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the 'real' Philadelphia Experiment (according to EE Bob Beckwith)

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  • stealthskaters
    Bob Beckwith is an electrical engineer who holds many patents (many of which are in the military naval arena). He wrote a book that claimed the real
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      Bob Beckwith is an electrical engineer who holds many patents (many
      of which are in the military naval arena). He wrote a book that
      claimed the real Philadelphia Experiment involved a minesweeper and
      not a destroyer. Plus the locale was not around Philadelphia.

      All of this was based on something that Tesla accidentally discovered
      on his workbench in 1899. The application of strong magnetic fields
      caused an object to move backwards along a pre-established history
      time path.

      Advanced German mines were causing problems for the Allied in WWII.
      Their magnetic-homing mines would be anchored at the sea floor and
      released after counting so many ships in a convoy. When they
      surfaced, the ships had no time for evasive action.

      It was the intent of this new technology -- according to Beckwith who
      said that he personally oversaw the Experiment -- to allow the
      minesweepers to retrace their path (so to speak) so they would have a
      better chance of detonating the mines safely. They only need 10

      But what they got was 2 WEEKS! Plus all the side effects that
      happened to the crew that goes along with the regular P-X story. And
      it was never the intent to make a ship "radar invisible". That was
      one of the accidental side effects to a physical object undergoing
      this pseudo-teleportation/timetravel.

      I first heard of his book from an interview he did with
      Alexandra "Chica" Bruce for her excellent book (The Philadelphia
      Experiment Murder). Her interview -- along with Tim Ventura's
      ("American AntiGravity") review and Beckwith's ebook -- is archived
      at http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#Chica .

      (Tim Ventura [of "American AntiGravity"] reviewed the book at
      Philadelphia-Experiment/Page1.html . In case my #Chica link doesn't
      work, Beckwith's .pdf ebook is at
      http://www.beckwithelectric.com/ber/Ltt.pdf . He was selling it for
      $20 hardcopy but has made it available as free online ebook. Dan
      Sherman originally did the same thing with his Above Black: Project
      Preserve Destiny but has apparently since retracted the offer. You
      might also want to scroll a couple of lines up from this position on
      the webpage to read WWII vet Bob King's account which seems to
      validate Beckwith's story in spots.)

      Beckwith's tale reminds me of Corso's book. (Indeed, Beckwith
      mentions Corso in his book and said that Corso told him personally of
      the "Experiment".) Some incredible stories mixed in with a lot of
      personal job duties. The skeptics would say a good recipe for

      (To me, it was so much what Beckwith said but what he didn't comment
      on. He hinted that it would surprise him if research into eliminating
      the disastrous effects on the crew was not pursued. This was
      allegedly the purpose of Project Phoenix which later became the
      Montauk Project. This is not front-page news anymore. Surely he has
      heard of these guys. But he didn't comment on it. Did everything
      else but, however!)

      It is rare to find one of these people with so much government
      service to come forward in their "prime" (i.e., working years and not
      after they have long retired). Like Bob Lazar did. It makes you
      wonder if they are supplementing their pensions with doing some
      service -- and not "whistleblowing" to ease their consciences before
      they die -- for their former employers. Plus you always see them at
      UFO conferences but in the role of an aloof observer rather than an
      active participant. (Read Mike D'Agostino's account of meeting
      Beckwith at such a conference at the #Chica link.)

      Note that there supposedly exists a "scalarized" [i.e., Tesla]
      version of Maxwell's EM equations. Beckwith also hints about this
      somewhat in his book. (I've seen more "formal" essays in other
      places.) And he goes on to talk about the "realities" that the human
      eye captures vs. those that are caught on film. Something to do with
      his conjectures of "time" and "neutrino wave packets". These may
      help to explain "UFOs", "rods", and "shadow people".

      If any of the P-X tales of Beckwith and others is true, it's not too
      hard to imagine all the possible offshoots and other projects that
      this base technology could offer (e.g., weather-control, stealth
      ECM/ECCM, 3D holographic projections, remote-influencing, earthquake
      generators, Macroscopic quantum tunneling, ...). And they appear to
      be centered more on the consciousness/timeline aspects than Macro-
      sized physical objects. Perhaps like "Project Preserve Destiny"
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/Sherman.htm ); or "Project Looking
      Glass" (http://www.stealthskater.com/UFO.htm#LookingGlass ); or
      the "Bosoks Project" (http://www.stealthskater.com/Bolt.htm#Bosoks );
      or Consciousness "engineering"
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/Consciousness.htm )

      Just imagine the security classification nightmare that this would
      present to some overseerer. I mean, does anybody really keep track
      of each unique "on a need to know" security item/project? If so, who
      specifically? I personally think the system has some loopholes in it
      that allows some things to escape oversight and control.

      (originally posted at =>
      http://wyzwyrlde.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=1720.html )
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