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  • Frits Westra
    Jonathan s Space Report No. 578 2007 Mar 16, Montreal ... STP-1 ... The US Air Force STP-1 mission was launched on Mar 9
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2007
      Jonathan's Space Report
      No. 578 2007 Mar 16, Montreal


      The US Air Force STP-1 mission was launched on Mar 9 at 0310 UTC on
      Atlas V flight AV-013. It carries the Orbital Express mission with the
      two linked satellites ASTRO (Autonomous Space Transporter and Robotic
      Orbiter) and NextSat. The satellites will carry out refuelling
      experiments and undocking/docking experiments. Astro/Nextsat were
      deployed to a 490 x 498 km x 46.0 deg orbit. STP-1 also carried the
      first ESPA (EELV Secondary Payload Adapter) ring with four smaller
      satellites attached. The US Naval Academy's Midstar-1 carries
      experimental spacecraft systems and was ejected into a 494 x 498 km x
      46.0 deg orbit. The Centaur stage then made two burns to raise the
      orbit, entering a 397 x 3435 km x 44 deg 'fast transfer' orbit 34 min
      after launch and then a 557 x 560 km x 35.4 deg orbit 13 min later. The
      remaining three satellites were then deployed.

      STPSat, built by AeroAstro (hi, Rick...) carries experiments to study
      the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and radiation environment. The Los
      Alamos Lab CFESat, built by Surrey Satellite (hi, lads...) carries the
      Cibola Flight Experiment to survey the radio spectrum and study the
      ionosphere and lightning. Falconsat 3 is a USAF Academy student
      satellite with ionospheric experiments and plasma atttiude control
      thrusters. STPSat will also eject two small MEPSI picosatellites for
      the Aerospace Corp.

      Finally the Centaur stage was disposed of in a 500 x 545 km x 35.7 deg


      Makoto Kamada and other sources report the following information
      from Japanese newspapers:

      The Optical-3 Verification satellite is an experimental satellite on a
      six-month engineering mission to test out improvements to the earlier
      Japanese optical spy satellites, which performed less well than hoped.
      The true Optical-3 satellite will fly in 2009, followed by launch
      of Radar-3 and Optical-4 in around 2011. After an initial checkout phase
      by JAXA, the satellites are operated by the Cabinet Satellite
      Intelligence Center (CSICE, Naikaku Eisei Joho Center) of Tokyo
      via its main Kitaura Fuku Center ground station in Ibaraki prefecture.


      Ariane vehicle L535, flight V175 was launched on Mar 11. The EPC first
      stage entered a -1251 x 157 km x 7.2 deg suborbital path; the EPS upper
      stage delivered the payloads to geostationary transfer orbit.

      Payloads were Skynet 5A and Insat 4B.

      Insat 4B is an ISRO communications satellite with C and Ku band
      channels, and a dry mass of 1335 kg. Insat 4B was in a 261 x 35749 km
      x 4.5 deg transfer orbit.

      Skynet 5A is an EADS Astrium Eurostar 3000S communications satellite
      with a dry mass of 2170 kg. It is owned and operated by Paradigm Secure
      Communications to provide military comms for the UK Ministry of Defence
      and NATO. The first Skynet satellite was deployed in 1969 as an
      outgrowth of the US Initial Defense Satellite Communications System. By
      Mar 14 Skynet 5A was in a 32876 x 35734 km x 0.19 deg.

      Europe now has an extensive history of military communications satellites,
      summarized below.

      European GEO military communications

      Operator Satellite Launch End of life

      UK MoD Skynet 1A 1969 Nov 28 1980s? IDCSP/A Philco/Palo
      UK MoD Skynet 1B 1970 Aug 19 Failed IDCSP/A Philco/Palo
      UK MoD Skynet 2A 1974 Jan 19 Failed Skynet II
      UK MoD Skynet 2B 1974 Nov 23 1990s? Skynet II
      UK MoD Skynet 4B 1988 Dec 10 1998 ECS
      UK MoD Skynet 4A 1990 Jan 1 2005 ECS
      UK MoD Skynet 4C 1990 Aug 30 Active ECS
      UK MoD Skynet 4D 1998 Jan 10 Active ECS
      UK MoD Skynet 4E 1999 Feb 26 Active ECS
      UK MoD Skynet 4F 2001 Feb 7 Active ECS
      Paradigm Skynet 5A 2007 Mar 11 Active E3000S

