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~ Hello Everyone!!!! :D ~

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  • Suzanne
    ~ For those of you who may Not already know this, I have just changed my Paranromal website s Name to the following: ~
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2007
      ~ For those of you who may Not already know this, I have just changed
      my Paranromal website's Name to the following: ~


      The website is still very much the same as it use to be, but now
      it'll be much better & there are now "Officailly" two Main managers
      of this Paranromal & Spiritual based Yahoo website, this being Me,
      SUE & My friend ELY!! We are looking for REAL Paranromal believers
      who have both a Common interest in the Unknown & other Spiritual
      based matters, like Meditation, Yoga, or Reincarnation. Everything
      Paranormal will be discussed within our website, just as long as it
      is discussed in a Mature manner, without Religious Fanatics trying
      to"Convert" others into thier Own personal Views & beliefs, our main
      goal here is to treat eachother with respect & desency, & to learn
      from eachother and to learn more about ourselves along the way. This
      website is all about the Unknown & EVERYTHING that is considered to
      be Paranormal, such as Ghosts, Hauntings, Spirit Guides, Angels,
      ET's, UFO's, The Mothman, Ancient Civilizations, Bigfoot, & Lake/Sea
      creatures, are just a Few of the idems that Will be dicussed within
      Our Paranormal Based Forum! If you are a Real Spiritual & Paranromal
      believe YOU are More then welcomed to Come on into our website, just
      Please no Religious "Converting" Fanitics! Thankyou! We Both hope to
      See YOU There soon!


      ** P.S. I Really Love reading all the messages in here, & I have to
      tell ya' I think I really do Like this website!!!! Please keep this
      up & keep Me informed! Thanks & take care of yourselves until
      later! :D **

      ~ SUE ~


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