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Crop Circles: Alien Communications, Enlightened Spirit Messages, Or Thoughtless Human Vandalism?

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  • billmtracer@comcast.net
    While lately I ve been spending a great deal more time working on and publishing my art, I have managed to get some article writing in, as well. Inspired by an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2009
      While lately I've been spending a great deal more time working on and
      publishing my art, I have managed to get some article writing in, as well.
      Inspired by an e-mail group discussion, in which I participated, I started
      collecting my thoughts on the topic of the origins of Crop Circles and their
      purpose. Among other aspects of this topic, we also discussed the
      consequences of Crop Circles from the farmers' perspective. Drawn from this
      cyber chat, I expanded upon my deductions and speculations, and the
      following two page article emerged.

      htened-Spirit-Messages-or-Thoughtless-Human-Vandalism.785541> Circles:
      Alien Communications, Enlightened Spirit Messages, or Thoughtless Human

      It has an incredibly long web address. Consequently I had to create a
      TinyURL for it, and so this article can be found at:

      If you have trouble getting to this article's page 2 you can go directly to
      that page with this link: http://tinyurl.com/nprbtr

      Among the topic points discussed within this article you will find:

      Who or what might be behind these formations?

      (I listed some of the most prevalent "theories", then expanded upon these
      ideas throughout the remainder of the article.)

      What are the Consequences? (Much of the crop is destroyed and can not be

      Why Would Enlightened Beings be so Mean? (To the farmers in particular)

      Art, but Misguided Art Nonetheless (Are Crop Circles the graffiti of the

      Some Farmers Have Cashed In (Can we blame them? Their crops are being
      damaged. They have to recoup their losses somehow.)

      Farmers Who Stand on Their Principles Become Victims

      (When I read about the plight of Bill and Sally Ann Spence, owners of Berry
      Croft Farm near Ashbury, whose farm was overrun with unwelcomed visitors,
      further trampling their fields and damaging their crops even more, I started
      really thinking about the ramifications of the hardship visited upon them,
      by the makers of the so-called Jellyfish crop circle, which they estimate
      has cost them at least 600 pound notes from the ruined parts of the crop
      they can not harvest. As curious people thoughtlessly trample their crops
      even more this cost undoubtedly escalates. This is the kind of thing that
      could actually drive these farmers out of business, ruining them
      financially. Is that what the makers of crop circles are trying to do?)

      The article is designed to accept comments at the bottom, so if you'd like,
      feel free to leave a comment. If you think of any additional theories to add
      to the list of who or what might be behind these formations, be sure to put
      that in a comment and add to the on-going on-line discussion.


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