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Update on UFO Sighting of 19 May 2008, Surry Nuclear Power Station, Virginia

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  • timelooper
    A few months ago I posted information on this site about a sighting I had of a very large alien craft that appeared to be checking out the Surry Nuclear Power
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11 7:45 AM
      A few months ago I posted information on this site about a sighting I
      had of a very large alien craft that appeared to be checking out the
      Surry Nuclear Power Station here in southern Virginia. (As it turns
      out I did not start a new message thread as I should have done. I
      apologize for that).

      Since that time I have received a strange phone call purporting to be
      from a MUFON researcher. At first I thought he was interested in doing
      a follow-up to my report, but I learned very quickly that his only
      goal appeared to be to undermine the particulars of my report. For
      instance, after I repeated to him that I'd seen what was very clearly
      a non-terrestrial craft while riding my bicycle along the river, the
      very first thing out of his mouth was, "You cannot see the James River
      from the Colonial Parkway." I was flabbergasted at this. I assured him
      that you could indeed see the river for a stretch of about five miles
      from the road. He then told me flatly, "No, you cannot. The Parkway
      ends at Jamestown Island." Yes, I said, that is true, but from there
      it follows the river up to College Creek. I have cycled this road for
      the past ten years, so I think I know what I am talking about. He was
      not convinced, but asked me to proceed with my report. Things didn't
      get any better from there on out. He quibbled with me about how I knew
      the craft was metallic, how I could tell front from back, how I could
      be certain it was not a commercial airship, and so on. I answered as
      well as I could, but very quickly found myself losing my temper at his
      high-handed interrogative style. After a few minutes of what I began
      to feel was little more than abuse and ridicule, I hung up on him. The
      gist of all this is that I came away from this experience with the
      distinct impression that his job was not to gather facts, but to
      instill doubt in my mind.

      I have since contacted MUFON asking them if this man was one of
      theirs, but have yet to receive a reply.

      Another odd thing about all of this. A few days ago I was out biking
      again, and this time a true commercial airship sailed right over my
      head just a few hundred yards from where I made my initial sighting!
      It was a MetLife blimp, blue and white, with crew cabin hanging from
      the belly and a large tail assembly. As it passed overhead I clearly
      heard the purr of its engines. There was a slight west wind and it was
      making very slow progress from north to south. I thought this was an
      uncanny coincidence. But, if anything, it reinforced my conviction
      that what I saw last May was not human technology. That craft was
      about four times larger than the MetLife blimp, very dark gray without
      any writing on its exterior, absolutely silent, without tail or
      stabilizers, no crew cabin, and could move very quickly into a strong
      headwind. As I said before, when it came abreast of the power station
      it hung in midair just below the forested ridge flanking the station
      perimeter and rocked very gently from front to back like a small boat
      in a mild current.

      This was a paradigm shifter for me. I will never be the same after
      that sighting. And nobody will ever shake my conviction that what I
      saw was not an alien craft. Everything about it screamed alien. And
      power. And confidence.

      No, ladies and gentlemen, we've been discovered. Forget SETI. Waste of
      time and money. They're already here and they're watching us and
      there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Our vaunted military is
      powerless to do anything to stop them.

      Williamsburg, Virginia
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