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  • Bob Foster
    This is a long message, so please bear with me. I was unaware that the following explanation of my UFO sighting had been posted/ added to my original NUFORC
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 16, 2008
      This is a long message, so please bear with me.

      I was unaware that the following "explanation" of my UFO sighting had been posted/ added to my original NUFORC report. Since filing my report in May I did not see any reason to revisit it, but now I am glad that I did (though it is six months after the fact). I have contacted NUFORC asking them how common it is to have an "explanation" such as this added to what is, after all, a chronological sightings list, but have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.� So, being a combative sort, I have cut-and-pasted this supposed explanation and followed it with my own rebuttal. I think it makes for intriguing reading. It also makes you wonder about the high degree of disinformation that the government is engaged in. I mean, who is this Mr. Ebersole



      Mr. Kurt Ebersole's ad hoc explanation of my May 19, 2008 sighting.

      The Surry report could have many explanations. I fly gliders in Surry and surrounding counties and am familiar with aircraft in the area. The Coast Guard (not Ft Eustis - Army) provide security with helicopters for the nuclear plant. Just after 9/11 they would land at night, with permission, at our glider field that is only a few miles from the plant. They could respond within moments of any threat to the plant yet not be detected before hand. One of our glider club members is one of their pilots. There is also a blimp factory on the Virginia / North Carolina border that often fly blimps in the area. (The Blackwater private mercenary intelligence company along with many other military black ops are in this region too) The blimps prefer
      calmer days and usually stay further south, but it isn't a requirement and could account for the hovering effect by flying into the wind to get back to their field upwind. They normally don't fly that close to the eastern part of the area, along the James River, because it is a longer flight back. A strong s/w wind could blow them over there and their small engines would work hard to get them back to N. Carolina. If they were there they may have been sightseeing over the James River. Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and the small Williamsburg airport are on the east side of James River and the airport could be used for an emergency landing if the blimp were in trouble.

      On the Jamestown, James City County side of the river where the witness was standing also is home to a very highly restricted military intelligence community / base, where they are known to test experimental spy craft. Local pilots have witnessed small unmanned recon aircraft
      being flown over the base. Pilot in the air away from the restricted airspace but close enough to see it. I strongly suspect the witness saw one of the above explanations. It could have been a very planned flight by the plant security, but I suspect it was a blimp, helicopter, possibly an off course military item, or maybe even a small airplane waiting to come in at the Williamsburg field. There are very strict rules against flying near the nuclear plants. Pilots are not supposed to "loiter" over them in an airplane. Whatever that means. If a blimp were blown over the plant by the wind it would be an embarrassment to the plant to admit nothing was done. There is also some ultra light activity in the area. It may have been unidentifiable to a distant viewer but to someone near it may have not been an unusual object to be seen in those skies. Hope this helps. Kurt Ebersole

      My response.

      Mr Ebersole's statement that there is a blimp factory on the NC/VA border is patently false. I have researched this thoroughly, and there simply is no such ting. There IS a company with an office in Durham, NC, called Flairships, that leases out aerial advertising blimps to various companies, but they did not have any blimps in the air over SE Virginia on the day in question. I have contacted other companies that utilize airships (including Goodyear and MetLife), and none of them had a blimp within 200 miles of the James River on that day. Having seen advertising blimps on various occasions over the years, I can assure you that this was no blimp. I had a close-up view of it under ideal conditions. What I saw had no writing of any kind on its sides. Nor did it have a crew cabin on its belly, a tail
      assembly, or motors or any other protuberances from its surface. The craft I saw was perfectly smooth and silent. It was also in the range of 300-400 feet long. Even the largest advertising blimps in use today are less than 200 feet long. And they, like the Goodyear blimp, have the company logo prominently displayed on their hull. Otherwise, what�s the use of having an advertising blimp?

      I have found no confirmation that the Coast Guard is responsible for the nuclear plant's security. In all my years cycling the Parkway, I have never once seen a white and orange Coast Guard chopper over the river. Never once. Nor have I ever seena� Coast Guard cutter or patrol boat that far inland. This is simply out of their area of jurisdiction. I did phone thepower plant immediately after my sighting and was immediately connected to the head station security! I have since learned that they are a highly trained, almost paramilitary group. The idea that
      the Coast Guard would fly so far inland and provide security is a stretch.

      As for the Blackwater mercenary outfit, which is stationed far to the south in Moyock, NC, flying anything more than second-hand military helicopters, well, the term ridiculous comes to mind. I mean, where does Mr. Ebersole come up with this kooky stuff?

      And the idea that a blimp might have been blown from north to south by a southwest wind is laughable. Any fifth grader could see how stupid that is. If anything, it would have been blown towards Williamsburg, not away from it. As I said before, the craft I saw moved strongly INTO the wind and was not at its mercy. And, with all of the empty real estate it could possibly encounter along the river, it chose to stop just opposite a nuclear power station? And stay there? That, in itself, is telling.

      I called the Jamestown airport (which is less than a mile from my house) two hours after my sighting, and the
      fellow in charge assured me that there was nothing even remotely like a blimp near his airport that day. Unfortunately, the local airport does not use radar, so he couldn�t tell me just what may have been flying over the river at noon that day.

      The �very highly restricted military intelligence community/base� Ebersole refers to must be Camp Peary, aka �The Swamp.� This is the well-known CIA training base on the York River. Its western perimeter hugs I-64. It lies on the far side of Williamsburg about 5 miles from where I made my sighting. Having lived here for the past 15 years, I too have heard tales of remotely piloted vehicles like the Predator drone flying over the base and the nearby York River. But they are never seen over the historic areas or the James River. I know what a Predator looks like, and with its narrow body, long wings and bulbous nose, it was the complete opposite of what I saw. I suspect you could pack twenty
      Predators inside of what I saw. Possibly more.

      Having seen the alien craft up close (at first from less than half a mile away) and then at a distance of about three miles, I am absolutely certain that it was not a helicopter, �military item� (whatever that means), or small airplane. I spent 6 years in the Navy, have a BS in environmental science, a masters degree in climatology, and I believe that my eyesight and powers of discrimination are good enough to distinguish helicopters, Ospreys, and fixed winged aircraft from the absolutely unique craft I witnessed. And the idea that I�d mistake an ultralight for a 300 foot long craft leaves me speechless. I have seen ultralights fly over directly my house while out doing yard work, and I�d know their shape anywhere. Besides, they make as much noise as a flying lawnmower. What I saw was absolutely silent.

      In summation, I�d like to add that I�ve attempted to get in contact with Mr.
      Ebersole, as he so obligingly left his phone number, bur he has so far refused to return my calls. All I know of him is that he lives in Virginia Beach, which, by the way, is home to Oceana NAS. This should raise questions about who he speaks for. (What's your rank� or G-rating, Mr. Ebersole?) While just up the peninsula from there is Langley AFB, a first response base which is tasked to defend US airspace in the event of hostile activity (such as 9/11 or foreign attack). This part of Virginia is home to at least a half dozen very sensitive military bases. The HQ of the Atlantic fleet is at Norfolk. On any given day you can see nuclear powered aircraft carriers at dock from I-64. I doubt that there is a higher concentration of military force anywhere else in the world.

      I am speculating here, but I suspect that the idea that an alien craft could literally �stroll� past these bases, at midday, right over the heads of millions of people,
      and go undetected, much less confronted, is something that no one in the armed forces or the intelligence community is willing to admit to. There appears to be a desperate effort to discredit valid sightings.

      Just like I no longer trust my government to make sound economic decisions, I no longer believe that our armed forces can protect us from every threat.

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