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Re: Dr. Greer in "La-la" land...

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  • bubbasmom555
    I vote for both ! Peggi ... that he ... some ... told to ... either ... http://thirdpartyoffers.juno.com/TGL2141/fc/JKFkuJi7Urp31tVbpt6C8pbCvd
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2008
      I vote for "both"!


      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, etinvestigator1984@... wrote:
      > Did anyone really expect Congress to invite all those nice people
      that he
      > had lined up to testify about the UFO coverup?
      > Now he's on an "energy-for-all" kick...a scientist had it solved
      > years ago, and for his trouble he was shut down by the FBI and
      told to
      > forget it..or else!
      > His aspirations are the best, but he has one glairing flaw..he is
      > incredibly naive or simply doesn't know the "score", or both.
      > Fred Dennis
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