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Re: [UFOnet] Odd Links

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  • HerbertRNewman@aol.com
    In a message dated 3/24/2008 4:36:22 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, HerbertRNewman@aol.com writes: E-mail management company SparkList.com has confirmed that
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      In a message dated 3/24/2008 4:36:22 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      HerbertRNewman@... writes:

      management company SparkList.com has confirmed that customer e-mail
      addresses were
      stolen from its database, allowing some customers' mailing lists to be
      with spam. That's all I could find out in a couple of minutes after reading
      your post.

      from Herb


      I no sooner posted the above when I received the two emails below ...
      Thank you for contacting Business Eye this is an automated email to inform
      you that we have received your communication, and to explain to you what
      happens next.

      If your enquiry is more urgent, or if you would prefer to speak with
      someone, please feel free to contact us by telephone on 08457 96 97 98 and explain
      to the Business Information Officer that you have also sent an email enquiry
      (this will avoid us also contacting you by email).

      Our contact centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm but we are closed on
      recognised UK public holidays.

      You may find additional information on our website, www.businesseye.org.uk.

      Information we require to help us with your enquiry.
      When clients contact Business Eye we gather information about you and your
      business to help us give you useful information, and to signpost you to the
      most appropriate business support available to you. We also use this
      information for statistical reporting. Please take a few minutes to provide us with
      this information by returning this email. You will only have to provide this
      information to Business Eye once. (Please note that you are not obliged to
      give us all this information but it will help us to assist you more easily.
      Unfortunately, we will not be able to proceed with your enquiry until you
      complete and return the information required in the mandatory fields that are
      marked with an *.)

      Where there is a choice, please indicate your answer by placing a [x] in the
      square brackets that precede each option.

      Your name including title and last name:*

      Your full address with postcode:*

      Your contact telephone number (between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday):

      Your date of birth:

      Your ethnic background:
      Choose from
      [] - Asian Bangladeshi
      [] - Asian Indian
      [] - Asian Pakistani
      [] - Asian Other
      [] - Black African
      [] - Black Carribean
      [] - Black Other
      [] - Chinese
      [] - Mixed White Asian
      [] - Mixed White Black African
      [] - Mixed White Black Carribean
      [] - Mixed Other
      [] - White British English
      [] - White British Scottish
      [] - White British Welsh
      [] - White British Other
      [] - White Irish
      [] - White - Other

      Whether you consider you have a disability:

      Your Welsh language ability:
      Choose from
      [] - None
      [] - Read Welsh
      [] - Read, Write Welsh
      [] - Speak Welsh
      [] - Speak, Read Welsh
      [] - Speak, Read, Write Welsh
      [] - Speak, Understand Welsh
      [] - Speak, Understand, Read Welsh
      [] - Speak, Understand, Read, Write Welsh
      [] - Speak, Understand, Write Welsh
      [] - Speak, Write Welsh
      [] - Understand Welsh
      [] - Understand, Read Welsh
      [] - Understand, Read, Write Welsh
      [] - Understand, Write Welsh
      [] - Write Welsh

      Your preferred language of communication (either Welsh or English):
      [] - Welsh
      [] - English

      If you are a trading business, please also provide

      Your business name:*

      Your full business address with postcode:*

      Nature of business e.g. hairdresser, construction etc:

      Length of time trading:

      Number of employees (including yourself):*

      Business Eye Data Protection Notice

      Business Eye will store personal information you supply both centrally and
      on a national database managed by the Welsh Assembly Government. All
      information will be used to assist us in dealing with your enquiry, to help you in
      obtaining on-going business support and for monitoring and statistical
      purposes. We may disclose your information to appropriate service providers for these
      purposes. We will also send you a customer satisfaction form for you to
      complete and return to us and may seek to contact you again in the future as part
      of a wider evaluation of our service.

      Except where we are required by law (including European Union Law), we will
      only pass your information to third parties (other than appropriate service
      providers) with your consent.

      We would like to remind you that you have a right of access to the
      information we hold about you for which we may charge a small fee, and you have a
      right to correct any inaccuracies in that information.

      By completing and submitting this form, you consent to us holding and using
      your personal information in accordance with this notice.

      Thank you
      The Business Eye Contact Centre Team
      08457 96 97 98
      And THIS one, also ...
      Sorry, but SparkLIST.com did not find your email address
      -> "HerbertRNewman@..."

      listed as a member of culturalpolicy.

      Only members of culturalpolicy are allowed to contribute messages.

      Because SparkLIST.com could not confirm that you are a member of
      your message was not accepted.

      from Herb

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    • geoff@thewhyfiles.net
      I reckon we are. Problem is it will happen again now, and again, and again.............................. Geoff ... From: bert vere To: ufonet@yahoogroups.com
      Message 2 of 6 , Mar 24, 2008
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        I reckon we are.
        Problem is it will happen again now, and again, and again..............................


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        From: bert vere
        To: ufonet@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 7:26 AM
        Subject: Re: [UFOnet] Odd Links

        Me too geoff both emails...are we being spammed?

        geoff@... wrote: Just happened again, and I assume again, and again, and again.....

        Geoff Richardson

        ----- Original Message -----
        From: geoff@...
        To: UFOnet
        Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 4:19 PM
        Subject: [UFOnet] Odd Links

        Hi All,
        Following a recent posting to this group I received two emails, one from a website called Business Eye and the other from "Sparklist".
        Anyone know what is going on?
        Looks like misuse of the group postings to me but I could be wrong.
        Geoff Richardson

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