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Scientists predict discovery of ET life

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  • Joe (uk-ufo) McGonagle
    As part of New Scientist s 50th anniversary celebrations, they asked Scientists to offer a prediction about (amongst other things) the possibility of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2006
      As part of New Scientist's 50th anniversary celebrations, they
      asked Scientists to offer a prediction about (amongst other
      things) the possibility of the discovery of extraterrestrial life
      within the next 50 years.


      What will be the biggest breakthrough of the next 50 years? As
      part of our 50th anniversary celebrations we asked over 70 of the
      world's most brilliant scientists for their ideas.

      Paul Davies forecasts the future
      The director of a new cosmic think tank is passionate about alien
      life, and suspects we may well find it soon.


      Chris McKay forecasts the future
      A "second genesis" of life! We may find evidence of alien life
      frozen in Martian permafrost or on other worlds, perhaps dead but


      Freeman Dyson forecasts the future
      We have been searching alien life for 50 years and found nothing,
      but in the next half century we shall discover it


      Monica Grady forecasts the future
      Many theories predict that at least Mars and Europa are suitable
      hosts for life within our solar system - it will be disappointing
      if our increasingly sophisticated tools fail to find some


      Piet Hut forecasts the future
      The discovery of life elsewhere in the universe would be the most
      significant breakthrough, not only for astrophysics, but also for
      biology, philosophy and culture


      Colin Pillinger forecasts the future
      We have been promised humans on Mars for so long now that I
      almost despair that this will be achieved by 2056, but we should
      at least have brought back Martian samples


      Carolyn Porco forecasts the future
      The most significant development in planetary exploration in the
      next 50 years will be the discovery of either extant or
      fossilised extraterrestrial life forms on another solar system body


      Steve Squyres forecasts the future
      There could be no more significant advance than learning whether
      there is life elsewhere in the universe - either way, a
      definitive answer would be profound

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