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Problems with Fermi's Paradox

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  • Bill M. Tracer
    I recently got another article published at Socyberty Under their Paranormal subcategory. This is one I spent a great deal of time working on. After
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      I recently got another article published at Socyberty Under their "Paranormal" subcategory. This is one I spent a great deal of time working on. After considerable research, and ample ruminations, I composed my thoughts on the problematic assumptions embodied within Fermi's Paradox. I'm well aware that many others have taken on this paradox, before me, and I humbly follow some hefty footsteps. The article can be described with its opening posit.

      Fermi's Paradox embraces a number of invalid assumptions. It therefore has irreconcilable problems, putting it in conflict with reality. Some misguided individuals attempt to use Fermi's Paradox as if it were proof that Earth is the only home of intelligent life in the Universe. They are erroneous as much as was Fermi.

      Fermi's Paradox appears at first glance a contradiction between the theoretical existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the alleged lack of evidence that human contact has ever been made with such hypothetical civilizations. These invalid assumptions effectively make this supposed paradox null.

      What is Fermi's Paradox, and who came up with it? .

      So, if you'd like to further explore this article, just check out page 1 of this 4 page article, "Problems with Fermi's Paradox" found at: http://tinyurl.com/bxdofj

      It's richly illustrated, with plenty of links to other sites containing supportive materials associated to UFOs, and Extraterrestrial related topics, as well as Enrico Fermi and his, "Where is Everybody?" paradox.

      "Where is Everybody?" indeed, what a vain question. Maybe they have better ways to spend their time than trying to help us gain awareness of their existence.

      Oh, and I even created some works of art that illustrate the article, too.

      Unexpected Contact

      It may be a tad dry, but you might find it a bit of a fun read, just the same. Dry has its charms. After all, some people like their martinis dry, and some people like their wine dry, and some people like their articles dry, with perhaps a dash of occasional rye humor thrown in for good measure.




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