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Re: {Spam?} {Disarmed} [UFOnet] Writers Needed

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  • geoff@thewhyfiles.net
    Hi All, Having visited this website (link below) might I advise that a degree of caution is advised. Despite its name, SetiUniverse has no connection at all to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2007
      Hi All,
      Having visited this website (link below) might I advise that a degree of caution is advised. Despite its name, SetiUniverse has no connection at all to SEI or SETI at Home.
      There are indications of site ownership etc... and no indication of who is behind the site.
      It does seem to be registered in the U.S. ( New Jersey I believe) but apart from that I can identify nothing else.
      It does seem that the site is piggy backing on SETI at Home.
      Personally I wouldn't subscribe or submit any material to this site for publication.
      Hope this helps,
      Geoff Richardson

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      From: Lamont
      To: ufonet@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, March 12, 2007 12:55 AM
      Subject: {Spam?} {Disarmed} [UFOnet] Writers Needed

      We need people who would like to write, all types of columns. You
      can write articles, tutorials, home page columns (front page news),
      editorial columns, educational material for any age group, or report
      the news for this website?

      Would like us to publish a short Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror
      story? Your short story could be published as a mini series.
      (Especially if your short story is not so short.)

      We also have poetry section! So if you like to have your poetry
      published, with Seti UNIVERSE you can!!

      Some of our writers after gaining experience with us (and with a
      reference from us) have move on to professional jobs!

      Seti UNIVERSE supports pictures, audio, and multi media for your
      articles, so your presentation is limited only by your imagination.

      Seti UNIVERSE invites writers from, and to write about Seti @home,
      other Seti organizations, BOINC, and all the BOINC Clients. Seti
      UNIVERSE needs people to write about seti in all its various forms.
      Such as the Seti disciplines involved in radio, microwave, optical
      (OSETI), and especially people conducting Seti Research (personal
      research) in their own back yards. We also need people willing to
      write about Seti here on Earth; "UFO¡¦s."

      Seti UNIVERSE is also interest in people who will write about the
      possibility of extraterrestrial life such as viral, bacterial, plant,
      animal, or any other type of life known or unknown that will lead to
      the discovery of intelligent life! We hope that the articles will be
      open to both the pros and cons views, on extraterrestrial life.

      As an added bonus soon Seti UNIVERSE will syndicate its writings.
      Your writings will be distributed to various websites throughout the

      To become a writer or editor you must first:

      1. Become a member of Seti UNIVERSE, it is free. Go to the forum
      page and register. http://www.setiuniverse.com/WowFORUM/index.php
      2. Send Seti UNIVERSE an email containing the following information.
      "h What your area of interest is.
      "h What Seti or other organization mentioned above (or not mentioned)
      that you are a member of.
      "h Writing or editorial experience (if any) that you have.
      (Experience not required, but good writers are.)
      "h A couple of sentences about why you want to write for, or why you
      should be an editor for Seti UNIVERSE.
      "h That¡¦s it!
      "h P.S. College students are most welcome.
      3. Send the email to: setiunews@...

      If you have ever wanted to be a website writer, get your stories
      published, or just want your thoughts to be known this is your
      chance! We hope to hear from you soon.

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