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    Here are a couple interesting sightings I ve had. I went to visit some old friends in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2 summers ago where I grew up. I had the UFO sighting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2008
      Here are a couple interesting sightings I've had.

      I went to visit some old friends in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2 summers ago where I grew up. I had the UFO sighting in a place called Vivian, on the outskirts of Winnipeg City. It is basically farmland for miles with very few people living in the area. A famous UFO sighting happened nearby close to Falcon Lake, Manitoba. http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case376.htm

      The UFO was first spotted at a 1 O'clock position up in the sky almost directly above us as we pulled out of my friend's driveway in his truck... My friend Walter spotted it first... He said, "look up there, what's that?" I looked quickly and said something to the effect "It's a jet with a trail of exhaust coming out..." Then he kept insisting that it was something else. It appeared to me as a high altitude jet trail. This only went on for a few seconds... So I opened my window and looked at it closely, looking for the jet at the front of the 'jet trail'.... I couldn't see one... Then it started to tilt only slightly... producing tiny visible currents of air on the ends of the craft like you see on the wings of jets wings when they turn sharply at high G's. The object was white and was approximately the length of half of your thumb if you were to hold it up against the sky.

      As this happened I realized my buddy wasn't just joking around. I realized I wasn't looking at a jet trail and jet, but a white glowing cigar shaped UFO mimicking a jet and jet trail... It was definitely meant to appear as a jet's trail...

      So it kept slowly moving West towards the setting Sun. We noticed the sky was red all around us on the horizon, and there was a harvest moon exactly opposite the sun in the Eastern horizon, orange or red in color. The highway we then drove onto as we drove on on eerily displayed the Moon at one end and the Sun at the other... We observed the UFO as we followed it in a truck towards our destination(to Chicken Delight, hehe). We then began to wonder... if it wasn't a UFO, maybe it could be falling debris?? Like a satellite for example. Then moments later it began to break into 2 separate pieces as though it broke perfectly in half.., producing a sort of design in the sky as it broke in 2. These two pieces moved away from each other. By this time we were following it down the highway but it was further away but still very visible... We watched these two objects slowly move across the sky changing altitude occasionally... they now looked like glowing horizontal lines in the sky on the horizon floating along... suddenly a small pinpoint of light came out from one of the craft and moved horizontally away from the UFO to the left, making 3 separate objects slowly hovering across the sky. At one point these objects came back together and split apart again... which pretty much blew my mind because I didn't think UFO's could do that... By the time they were far on the horizon it was easier to judge the height of the objects in the sky. They were flying lower than airplanes, and the estimated size of the main UFO is from 200-300 feet long. We watched them until they flew past the horizon.

      I felt that I had just witnessed part of some sort of ceremony afterwards. It reminded me of Pagan ceremonies to do with Harvest Time and ceremonies of the Sun. The timing seemed too perfect, with the placement of the Moon and setting Sun, with a Red sky at Sunset. It was harvest time in that area, harvesting the Sun Flower and anything else grown in the area. All the leaves of the trees changed yellow the next day and it got cold... which seemed very strange, and left the impression that the display the UFO's put on had something to do with everything dying... even though it is just a natural occurence every year in fall.

      My friend who seen the UFO's commented and said it looked like a crescent moon when it was in one piece. So I told him about the god called "sin". There is a very old myth about him that says he flew in a UFO that appeared to mortals as a crescent moon, but it was really a disk shaped object he was flying in.


      We had been talking about God and the devil, and when we walked out the door of his house afterwards to leave, the devil was there flying above watching and listening.

      One new thing I think I learnt is that the devil celebrates Harvest Time and the changing of seasons for some reason.....

      I was at this person's parents house when we were younger and had this sighting:

      For this sighting written below, I was with the older Brother of the person mentioned above when the sighting occurred. The younger Brother was inside the house at the time of this sighting.

      The Invisible UFO?

      One night during the summer of 2001 I was at a friends place by the name of Noah. There was a little bit of a party going on, just a few friends having a couple of drinks, I don't drink by the way. That night I was telling all my friends that were there.. that I could feel negative Chi energy, bad vibes, etc... and I knew the "it" or more commonly known as the "grey" was watching and listening. I knew this because my friends have been abducted before and I would always tell them about "it" and how "it" works and deceives mankind. And how they mimic God and pretend to be good when they are truly evil. I know this angers the "grey" to the point of madness, because they don't want the truth to come out, so they watch and listen closely to see what Zo's son has to say.. especially around abductees... I've met a few. The feeling of the presence of evil was deep in my belly, (it was an odd feeling of subtle discomfort and uneasiness) and I could feel 'them' watching, and could feel 'they' were angry with me. I knew this 'energy' was not coming from anyone near by, but rather, a devil near by. I had this feeling for several hours whilst at my friends house. After hanging out for a while with my friends in the house, my buddy Noah and I went outside for a cigarette at about 10:00pm just after dark. There were a few clouds but mostly clear skies. That night I was watching the sky closely. being very aware of the sky above me.. no sooner did I spot something on the edge of a cloud.... I didn't think "it" was a UFO at first. it was more like a piece of dust on my eye. It was similar to the fluorescent stars that children put on their ceiling.. when you look straight at them, they are dim and barely visible. but when one looks away they become brighter in ones peripheral vision.. only this UFO looked more like two tiny shadows side by side. The weirdest thing was that it was invisible when I looked straight at it!! I had to look slightly away from it to see "it". Well, I watched ''it'' for a while... whilst ''it'' bobbed and weaved and moved like a piece of dust on my eye. After observing all this I realized that they were watching and listening. Just when I decided to tell Noah (whom was on a cordless phone at the time), "it" shot out of the cloud at about 5 times the speed of an airplane, at this same moment I told Noah to look up and there "it" was.. Noah saw ''it.'' ''it'' was pissed off because I noticed "it". The ship looked like two lights side by side with a space in the middle. When ''it'' flew away I noticed ''it'' was tube shaped because the lights overlapped slightly when ''it'' left. They really screwed up as far as I'm concerned.... big headed bulgy eyed bastards.

      At the time I sensed the 'greys'/occupants of the craft, and had all those thoughts of 'them' watching and listening, and being angry with me, they seemed crazy, and I had a shadow of a doubt. Though I had trusted myself enough, to wonder if what I was thinking.... was real. Only until the UFO shot out of the cloud did I fully realize that I wasn't just having 'crazy thoughts.' This experience proved many things to me. And I look at it as God and me standing up to satan and causing 'it' to flee in fear. Anyone can do this.

      Matthew Jason Chin

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