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UFO/Paranormal Conference July 18-19 Kansas City

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  • Marge Padgitt
    Mysteries of the Universe UFO and Paranormal Conference July 18 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM July 19 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Kansas City, MO Sponsored by Missouri MUFON and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2009
      Mysteries of the Universe UFO and Paranormal Conference July 18 1:00 PM
      - 10:00 PM
      July 19 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Kansas City, MO
      Sponsored by Missouri MUFON and Quest Investigation Group
      (non-profit associations)
      Kathleen Marden: The Betty and Barney Hill Story
      co-author of CAPTURED! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience by
      Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden
      The famous Betty and Barney Hill UFO experience was the first
      internationally known case of alien abduction. Skeptics have attempted
      to refute it, but the evidence suggests that the abduction was real. In
      her lecture, Kathleen takes her audience on a virtual reality journey
      along the close encounter and abduction route in New Hampshire's White
      Mountains and presents compelling evidence that the skeptics are wrong.
      Her personal and intimate knowledge of Betty's and Barney's
      personalities makes them come alive before her audience. She is the
      only person in possession of and with the legal right to present
      excerpts from the Hills' historic audio taped hypnosis sessions with
      Dr. Benjamin Simon. As such, conference attendees will find her
      material truly unique and exciting. http://kathleenmard en.googlepages.
      com <http://kathleenmarden.googlepages.com/>
      Link to Betty and Barney Hill Official Site: http://kathleenmard
      en.googlepages. com/awriter% 27sguidetothebet tyandbarneyhillu fo
      Ted Phillips: Into the Marley Woods: Research at an active UFO site.
      Well-known in the UFO and paranormal fields, Ted will talk about his
      team's investigations into spook lights and other strange phenomena at
      the Marley Woods in Missouri. http://www.angelfir e.com/mo/ cptr
      <http://www.angelfire.com/mo/cptr> http://ufophysical. com
      <http://ufophysical.com/> Dr. Jack Kasher: MUFON Regional Director,
      The Strange Case of Alana Lynn (Lane) Andrews. Lane has allegedly been
      taken on board a craft several times by friendly extraterrestrials. Her
      multifaceted case includes a metal object given to her for some unknown
      future use, repeated harassment by government officials, and stunning
      correlations between some crop circles and diagrams she saw on the
      craft. Descriptions of the extraterrestrials and the inside of their
      craft will also be presented. Heidi Hollis: Shadow People. Hear from
      Heidi Hollis the author of The Secret War, which is the first book ever
      written on Shadow People before they were known to exist. Learn how the
      Shadow People are connected to aliens, their tactics, their appearance,
      what their purpose is, what they hope to accomplish in the end and how
      we can and must stop them! Visit her sites: www.HeidiHollis. com
      <http://www.heidihollis.com/> www.Shadows. UFO2U.com
      <http://www.shadows.ufo2u.com/> www.UFO2U.com <http://www.ufo2u.com/>
      www.AlienAdvice. com <http://www.alienadvice.com/> www.youtube.
      com/heidihollis <http://www.youtube.com/heidihollis> www.myspace.
      com/heidihollis <http://www.myspace.com/heidihollis> Stan Romanek:
      Guest on Larry King and Coast-to-Coast: His Bizarre personal UFO
      Encounters and Photos of Aliens will amaze you! Stan has recently
      finished writing a book called Messages about his experiences with the
      UFO and Alien Abductions over the past 7 ½ years (already on best
      seller lists). There is also going to be a documentary film about
      Stan's life story. Now obsessed with the UFO subject because of his
      experiences, Stan strives to enlighten the public about the existence of
      alien life. http://www.stanroma nek.com <http://www.stanromanek.com/>
      Todd Sheets: Host of Nightwatch radio show will discuss his haunting
      investigations and paranormal research. http://www.nightwat chradio.com
      <http://www.nightwatchradio.com/> Stacey Allen McGee: "Bigfoot: A
      New Perspective" - Stacey will be be talking about personal Bigfoot
      experiences and reflections on those encounters. He will also conduct a
      workshop titled "Introduction to Ghost Hunting." Stacey is the Founder
      and Director of the Alternate Realities Center and the United States UFO
      Information and Research Center, and Director of the Appalachain Ghost
      Walks. www.USUFOCenter. com <http://www.usufocenter.com/> www.myspace.
      com/AppalachianG hostWalks
      <http://www.myspace.com/AppalachianGhostWalks> Bill Hamilton:
      "Introduction to UFO Investigations. " Bill is a MUFON Field
      Investigator and our Kansas City MUFON FI trainer. He is the founder of
      the AstroScience Research Network. Originally from California, Bill now
      lives in the Kansas City area. He is the author of several books
      including "Cosmic Top Secret," and "Time Travel Now." AstroScience
      Research Network http://www.astrosciences.info
      $59 early bird by June 25
      $70 after June 25

      More info and registration: http://www.mouconference.net

      Margie Kay

      Director, Mysteries of the Universe Conference
      www.mouconference. net <http://www.mouconference.net/>
      Kansas City, MO
      816-833-1602 M-F 9 -5

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