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My Two Close Encounters With UFOs

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  • xfileresearcher
    I have seen or had what you call two close encounters myself.One was huge disc shaped glowing entirely of a yellow color with four red evenly spaced red lights
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      I have seen or had what you call two close encounters myself.One was huge disc shaped glowing entirely of a yellow color with four red evenly spaced red lights on it's bottom,which appeared to be more red from glowing hot than emmiting a normal red light.It was about a quarter mile from me it appeared to be at least one hundred feet in diameter.It was on its side moving east to west slowly and silently.I watched it disappear behind a row of hills and could still see it's glow for a while.

      Later in my life when I was thirty six I saw a smaller disc shapped object at least thirty feet in diameter Just floating silent and stationary about fifty feet or less above my head.It was night,it had what looked like two brilliant white landing lights on one end that seemed to be spaced apart from each other about the same distance as headlights of a car.All of a sudden the landing lights went off then beautiful perimeter lights came on around the craft blinking off and on as the lights rotated around it's perimeter.The lights were red blue amber and whitish.the cadence and the speed of the rotating and blinking off and on lights remained the same until the craft began to manuver rolling end over end in the same space it had been floating stationary.Then it began to move very slowly in the oppisite direction of it's rolling motion.It would stop rolling in one direction and then change to another.It exhibited many different manuvers and with each manuver,it's perimeter lights would change their cadence and speed of rotation around the disc.It completed all these manuvers directly in the area over my head.It then leveled out remaining motionless,the perimeter lights slowed down
      and continued to rotate at an even pace and cadence of blinking off and on for a few seconds.I couldnt hear a sound comming from it.Suddenly the perimeter lights went out and the landing lights came back on and the disc began to slowly decend to just a few feet off of the ground and began to move out of sight slowly
      following the contours of the ground.I watched it until it was completely out of sight.The most amazing and strange thing I have ever witnessed.I was a police officer at the time in California and I asked my Police Chief if he had ever witnessed a UFO.He told me yes but dont tell anyone what you saw they will think you are a nut case.Later another police officer from our department saw a ufo and followed it for quite some time along the coast of California.He made the mistake of calling it in and was in persuit for futher identification. The next day he was unindated with reporters from all over the state.He had to diconnect his home phone until the reporter activity had died down.They would call him at all hours of the day and night.He would hang up from one call and the phone would immediately ring again.This was in the late 70s or early 80s.In Crescent City California.
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