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Re: What do YOU think?

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  • ~ Sue ~
    Ok.....so you asked & I will let you know what I personally think. I just hope that this helps! :D ~ Sue ~ sgangel_2005@yahoo.com ... there really is something
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 19, 2008
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      Ok.....so you asked & I will let you know what I personally think. I
      just hope that this helps! :D

      ~ Sue ~


      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, "sandpiper987"
      <etinvestigator1984@...> wrote:
      > YES or NO?
      > 1. Should governments publicly acknowledge the presents of
      > extraterrestrials? YES.....100%! We all have a right to know if
      there really is something going on.
      > 2. Are Aliens really here to help or simply use us? Hum. Maybe a
      bit of both....Not really sure on that one.
      > 3. Due to its impressive track record should the Mayan calendar
      > prediction of the end of our civilization on 12/21/2012 be taken
      > seriously? Yes. But so should the Native Americans among many other
      cultural tribes throughtout the world. The Mayan's were Not the Only
      group to theorize this end Of times theory. :)
      > 4. Has reverse engineering of recovered hardware from alien
      > spacecraft contributed to technological advancements? Yes, I think
      so. And just in case anyone in here may be interested, there's a few
      very interesting chapters in a book on UFO's by Jim Marrs
      called "Alien Agenda" & I highly recommend that everyone read this
      book. :)
      > 5. Is at least one reason for the official denial of the Alien
      > Presence been, in fact, motivated by fear of a national panic due
      to the discovery of human body parts found aboard some retrieved
      alien spacecraft? I personally believe that the "Official's" want all
      of us to believe that the fear is the real issue, but I say that it's
      much more about them having complete controll which is the real
      motivation. Thankyou for asking all these very interesting
      questions! :D I find them all very interesting! :D
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