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Frequencies for Inducing Ascension and Manifestation

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  • D Starz
    I d like to introduce myself.. and share this information with the group here in the hopes that some members may have an interest in participating in an
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2009
      I'd like to introduce myself.. and share this information with the group here in the hopes that some members may have an interest in participating in an experimental research project.

      Im looking for people who are willing to participate in our online experiment and can provide input, feedback and comparison on some of the various digital frequency files we are using.

      After many years of researching, on going development and testing our current experimental group of approximately 2000 volunteers have been witness to some really unusual and intense phenomena playing out... bordering on the supra-normal. We're seeing rapid, profound effects on the body and mind occuring via this new acoustic frequency tool.

      Specifically, one of the areas we are focusing on now and are hoping to collect more data on are the effects on the mind and body from the use of
      frequencies designed to entrain the body and mind towards those states conducive to the experience of ascension and the manifestation of desired positive change.

      I recently released new 'frequency' protoypes that our group has been testing and their reports of the results they have been experiencing have been staggering.

      Implications currently, are for enormous potential improvements for health and wellness as well as rapid change from challenging mind and emotional states to ones of increased vitality, increased performance and increased well being and balance.

      One possible and very real application of this may be to address both general and specific aspects of health issues. For example one of our members experimented with effects on the blood , had an independent lab analyze his blood sample and it seems like there was a dramatic change in the bloods terrain!

      Data collected to date on reaction responses have been over the top

      We are finding that actual 'things' are happening, when these frequencies are simply played. Very noticeable and dramatic effects and changes in the body, mind and environment - unlike anything induced by any other sound (that we know of). many people who experimented on these frequencies report that they are unlike other existing technologies such as binaural beats.

      What we need right now however, are more volunteers who are willing to test out our other frequencies and keep a log of their findings and report their observations to our group. There is no cost required for testing frequencies, the primary benefit to my group and I is the collection of data.... the benefit to you, well... once you see what we are engaged in, I think you will be more than satisfied with the experience.....

      Two things important here, one is to share with you the observations of our
      group in their process of discovery in relation to the health related frequency track - the thought being, that you are likely to not only find this intrinsically interesting and newsworthy but also inspiring. The second is to provide you with a means of facilitating your own journey through this phenomena in the hopes you can share your own unique findings with us.

      Feel free to view a recent post on our research forum that details how to access this information and also various frequency tracks you can download.


      Examples of recent reports by users ;

      “I am struck with the effects that sound has on the physical structure. That is, especially in the subtle tissues like neurons and synapses. Case in point, I don't hesitate in expressing myself just the way it comes out. No coloring, no bravado, no bullshit....the endorphine level in the body went way up. I have noted from my initial listening of this freq. is that it appears to synchronize the 2 hemispheres of the brain and thought became markedly coherent. .. perhaps the feeling of increased endorphine flow could be an actual increase in neuro- transmitter presence, particularly seratonin.... As things ended I was left with this feeling of balance and well being. I definitely want to work with this sequence more. It seems to be the right one for me currently. I probably want to post this explanation on the Yahoo site. I'll be sending my initial impressions in another email to you shortly. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity.”

      “This morning I listened to kindle mind set, I have had family in and had not used the fequencies for a week. The first sensations were an extreme energy from my hands I am a Reiki Master but the energy and heat I felt was more than I had experienced before.There was a bubbling feeling inside my chest their was intense tingling of my chest and torso, a sensual, sexual feel.My arms legs and feet were extremely warm, I am usually cold. It felt like my blood was bubbling.I had an effervesce feeling in my mouth. My feet tingled and as I nwas laying on the chaise listening, I closed my eyes and was enjoying a full color animated video like p roduction without sound. This is first time I have seen anything other than a magenta colored flower.I listened to kindle set for about 3 hours. I have Bose speakers on the computer I used this morning.”
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