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Re: A remarkable Large UFO photo that has never been officially posted on the web.

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  • margaretshrt
    Interesting post - and interesting site! Thanks much!! Peggi ... Encounter ... craft. ... posted ... this ... to ... Craft ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 23, 2008
      Interesting post - and interesting site! Thanks much!!


      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, "etinvestigator" <ttward@...> wrote:
      > Very recently I visited a fledging website called Stranger than
      > Science that was recently posted on your site.
      > http://www.strangerthanscience.com/
      > The site has posted some very interesting dated information on it
      > concerning the Dust in the Closet section and the Story Line
      > of a Connecticut Policeman that encountered a gigantic craft in the
      > late 1980's.
      > The site contains a first generation or original image of the
      > This is quite remarkable as the photo has never been officially
      > anywhere.
      > I have attempted to get a proper credited image and statement of
      > sighting for over 18 years running to no avail.
      > It has been withheld from publication until now due to matters due
      > privacy and sensitivity concerns according to a editor I contacted.
      > When the sighting actually occurred it created quite a exciting stir
      > in the local communities at the time that also witnessed the event.
      > The photo is believed to be one of the best pictures of a Large
      > or UFO ever taken and is possibility related to the events that were
      > occurring in and around the Hudson Valley UFO sightings at the time.
      > Please visit. . .
      > http://www.strangerthanscience.com/dust/dust_articles/big_ship.htm
      > also
      > for a brief description of this craft.
      > The editors of the site have posted the image in order to clear up
      > misunderstanding and misinformation that has developed during the
      > two decades about this picture since the officers encounter.
      > This picture has been posted for several years by in commercial
      > and UFO sites without any captions whatsoever I believe that the
      > posted by Stranger that Science has been posted for the first time
      > ever for corrective purposes about it.
      > Sincerely etinvestigator. . .
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