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REBUTTAL TO: Geoff Richardson’s Commentary About Seti UNIVERSE

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  • Lamont
    This article is meant to address the issues raised by Mr. Geoff Richardson in his email titled: {Spam?} {Disarmed} [UFOnet] Writers Needed ***** The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2007
      This article is meant to address the issues raised by Mr. Geoff
      Richardson in his email titled: "{Spam?} {Disarmed} [UFOnet]
      Writers Needed"

      ***** The Orginal Document can be found here: (it is in MS Word Format


      Mr. Richardson is correct in stating that, Seti UNIVERSE
      <http://www.setiuniverse.com/> "has no connection at all to SEI or
      SETI at Home" in fact Seti UNIVERSE states just below the second
      paragraph on the homepage "This website is not associated with any
      other SETI Organization." I think this is self explanatory!

      This website encompasses all the various aspects of seti, on one
      website. We have and need writers to write about all these various
      aspects of seti, but also to write SciFi, poetry, and editorials. After
      writing for Seti UNIVERSE <http://www.setiuniverse.com/> some of our
      writers have moved on to professional positions. (using our website as
      a reference and with a letter of recommendation from us) This is just
      one of the reasons that we always have a need for new, up and coming
      writers! (Because our writers do leave us after a time for greener
      pastures.) One of our poet's is now in the process of publishing
      several books and seems to be the talk of the poetry world. (Probably
      using her writings on Seti UNIVERSE as a references.) A summary of some
      of her poems can be found here. http://www.setiuniverse.com/POETRY.htm
      <http://www.setiuniverse.com/POETRY.htm> There is also an Editorial
      Page where any member of Seti UNIVERSE can voice there opinion on any

      We have a "General News Section, a BOINC Partners (Clients) News
      Section and a Seti News Section." In our "Seti News
      Section" there is an "International News Section" which has
      "Seti News in the German, Japanese languages," and maybe, a soon
      to be added "Russian Language News Section." On our forums we
      have just added a UFO Forum, so we do need experienced and knowledgeable
      people there.

      Seti UNIVERSE <http://www.setiuniverse.com/> also has a Space Art
      Gallery featuring the world class artists, Lynette R. Cook and David
      Hardy. (There biographies and artwork can be found by going here:
      <http://www.setiuniverse.com/absoluteig_2/gallery.asp?categoryid=19> )

      There is also a SciFi Art Gallery featuring the well know artists Moon
      and Slawomir Wojtowicz – Praga. (There biographies and artwork can
      be found by going here:
      <http://www.setiuniverse.com/absoluteig_2/gallery.asp?categoryid=3> )

      In our Multi Media Gallery we have hundreds of photos and video clips,
      featuring of all types of astronomical events. Here there is an
      "Artistic Endeavors Section" where pictures of almost anything
      SciFi can be found.

      An "Audio Files – Science Fiction Section" which has the
      theme music of over a hundred of your favorite Science Fiction movies
      and TV shows.

      There is even a "Member Files Section" where members can submit
      their personal favorites, "Member Art or Member Audio Files."

      Above I have touched on some of the things that Seti UNIVERSE has to
      offer, there are more. Seti UNIVERSE <http://www.setiuniverse.com/>
      has also been certified as a "Safe For Kids Website." (rating

      Seti UNIVERSE does not ask you to pay a price for membership, nor does
      not ask for donations. (We do have a store where you can purchase all
      types of cameras, electronic items, etc. however, to help pay our cost.)
      In fact some of our members have benefited from Seti UNIVERSE by gaining
      employment, through, their participation in Seti UNIVERSE.

      It takes time and many visits to Seti UNIVERSE
      <http://www.setiuniverse.com/> in order to fully understand what we
      are about and what is available. One cannot quickly breeze through Seti
      UNIVERSE and form a valid opinion as to what the website is about.
      However, we invite Mr. Geoff Richardson to become a member of Seti
      UNIVERSE and participate! We feel that his knowledge and experience
      would be a valued asset to all.

      In conclusion, Seti UNIVERSE intention was not to lure members away from
      UFONET, but rather to have the members of UFONET, become members of Seti
      UNIVERSE, and by their participation in Seti UNIVERSE, introduce the
      members of Seti UNIVERSE, to UFONET!

      We would like to hear all opinions, and views on this subject. You can
      post your views here or on the Seti UNIVERSE Forum, (most of our forums
      are invisible to non-members) the UFO Information Forum at:

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