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  • glitter1shine
    ... turned out that the Fastwalkers team, Bruce Jessop, Anthony Miles, Robert Miles decided that I deserved nothing for the 2 + years of effort that went into
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2008
      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, "ZO" <ancienteyes@...> wrote:
      > "Fastwalkers" is a film I worked on a couple years ago. It had
      turned out that the Fastwalkers team, Bruce Jessop, Anthony Miles,
      Robert Miles decided that I deserved nothing for the 2 + years of
      effort that went into the film... I am now wanting to go around
      letting others know of what they've done so that anyone else will not
      be tricked by them as I was. They have recently produced several more
      DVD releases with my work in them.
      > well then u will be happy to know i downloaded it through utorrent.
      honestly, i found it informative but just that.
      > http://www.fastwalkers.com/
      > I was told to wait 1-2 months after the release of the first DVD,
      after profits beyond $60,000 had been reached. (That was how much was
      supposedly spent on the film by Bruce Jessop...) I did so, I waited
      patiently and when they told me profits had gone beyond that point I
      asked for some compensation at which point they exploded telling me I
      didn't deserve it... Even when I would ask for $100 as partial
      compensation for the work I was providing it was thought of as an
      insult to them. I should have known better, yet this was one of my
      first large scale projects and I was around 18 years-old when we
      started the project... which was going to be a movie at first, not a
      documentary. I'm 25 now...
      > I have never wanted to go after them in a legal way or anything, I
      would rather let them deal their own karma... yet I should still let
      others know what they've done and continue to do... so that nobody
      else would be tricked by them, as I would not wish that upon anyone.
      The entire team, from Anthony Miles, Bruce Jessop, Robert Miles,
      Stoyan Cheresharov and others were all in on it, none of them stood up
      for me, it was quite strange to be treated that way by a group of men
      and women... Anthony, Robert and Bruce were the ones that lied to me
      and made lofty promises. They acted as though I was their servant
      worker/money maker that they could easily lie to, making big promises
      that they could never fulfill, and they have no guilt for not paying
      me. I was promised a new computer as well...
      > This is not a sob story... I am not looking for people to feel
      sorry for me :), I only want to reveal how the "fastwalkers" team
      practiced their business with me so that others would be able to see
      through people who practice business like this.
      > Here's some recent work I've been doing for a fight scene
      involving two ninjas fighting. It's a 3D model created in a program
      called 3D Studio Max 9.0.(Still haven't applied the black clothing
      texture and haven't added details to other things like the hands and
      belt, sheath for the sword, etc.)
      > http://members.shaw.ca/ancientprize/shinobimodelingforweb.jpg
      > 4-days of work so far...
      > I've done a lot of professional work since working on
      "Fastwalkers"... so the new UFO/alien film we make will really blow
      people away! Everyone in the UFO Community will see it. It will be a
      non-profit thing that will lead to making a movie. It will all be
      based on abduction accounts, written testimony, including "screen
      memory events" and many other things from actual accounts. As with a
      previous short film I made in 2003, much of it will be from the
      'alien' perspective, yet far more realistic compared to older work
      I've done.
      > Matthew J. Chin
      > Portfolio: http://members.shaw.ca/ancientskies/mattchin3.htm
      > UFO website: http://members.shaw.ca/ancienteyes/
      > Old short film from 2003: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wql4c0vf9Vc
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