real world
      events. Abductions have an average witness per case ratio of about
      1.25 -- indicating they are far more subjective. Although one case I
      was involved with featured five witnesses (only two of whom recalled
      the abduction -- and then with conflicting memories), and two others
      featured three (again each with recall that was only partly mutually
      consistent and largely diverged from a common theme in independent
      directions), virtually all the rest were single witness events.
      Moreover, there were no UK observed abductions. In a few instances
      UFOs (mostly LITS) were seen in the same general area as the
      abduction. But nobody in any UK case saw the witness being abducted
      into a spaceship, saw the UFO that did the abducting, witnesses the
      same aliens that night, or in fact anything to prove an abduction
      occurred as opposed to proving (as some cases do) that a UFO sighting
      preceded the witness belief that they were abducted. The distinction
      between these things is paramount. In addition, there are cases (two
      in the UK, others in various countries) where a witness apparently
      undergoing an abduction is witnesses by a third party during that
      time. They have then been clearly seen to have physically gone
      nowhere, but to be in a strange ASC (described in various cases as 'a
      trance', or 'a catatonic sleep' or even mistaken for drunkenness on
      one occasion). What I think this indicates is that the experience
      occurs at an inner level of reality and is principally a phenomenon of
      consciousness rather than literal reality. The presence of the Oz
      Factor state triggering abductions is another key to the entering of
      this ASC I believe.

      The evidence therefore supports the existence of a UFO of some sort
      appearing in the area of the abduction, but only that it is then
      followed by a subjective experience evolving from the sighting. This
      occurs to a witness in an altered state during which they believe
      (sincerely) they have undergone an abduction but in truth they have
      effectively stayed where they were all the time. Certain people (the
      abduction prone personality) is capable of having this experience far
      more readily than most of us and if two people are separate but close
      together in space at the onset of a UFO close encounter the evidence
      suggests that an abduction prone personality would go on to have a
      deep level abduction whereas someone who is not may just see the UFO,
      e.g., as a strange light. Multiple witnesses cases are the key here
      -- which is why we need to focus upon them. Unfortunately, in nearly
      every case they are intimately connected individuals rather than true
      separate witnesses, and even when there are multiple witnesses it is
      frequent that only one or two of them recall anything beyond the UFO
      sighting -- supporting my argument that the UFO stimulus triggers
      different levels of experience (from nothing to an abduction)
      according to the witness involved. So - in answer to your question -
      I believe abductions are indeed real experiences. But I think they
      are a mixture of objective and subjective elements. I believe a real
      UFO can trigger them but that much of the subsequent encounter occurs
      as an altered state to a certain type of witness and is only
      subjectively real. The question is -- what is the source of the
      trigger phenomenon and the experience that follows within the ASC? I
      think there are three broad possibilities. The UFO could be some kind
      of natural, scientific anomaly complete with radiating energy fields.
      This is possibly (as Persinger suggests) stimulating the temporal lobe
      of certain people triggering an abduction fantasy that develops out of
      the belief that they have just seen a UFO (as, of course, they
      actually have indeed done). As yet Persinger has offered interesting
      theory matched by some experimental results but none that bridge the
      gulf between people feeling odd and having a light ASC when subjected
      to EM radiation and witnesses having full blown abductions -- as we
      know they do. Or it may be that the natural phenomenon is something I
      call a 'time storm' -- literally causing a temporary break down in
      localized time and space as a result of some as yet unknown scientific
      anomaly. The outcome of the time storm is to disrupt the quantum
      reality basis of consciousness unleashing certain visionary (but not
      necessarily imaginary) experiences from the other side of the rift.
      As such a quasi real experience occurs during the resulting altered
      state -- the time storm is viewed as a UFO and its consequence as an
      abduction. The other possibility is that a real contact is occurring
      between some other intelligence (perhaps extraterrestrial or
      inter-dimensional) but not in the traditionally assumed sense. No
      space ships are landing and aliens getting out to kidnap humans (thus
      our dearth of physical evidence).

