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Einstein Conspiracy (2)

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  • Roger Anderton
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      My website has now been updated as follows:





      Latest News
      Latest News is that I now have Proof of ETI.

      Previously I had Proof of ET from a complicated science paper by Dr Baranski, now there is Proof of Intelligence outside the Earth (ETI). An article is being published on this and there will be more later. ETI Music signals have been detected by Radio Astronomy.

      Pythagoras talked about Music of the Spheres, and the Proof of ETI is all tied into that tradition of Physics Investigation. Pythagoras was said to have been trained in Ancient Wisdom from Egypt and Babylon; so it's a long tradition. It was picked up again in the Copernican Revolution.

      I am now going issues some of which have already been dealt with in (1) to (5), but with latest information:

      The History of Physics has been affected by Religious, political and philosophic disputes, and this Pythagorean tradition of Theoretical Physics have suffered from this.

      The Film "The Da Vinci Code" deals with the idea that Jesus had descendants and that has been suppressed by Christian religion for thousands of years. Put that issue to one side. The film does deal with the Science tradition that has been suppressed. There is a scene where a murdered man is found with a pentagram inscribed on his chest. The detective investigating the case says that it is a sign of the Devil. The hero of the film says it is a pagan symbol representing the unity of female and male. The Christian movement demonised a great deal of the pagan world; it was a revision - symbols like the pentagram were not originally Satanic until the Christian movement said it was. (There is a side-issue that the pentagram one way is okay, but inverted is Satanic. Before Christianity invented the Devil, the Pagan world without Devil would not have interpreted the symbol that way.)

      And the Pentagram was one of the symbols of the Pythagorean movement. Pythagorean movement was of course one of the Pagan movements, and the Christian Church demonised it along with other Pagan beliefs.

      Galileo and Copernicus' science was based upon a Pythagorean approach, and the Church did not like the Pythagorean version of religion that the Pythagorean science could be attached to; so those following it risked charges of heresy which was punishable by death.

      The Catholic Church placed a Ban on the Copernican Revolution's science following the trial of Galileo before the Inquisition. However, there was a protest movement against Catholic beliefs called the Protest-ants; this was still a Christian belief system, but the Protestants wanted a different version of Christianity to the Catholics. To the Catholics this Protestant Christianity was heresy; hence both religious groups were in Conflict. In Protestant England there was more freedom to pursue beliefs that were heresy to the Catholic Church. Hence Newton was able to pursue Galileo's ideas. Newton was an alchemist, which meant that he had beliefs in Ancient Egyptian wisdom called Hermeticism, and so he risked going to far and being a heretic from even a Protestant Christian country's point-of-view. (And Ancient Egyptian wisdom Hermeticism is related to Pythagoreanism, because Pythagoras studied it.)

      The Catholic Church despite its Ban on Galileo's science had to then look again at the relevant science because of the celebrity status of Newton who was protected from their Inquisition in a Protestant country.

      Leibniz on the Continent of Europe was pursuing the same science as Newton in England; but there arose a split between them. An argument between Newton and Leibniz as to who had priority to what discoveries. This split continued over many centuries. The Catholic Church took away its Ban on this science which was called Newtonian science, by influences such as father Boscovich. But the version of Newtonianism that Continental Europe followed (under influence of Catholic Church) was mainly the Leibniz version taken up by Boscovich. While England with its national hero Newton wanted to stay faithful to Newton and reject the Continental version of Newtonianism based on Leibniz. The main issue where this split was over how gravity operated, Newton did not want to give an explanation, and left it as action-at-a-distance without saying how it worked. While on the continent this developed into the idea of a "field" through Boscovich - who called it a "sphere of influence".

      Scotland and England were not really on friendly terms either, so while England wanted to stick with their National hero Newton, Scotland was more prepared to go with Continent ideas. Hence Maxwell the Scot took up the idea of "field" and applied it to electromagnetism.

      The field idea applied to gravity is the gravitational field, while in electromagnetism is the electromagnetic field. I will pick up anon how these fields are unified.

      In the 20th Century there became an amazing confusion over fundamental concepts.

      The correct science tradition should be based upon the Pythagorean tradition. But the Church didn't like its possible religious interpretations so when Galileo presented its evidence, the Church wanted to deny that evidence. Eventually the Church conceded. But arising out of that denial was a philosophic tradition that wanted to deny evidence that contradicted its philosophic point-of-view. This philosophic point-of-view went by many names, but those following it wanted to cloak it with the appearance of being scientific. When Galileo presented his astronomical evidence there were many who denied that evidence, and such people should more properly be called something like Exclusionists because they excluded evidence that they did not like, and unfortunately these people are in the scientific community, as Galileo found out. When it comes to experiments which are supposed to prove things, this body of Exclusionists have many techniques to ignore/exclude such evidence such as believing for no good reason that the experiment was not done properly. Unfortunately, it is now a favourite technique of politicians to try to ignore/exclude evidence that contradicts them, and such politicians would like science to back them, so such a philosophic point-of-view has found support by politicians who want science to say what agrees with their politics; i.e. science has become a political football.

      Hence when it comes to approaches to science, the political backing is more for the Exclusionists than the correct way of Pythagoreanism; and so the Pythagorean type approach from its beginnings with the Copernican Revolution has become mostly lapsed.

      The way this has become lapsed has been quite easy done; because the Pythagorean approach requires science to be done in a certain way and maths to be done in a certain way, and maths education is so bad it's no longer done in a proper way consistent with the Pythagorean approach. Meaning that maths is badly taught to would-be scientists and this gets carried over into their science being bad also.

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