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Wilhelm Reich's book-burning

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  • stealthskaters
    ... informative and fair-minded article on Wilhelm Reich. Some minor corrections … ... Association -- not the Psychiatric Association. ... on radioactive
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2008
      taken from a couple of private emails:

      >>Hello. I just encountered your very interesting website and the
      informative and fair-minded article on Wilhelm Reich. Some minor
      corrections …
      >>In Europe, Reich was expelled from the Psychoanalytical
      Association -- not the Psychiatric Association.
      >>In the bion experiments, I think it's incorrect to say he worked
      on "radioactive bion cultures." The unexpected and unknown radiation
      from the bion cultures was not radioactivity and led Reich to the
      discovery of orgone energy.
      >>The name of his estate in Maine is Orgonon -- not Organon.

      > Hi Jonathan --
      > Thanks for your input on Reich. I will make those corrections once
      I find what archived documents they were in.
      > "Where there's smoke, there is usually fire." I find it most
      interesting that (1) the U.S. Government ordered all of Reich's books
      burned; (2) the same authorities confiscated much of Tesla's private
      works after his death; and (3) when the worldwide moratorium on above-
      and below-ground nuclear testing was declared in the late 80s, there
      were no more mass UFO sightings.
      > On my own, I found rumors of a small-but-secret part of the
      standard DOE "Q" clearance that relates to "UFOs". And some effects
      of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts remain top-secret to this day
      despite having nothing to do with the physics, engineering,
      thermodynamics blast effects, or biological effects of nuclear
      > Tom Bearden has postulated that radioactivity can be "neutralized"
      in 13 minutes (thereby eliminating the need for long-term nuclear
      waste storage). I don't know if Reich's work touched upon these top-
      secret "conventional" nuclear effects or if some unknown energy can
      interact with the them. Whatever it is, it was declared "taboo" by
      the authorities along with Tesla's "scalar" stuff.

      The corrections are due to a long biographical article by a Dr.
      Cantwell (or something close to that).

      On the book burning, Reich had the unenviable distinction of having
      his books burned by the governments of the USSR, Germany, and U.S.
      Each time ostensibly for different reasons. "Counter-revolutionary
      propaganda" in USSR; "Jewish filth" in Nazi Germany; "Labeling for an
      unapproved medical device" in the U.S.

      In this country, the rationale developed as follows. Sellers
      of "snake oil" used to label their merchandise with spurious or
      unsubstantiated medical claims and were prosecuted on the basis
      of "false labeling". They learned to omit the claims on the bottle's
      label and print them on a brochure supplied separately. So the FDA
      had the laws changed so that any printed material (e.g., ad,
      brochure, journal article, book) issued by the seller which alludes
      to an unapproved drug or medical device can be considered labeling
      for that drug or device.

      When the FDA won an injunction against Reich and Silvert defining the
      orgone accumulator as an unapproved medical device, then all of
      Reich's work that contained a reference to "orgone accumulators" (or
      even orgone energy) could be considered 'labeling' and could be
      destroyed. If Reich had chosen to edit out all such references (i.e.,
      censor himself), the books could have remained in print. Reich
      understandably refused to do that and even declined to identify the
      several books written before the discovery of orgone energy and
      containing no references to it. The FDA had no interest in doing so.
      Thus everything was burned.

      What needs to be emphasized is that the injunction was against Reich,
      Silvert, and an organization (I forget the name). And only against
      them. It is concerned with their labeling of an unapproved medical
      device that they introduced into interstate commerce. It does not
      enjoin you or me or anyone else from any behavior regarding orgone
      accumulators or writing about them. Current manufacturers of orgone
      accumulators are safe as long as they don't make medical claims about
      them. All of Reich's books are currently in print without any
      omissions because the publisher is not manufacturing a medical device.

      Reich's Oranur experiment deals with the interaction of orgone and
      nuclear material. Very big and scary results reported but never
      replicated. [StealthSkater note: is this the link between "UFOs" and
      nuke events that I've been writing about for so long?]

      Somewhere around here, I have an article on neutron bombardment of
      radioactive wastes. The process is postulated to be self sustaining
      and transmutes the material into a non-radioactive isotope or
      element. It appeared in "Infinite Energy" a few years ago.

      I don't have the math or physics background to follow Bearden. But I
      am convinced by John Bedini's work that Bearden knows much that's
      important. I do remember, however, that in the 1980s he was quite
      insistent on the existence of menacing Tesla scalar weapons in the
      USSR. With the upheavals of perestroika and the break up of the USSR
      which resulted in a large number of unemployed physicists, we would
      have heard more about it if it were true.

      Reich is archived at http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#Reich .

      Some have alleged that a weather-modifying "radiosonde" (based on
      Reich's 'OR' and 'DOR' theories) combined with the Philadelphia
      Experiment's "Project Rainbow" eventually led to "Project Phoenix" I,
      II, and III which became collectively known as the Montauk Project.

      I suspect that there is a link between Reich's "orgone" and what
      Matti Pitkanen calls "[UFO] plasmoids"
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/TGD_01.doc ) as postulated by
      his TopologicalGeometroDynamics (TGD) theory
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/Pitkanen.htm ).

      (originally posted at =>
      http://wyzwyrlde.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=1718.html )
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