      Instead contact occurs using some kind of energy probe that manifests
      as the UFO and to some is merely seen as that -- although its side
      effects can create physical evidence (such as car stops or burnt
      skin). With the abduction prone personality the beam switches them
      into an ASC and induces a waking lucid dream that conveys a contact
      message. Upon waking the witness recalls the light, recalls losing
      consciousness and subsequently waking again and perhaps vague images
      of the dream like contact. These may recur during subsequent
      flashbacks, dreams or even be stimulated by hypnosis. The result will
      be a mixture of genuine recall of the vision and distorted imagery
      introduced by our own conscious mind. But in essence the person will
      recall that an alien intelligence probed them, exchanged data with
      them and then left. This may appear in the memory as if it were a
      medical probe, or an examination inside a craft, but most of this
      imagery will be imaginative and added to the experience by our own
      subconscious through its store of images about what aliens are
      supposed to be like. The fundamental truth about abductions would be
      that a scanning form of contact took place -- via a beam and at a
      distance -- but never as a result of a literal alien kidnap. All of
      this is speculation -- an effort to try to make the contradictory
      evidence of these cases fit together. But something is going on and
      its understanding will, I believe, prove of great value to human
      knowledge. I just don't see evidence that it is the literal example of
      what I call 'spacenapping' - that is landing spaceships, exploring ETs
      and nasty anal probe bearing greys. But then again our understanding
      of alien reality is bound to be restricted and maybe I am wrong. Even
      so, as noted, aliens may still be involved in the abduction phenomenon
      at a more subtle level by inducing waking lucid dreams in susceptible
      witnesses. Hope this helps. Or that it made any sense! Best wishes,
      Thanks to Jenny Randles. Editor's Note: It's important to learn wha t
      some of the best researchers are learning about abductions.


      Chuck Warren writes, "Due to the major increase of reports from three
      states in the past 24 hours, we have issued a "Contrail Health
      Warning." We have received over 70 reports from these three states in
      the past 24 hours, which is unusual for this region. Aircraft exhaust
      is causing several problems, both health and environmental. Studies
      show one commercial airliner leaves 15,000 times more pollution then
      an automobile. This exhaust rains down on the general population and
      can cause illness. Young children, elderly and people with
      respiratory problems should stay indoors today. Eight thousand people
      a day die from air pollution.

      U.S. GOVERNMENT UFO PROOF RELEASED: Audio tapes of a genuine UFO Alert
      at Edwards Air Force base and studied by the Foreign Technology
      Division at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, are now available for
      distribution to the public. Lunar Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell was at
      Edwards the night the UFO chase occurred. The 6th person to walk on
      the moon said, "The night it happened I investigated it myself and
      this was a real event." Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called
      THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER on the night of October 7, 1965,
      uses the actual voice recordings provided by the Air Force. During
      this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invade secure air space and came
      down low over the runways at Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt= ..
      Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense Command. Sgt.
      Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a new segment where he
      verifies the event as it is heard on the archival recordings. The
      UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch F-106 fighter
      interceptors. You are there for an important part of UFO history.
      Hear it for yourself, it's the best UFO tape ever made. Tape cost is
      $14.95 each plus $2.00 for shipping -- total $16.95 -- send either a
      personal check or money order to: Independent International Films, Box
      565, Dept. GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857.

      Project Paranormal is now available for a preview. This Website is an
      interactive paranormal site that is a little different then most.
      Here regular folks with research and experiences can send in their
      information, stories, photos and artwork to be posted to the site. No
      one is refused. Dealing in Aliens, UFO's, Time Travel, Crop Circles,
      Strange Creatures, NDE, OBE's, ELE, and much more. The site is now
      online and awaiting your articles. We hope to provide the public with
      more than a one sided website. Project Paranormal is also looking for
      lead people to do cover stories once a month for the topic headline
      pages. Be sure to check back often for updates and additions to the
      messageboard. http://www.projectparanormal.com
      MUFON JOURNAL For more detailed investigative reports subscribe by
      writing to 103 Oldtowne Road, Sequin, TX 78155-4099 or E-mail
      Mufon@.... Filer's Files Copyright 1999 by George A. Filer, all
      rights reserved. Readers may post items from the Files on their
      Websites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by
      name and list the date of issue that the item appeared. Send your
      letters to me at Majorstar@.... If you wish to keep your name
      confidential please so state.
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