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~ So What Are Your Plans For The Holidays??? :D ~

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  • ~ Sue ~
    ********************************************************************* ~ Hello Everyone! How is everyone doing this week? I hope that everyone is getting ready
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2008
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      ~ Hello Everyone! How is everyone doing this week? I hope that
      everyone is getting ready for Thankgiving. I know I am! :D I just
      wanted to take a little time out to Invite all of you in here to
      Please consider checking out the following website below. This Is
      OPTIONAL - Please Only Check It Out ONLY If You really want
      Too! I would like to see some of your in here join the website with
      me, so that we can create any New fan based Club in Yuwie too. Have a
      great week & Please let me know what you Plans are for both
      Thanksgiving & Christmas! I will be spending Both Thanksgiving &
      Christmas with my family. :) What about you? I mean what are yor
      plans for the Upcoming Holidays?? Please do let the rest of us know &
      Please do take care of yourselves for now! :) Thanks for reading &
      God Bless You All!! :D ~

      ~ Your Friend, Sue! :D ~


      ~ Please Accept My Invitation To Join YUWIE.Com! :D ~

      Introducing Yuwie, a Social Networking website which is a lot like
      Myspace but without all the BS & it does have a twist! They pay YOU
      for everything you do online, & they will also pay you to Invite all
      your Friends, Family members & your Co-Workers too. :) All of this
      may sound Unreal, but this is all 100% Ligetimate & real & the best
      part is this website is also completely Free to join too! You never
      have to pay for anything ever. The more active you are Online, & the
      More People that you invite to join Yuwie, the More money you will
      make in your spare time online, & unlike Myspace, you won't have to
      worry about having to deal with Hackers! I actually ended up leaving
      Myspace because I did get hacked into twice & have been a member of
      Yuwie since Dec. 2007 & I won't lie, I actually like being a member
      of Yuwie so far & that's also why I thought that i would take some
      time out to personally invite you all to take a closer look at this
      website for yourselves. Please do excuse the weird Chessy looking
      Animated Dude though. Just take a closer look at the website for
      yourself & take your time to read through it & you will see that this
      is all ligetimate. Please seriously think about Join Yuwie with me,
      cause I actually do think Yuwie is much better then Myspace is, & you
      get groups & clubs just like Myspace has plus a Free Radio Station
      Widget to add to your page too among a few other cool things. I
      really do think you will like it so Please take a closer look at this
      website soon & become a Active member of Yuwie by inviting all your
      Friends, family & co-workers. I really just don't think you can
      really go wrong with Yuwie! :D

      Here's the Link for you to take a closer look just in case you are
      interested -


      - Have A Great Week & Please Have A Safe Holiday too! :D -

      ~ SUE ~

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