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~ Hello Everyone, Here Is A Little About Me! :D ~

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  • Suzanne
    Well, my real name is Suzanne, but all of you in here can call me Sue if you wish. I m 36 years old & I am from Lower Michigan, & just like all of you in here
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2006
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      Well, my real name is Suzanne, but all of you in here can call me Sue
      if you wish. I'm 36 years old & I am from Lower Michigan, & just like
      all of you in here I have always had a strong belief that we are
      never completely alone in this or any other universe that may
      actually exist outside our own. I also have always believed that
      ghosts, hauntings, spirits, angels & spirit guides are all real. I
      actually got into the Paranormal a very long time ago, when I was
      about 14 years. I kept have these very odd, vivid & very
      frightening "dream experiences" with seeing myself rise & float
      around my physical body, & around my bedroonm, & I had No idea as to
      what was actually happening to me at the time, so for me all of this
      was extremely frightening to say the least. It was not until I began
      to really pay attention & do my own investigaing by means of reading
      & watching various TV specials on various Paranormal subjects that I
      realized that i was alone & was actaully experiecing Astral
      Projections, which are better known as the Out Of Body Experience.
      I've also had other various Paranormal related things happen to me to
      various degrees throughout my life, like actually having two
      Premenitions which Both eventually did come true, as well as being
      able to hear other Astral Beings, every now & then. I also believe
      that I may have also seen three separate UFO's at differant times
      throughout my life, the first being when I was about 3 or 4 years
      old, the second when I was about 18, & the last UFO experiece for me
      was just a few years ago while I was at college. Now I am Not saying
      that any of the three objects that I actually saw were in fact of
      Alien origan, but all three objects I did in fact see moving acrossed
      my Lower Michigan sky's in odd, mysterious ways, & all three were
      moving very quietly across Michigan, so Yeah I don't actually believe
      that we are the only one's that exist in any known Universe. I also
      truely believe that they are currently trying to get our attention &
      trying to get us to listen to them through the use of forming
      Cropcircles, Groundcircles & Icecircles. Prehaps they are also
      responsible for forming Stonehedge & the Ancient Eyptian Pyramids, I
      have actually wondered this for the longest time. I presonally feel
      that these "Aliens" really want us to listen to what they have to say
      because they actually do have a message for all of us, for all of
      mankind to hear. I also believe that Psychics are real, & that
      everyone does have this ability to various degrees. I would also say
      that I am also a highly Intuitive individual, to the point were it
      does seem that I'll get weird Gut feelings about various people,
      situations or places, & these "feelings" seems to always be correct,
      or pretty darn close to being right on. Have I actually seen a real
      Ghost? Only other astral beings, (rather died or alive) & I have also
      felt them too, & as crazy or odd I may sound to all of you here, I
      have actually found that for the most part, they are Not there to
      harm you..... I do believe that everything we all do individually
      does come right back to all of us, even if it takes a long time for
      us to actually see this happen, so I am indeed a believe in Karma, &
      in helping others too. I was also told at the age of 21, by a real
      psychic, who's seems to have been right so far with everthing that
      she actually told me during that reading, at least so far anyway,...
      that I actually did exist long ago in a previous incarnation in a
      previous Lifetime, so I also do believe in Reicarnation as well. I
      was also told during this same reading, that actually inherited my
      ESP/Intuiative gifts from my father's Genetic DNA. No, I am Not a nut
      case & everything that I have just told you all here is 100% true. I
      don't really have any reason to make things up nor do I ever lie to
      others & never will. What would be the point? I just don't usually
      discuss my own personal Paranormal experiences with others, for fear
      of being looked upon as a "Psycho". which I am not. All of my
      personal Paranromal experiences have seriously effected me so much
      that I actually do have my own Paranormal websites online that I'll
      go ahead & add for all of you here to visit if you wish, below. Am I
      a true believer? I would have to say that I am a true believer
      indeed. But the real question is, are you a true believer & would you
      have the guts to discuss your own personal Paranormal experiences
      with the rest of us in here? That to me is the biggest question! :D
      I'll be posting here again soon, so I hope that all of you in here
      will indeed take care of yourselves for now. :)

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      ** SUE **


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      ~ Here are the other PARANORMAL related websites for all of you who
      may be intested - enjoy! I hope that I'll see all of you Soon! :) ~

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      ** Please Note: By my posting the website links above, is by no means
      meant to effend anyone in here, but these websites do tell you a lot
      about who I really am & will hopefully give all of you in here more
      insight into who I am, because as I have already stated above, all of
      this is a real part of who I really am. Your all more then welcomed
      to come visit my Paranormal websites I have just listed above. :D **

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