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Re: [UFOnet] Re: Tesla's Capabilities

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      > Re: Tesla's Capabilities
      > Posted by: "ZO" ancienteyes@... derutkra
      > Tue Oct 7, 2008 4:49 pm (PDT) Yeah I see it. Tesla is clearly describing
      > "imagination" ... not "remote viewing"... as he says himself, the people were
      > not real, yet seemed real in his imagination. He talks alot about imagination.
      > .. He would "travel in his mind", not "remotely view." Remote viewing is
      > basically a form of imagination, Tesla wasn't remote viewing though... I'm sure
      > if he was he'd say so. He's pretty clear in what he says... no use twisting it
      > around... Notice how he says the imaginations were very blurry and
      > indistinct at first... this is because he hadn't practiced it intensly... as with most
      > people, imaginations like that would be blurry and indistinct at first. Yet
      > over time they became clear. i.e. "practice makes perfect with all things."
      > This is the imagination of a young man... not implants. He did this until he
      > was around 17 years-old according to his autobiography.
      > Matt
      Hi Matt,
      There are passages in Telsa's autobiography where he says he traveled in
      person and met people who he first met by remote viewing/telepathy. He wasn't
      imaginng the real meetings.

      Hey, why don't you post an unaltered version of the writing from his original autobiography that says so then, along with your spin on it? Most of the stuff you are saying is made up, so you have to at least provide the writings from which you are making your interpretations in order to make your theories/ideas clear to everyone.


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