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  • oaksgirlz
    Hi, Sorry for my intervention. So... some thoughts concerning SETI and the aliens. (Sorry for language... I m Lithuanian). SETI program is enough problematic
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 11, 2009
      Sorry for my intervention. So... some thoughts
      concerning SETI and the aliens.
      (Sorry for language... I'm Lithuanian).
      SETI program is enough problematic by my knowledge "about the aliens from
      aliens" and some symbiotic feelings as for them. Because:
      1. By Earth "works" 3 "species" of the aliens and even they can not "to
      intercept" the communications of "other specie". So people are too much
      optimists with hope to get this.
      2. The ships of aliens use something like "an acceleration of the light" for a
      fast flying and it is impossible to find them by imagination about our usual
      spaceships. According to their "speech" - they "creeps under the light". My
      "interlocutor" alien was drowned in misunderstanding when I have said, that
      people see possibilities for the spaceships in the future to "reach a speed of
      the light". He have said - "it is impossible without a crash".
      3. The consciousness of the aliens is not synchronized with consciousness of
      human and it is impossible to get "analogical talk". For the researching of
      people they use "parallel synchronous stations", who are assembled with humans
      consciousness trough under-space. An imagination how this can to work you can to
      get by help of mentioned website
      There you must just imagine, when your "parallels partner" is not a human, but
      cyber station.
      4. According to analysis of the aliens concerning our civilization' s "way"
      (growing of fashion-abilities, pleasures, mannerisms importance) they see just
      one successful way for the future contacts - "Rael's way". It is a following
      a) The absolute conspiracy of their real appearance and the "breeding" of people
      "well - wishers" (as for aliens).
      b) Creating of "embassy", who would works like an "assembling station" (as for
      mentioned "parallels stations"). So - no real arrival...
      c) Support to "well-wishers" in their sexual and other activity (a "portioning
      of kinetic energy" - growing of the will by pleasure). There is the best cases,
      when a human is alone. So there is an explaining, why raelians propagates a
      masturbation. ..
      d) For the best mentioned "well - wishers" organized "the meeting". If really,
      so it is consciousness transmissions in to "parallels station" for the talk with
      a simpatico android. Then a human is in "coma" (where he really is). There human
      will get every answers, who are possible in his consciousness. Exactly it is
      like a tal with him self, where an android is configured with his own
      "synchronous station". Usually these talks are like a "corrections" by using of
      humans possible ideas. Of course, that talk with himself (just ... a little
      "better") could give a pleasure for many speakers:)
      Many sociologists could say, that this their way is enough right and possible

      Of course the aliens methods have an imperfection. Basic problem there is in a
      "quality of the consciousness" who represents a mankind...
      For the researching of consciousness and connecting with a parallels station (of
      course, this is possible to call "kyber-clone" ... according to Rael's love to
      "cloning"..: ) ) they need to get very bright individualized "personal wave".
      Usually it is situation, when a human is alone in stay of the will - efforts to
      strive for big victorious result (sports, sexual or so one) Of course the
      intellectuals of mankind are not sportsmen, so... the aliens can to know usual
      needs of Mr. Rael or so one, but they have no understanding about thoughts of
      SETI scientist. They know a technical efforts of SETI - but - no imagination as
      for people intention there...

      Probably in the future I will create a website, where would be a more detailed
      explaining as for aliens and their "works".

      Kind regards,

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