      NATO NICS NATO IIA 1970 Mar 20 1984 IDCSP/A Philco/Palo
      NATO NICS NATO IIB 1971 Feb 3 1984? IDCSP/A Philco/Palo
      NATO NICS NATO IIIA 1976 Apr 22 1992 NATO-III Ford/Palo
      NATO NICS NATO IIIB 1977 Jan 28 1993 NATO-III Ford/Palo
      NATO NICS NATO IIIC 1978 Nov 19 1992 NATO-III Ford/Palo
      NATO NICS NATO IIID 1984 Nov 13 2003 NATO-III Ford/Palo
      NATO NICS NATO IVA 1991 Jan 8 Active ECS
      NATO NICS NATO IVB 1993 Dec 8 Active ECS

      France DGA Syracuse 1 1984 Aug 4 1992 ECS
      (on Telecom 1A)
      France DGA Syracuse 1 1985 May 8 1988 ECS
      (on Telecom 1B)
      France DGA Syracuse 1 1988 Mar 11 1996 ECS
      (on Telecom 1B)
      France DGA Syracuse 2 1991 Dec 16 2005 ES2000 MMS/Toulouse
      (on Telecom 2A)
      France DGA Syracuse 2 1992 Apr 15 2004 ES2000 MMS/Toulouse
      (on Telecom 2B)
      France DGA Syracuse 2 1995 Dec 6 Active ES2000 MMS/Toulouse
      (on Telecom 2C)
      France DGA Syracuse 2 1996 Aug 8 Active ES2000 MMS/Toulouse
      (on Telecom 2D)
      France DGA Syracuse 3A 2005 Oct 13 Active SB4000 Alcatel
      France DGA Syracuse 3B 2006 Aug 11 Active SB4000 Alcatel
      Spain FAE Secomsat 1992 Sep 10 2003 ES2000 MMS/Toulouse
      (on Hispasat 1A)
      Spain FAE Secomsat 1993 Jul 22 2006 ES2000 MMS/Toulouse
      (on Hispasat 1B)
      Hisdesat XTAR-EUR 2005 Feb 12 Active LS1300 Loral/Palo
      Hisdesat Spainsat 2006 Mar 11 Active LS1300 Loral/Palo
      Italy DNA Sicral 1A 2000 Feb 7 Active Italsat Alenia/Torino

      Table of Recent Launches
      Date UT Name Launch Vehicle Site Mission
      Jan 10 0416 Cartosat-2 ) PSLV Sriharikota LP1
      Imaging 01B
      SRE-1 )
      Tech 01C
      LAPAN Tubsat)
      Imaging 01A
      Pehuensat )
      Comms 01D
      Jan 18 0212 Progress M-59 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1
      Cargo 02A
      Jan 30 2322 NSS 8 Zenit-3SL SL Odyssey, POR
      Comms F01
      Feb 2 1628 Beidou 2A Chang Zheng 3A Xichang
      Navigation 03A
      Feb 17 2301 THEMIS A ) Delta 7925 Canaveral SLC17B
      Science 04A
      THEMIS B )
      Science 04B
      THEMIS C )
      Science 04C
      THEMIS D )
      Science 04D
      THEMIS E )
      Science 04E
      Feb 24 0441 IGS Radar-2 ) H-2A 2024 Tanegashima YLP1
      Radar 05A
      IGS Optical-3V )
      Imaging 05B
      Mar 9 0310 STPSat-1 ) Atlas V 401 Canaveral SLC41
      Tech 06D
      Astro )
      Tech 06A
      NextSat )
      Tech 06C
      Midstar 1 )
      Tech 06B
      Tech/Sci 06E
      CFESat )
      Science 06F
      MEPSI Picosat)
      Tech 06
      MEPSI Picosat)
      Tech 06
      Mar 11 2203 Skynet 5A ) Ariane 5ECA Kourou ELA3
      Comms 07A
      Insat 4B )
      Comms 07B

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