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The Tunguska Mystery

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  • Vladimir Rubtsov
    The summer of 1908 witnessed the arrival of an unknown space body and an explosion over the Tunguska forest in Central Siberia that could have flattened any
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2008
      The summer of 1908 witnessed the arrival of an unknown space body and an
      explosion over the Tunguska forest in Central Siberia that could have
      flattened any major city on Earth. The Tunguska explosion has been
      publicized in the popular press and scientific journals for decades, yet
      both the general public and the science community still seem unaware of the
      complicated details of this event. The key publications are in Russian, so
      language has been a barrier to understanding the evidence of what took
      place. Most people think that the Tunguska event was explained long ago by
      scientists who study meteorites, or that the incident remains unimportant as
      far as science is concerned. Neither of these assumptions are anywhere
      near the truth. And what has been discovered in recent decades raises
      startlingly complex questions.

      In fact, the problem has met its 100th birthday as enigmatic and perplexing
      as it has remained throughout the past century. This does not mean, however,
      that* no* progress has been made in the investigation of the mysteries posed
      by the "Tunguska meteorite" (as this strange phenomenon was named many years
      ago, when a meteoritic nature of the extraterrestrial body was considered
      self-evident). As for the scientific and popular science publications on
      this subject, there are in Russian hundreds of serious papers and some fifty
      monographs, all virtually unknown in the West. Although, from time to time,
      there flashes a spark of interest amongst Western journalists and TV people
      � more often than not generated by another flimsy "hypothesis" that has
      little to do with serious research � the reality of the Tunguska problem is
      never explained.

      To make the subject better known in the West, Springer New York is preparing
      for publication Vladimir Rubtsov and Edward Ashpole's book *The Tunguska
      Mystery* (hardcover, 260 pp., 25 illus, 10 in color; language: English;
      ISBN: 9780387765730). This is the first truly comprehensive and popular
      exposition of this century-long enigma written specially for Western
      readers. In this book you will find out about the discoveries made by past
      investigations, as well as about the outstanding questions we have to answer
      to discover the true nature of the Tunguska catastrophe.

      Vladimir Rubtsov, the book's author,* *was born at 1948 in
      Kharkov, then the USSR (now independent Ukraine). He received his M.S.
      degree in computer science in 1972 and after that joined the laboratory of
      Dr. Alexey Zolotov in Kalinin (now Tver), where for three years studied the
      problem of the Tunguska explosion. Received his Ph.D. degree in the
      philosophy of science from the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of
      Sciences of the USSR (Moscow, Russia), having defended in 1980 the doctoral
      thesis "Philosophical and Methodological Aspects of the Problem of
      Extraterrestrial Civilizations" (the first of its kind in the former USSR).
      Dr. Rubtsov has authored some 120 scientific and popular-science articles in
      the Soviet, post-Soviet, and foreign press, as well as two scientific
      monographs: *The Problem of Extraterrestrial Civilizations* ("Shtiintsa"
      ["Science", the publishing house of the Moldavian Academy of Sciences], 1984
      & 1987) and *UFOs and Modern Science* ("Nauka" ["Science", the publishing
      house of the Russian Academy of Sciences], 1991).

      Edward Ashpole, the book's editor, qualified as a teacher of
      biology and general science in 1955. In 1961 he became a full-time science
      writer and wrote Science Today (a series of articles published
      internationally) for sixteen years. He has been a SETI (Search for
      Extraterrestrial Intelligence) watcher since his first article on the
      subject in 1963 and has written several hundred articles on the background
      science to SETI which have appeared in newspapers, magazines and scienctific
      publications. He is the author or two popular science books: *The Search for
      Extraterrestrial Intelligence* (Headline, 1989) and *The UFO
      Phenomena*(Headline, 1995).
      *The Tunguska Mystery* is to be published by the end of December 2008.
      Prepublication orders are accepted via Amazon.com (as well as at its
      subdivisions, such as Amazon.de, Amazon.fr & Amazon.co.uk) at a
      considerably reduced

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