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Objects heading earthward Nov

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  • Nicola Molloy
    Resent-From: philadelphiaexperiment@chromeshield.com Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 02:36:06 -0500 (CDT) From: aavco@webtv.net (Jeffrey Stanton
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      Wed, 1 Sep 1999 02:36:06 -0500 (CDT)
      aavco@... (Jeffrey Stanton

      Jeffrey Stanton wrote:

      > P.S. Have you seen Hoagland's or Kent Steadman's sites as of late?
      > Appears Hoagland thinks that maybe just maybe there may be some sort of
      > major "impact" of something or other that was sent earthward from the
      > sun during the eclipse in August. I think it's supposed to be the
      > so-called "King O' Terror" which Nostradamus' quatrains refer to, and
      > which some now think actually DID appear during the same eclipse, as
      > predicted op. cit. See the Orbit and/or Enterprise websites for
      > mpegs/jpegs of the mysterious unknown "objects" appearance in a Turkish
      > cameraman's shots, during and shortly after eclipse totality...
      > Hoagland claims he has inside info that the objects are set to hit earth
      > on or about Nov. 7th, a la the movie "Asteroid." Further, he says that
      > NASA knows about it, and there are factions in NASA fighting over
      > release of information in some form of the impending doom. The "unknown
      > object" that will cause us the most trouble, his source says, will be
      > hitting somewhere in North Atlantic off European coast (just like in
      > "Asteroid").
      > Also, there appears to be an explanation by Hoagland as to how he DID
      > NOT try to take sole credit for the discovery of the Abydos glyphs as
      > depicted months ago on the web & that all the hubbub about that was
      > nothing more than a carefully orchestrated "smear campaign" against him,
      > etc....
      > I mention this because this topic was discussed on PX months ago. I
      > figure there are usually 2 sides to every story AND anyone who takes on
      > NASA as Hoagland is and has been known to do can't be ALL bad...What I
      > am worried about is that if ANY of Hoagland's
      > speculations/revelations/prognostications EVER transpire, there will be
      > MAJOR proverbial dookie hitting the torsion field...
      > The stuff which RH is saying now are so "heretical" and earthshaking
      > (literally) that if I was part of the "black government," I would sure
      > as hell try to discredit him by any means possible. Who knows? I don't
      > claim to know what to make of ANY of this, just passing on interesting
      > info, check it out & maybe tell me what YOU think...
      > Oh yeah, one of those crop circle photos (taken last April) on the site
      > you had directed us appears to be pretty much an EXACT replica of one of
      > the Turkish videographer's eclipse frames, showcasing one of the alleged
      > "King O' Terror projectiles" (now supposedly heading towards the
      > November 7 impact with Earth). Real good side-by-side comparison of the
      > two frames at beginning of ORBIT website, as I recall.
      > Later Tater,
      > JSS
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