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UFO Review issue 17; Very Bad Taste Edition

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  • Stuart Miller
    UFO Review issue 17 is now available at http://www.uforeview.net and as usual you can download it from either of the two top left hand buttons on the site
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2006
      UFO Review issue 17 is now available at http://www.uforeview.net
      and as usual you can download it from either of the two top left
      hand buttons on the site depending on what format you want to
      read it in.

      We are pleased to bring you an edition that is bound to cause
      offence to everyone in some shape or form and even your editor
      thinks parts of it are unacceptable. Oh, the giddy world of
      ufology! And if by chance you're not offended, then your ire
      will be stirred by the opinion and posturing prevalent
      throughout this most scurrilous and yet entertaining and deeply
      amusing edition of the profound and the superficial. Starting

      1). I like dick - Interview with Paul Kimball

      Why does no one like Paul Kimball? OK that's not true; lots of
      people do like him but he has this knack of drawing out from
      some the most vehement and profound irrational dislike.
      "Irrational" to me because although I certainly see a flawed
      human being, I quite like the guy. Is it because he dares to
      hold strong and adamant opinions? Is it because his blog is
      successful and argumentative? Is it because of his controversial
      politics? Is it because he's an informed Canadian?

      In this lengthy and revealing interview, Paul pretty much bares
      all; his upbringing, his professional regrets, his successes,
      how he got into films, what he wishes for Ufology's future, what
      he thinks of Alfred Lehmberg, and in the latter part of the
      interview, he and I "get at it" as he is pushed and probed on
      his Ufological views and opinions and an interesting and
      absorbing back and forth ensues. Gripping, entertaining and
      another word I can't remember at the moment, this interview will
      change your view of Paul completely - you'll like him even less
      or more, depending on where you started from at the beginning.

      2). Application To Be Featured On The Internationally Renown UFO
      Watchdog Web Site (I want to be famous!!). UFO Watchdog is the
      scion of badness in Ufology and it's wall of shame gallery
      features the mug shots and misdeeds of every huckster ever to
      have ufologically sinned. Your editor pleads with Royce Meyers
      to be inducted into those hallowed halls of fame

      3). Interview With Chris Coote

      For 15 years, Chris Coote was the principle Radar Operator for
      the MoD at Eskmeals in Cumbria, working for the old MoD, Serco
      (an offshoot of RCA) and finally QinetiQ. He was involved in the
      collection, manipulation and archival storage of sensitive
      positional data. We talk to him!

      4). Tim Good Speaks. To no one in particular.

      5). The Voynich Manuscript And The Kolbrin Bible By Kithra

      Does anyone remember those exam questions that began with the
      words: “compare and contrast?” Don’t panic, I’m not setting an
      exam question, and I’m not really going to either compare or
      contrast the two documents I’m about to write about. However,
      neither text is very well known and the only similarity with
      “compare and contrast” is that one is accepted as being a
      genuine manuscript, whilst the other is probably a fake.

      6). The Whit and Wisdom of CRAP

      7). Book Reviews Are Back

      We look at:
      "The Universe Wants To Play" (Anomalist 12 Various authors) in
      which Nick Redfern talks to us about his contributory chapter
      and goes on to further screw with my mind.

      A belated and utterly filthy and unnecessary review of Clancy’s
      effort "Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped
      by Aliens". Appalling - both the book and the review.

      "An American Demonology: Flying Saucers Over the White House" a
      marvellous tome from that old war horse Colin Bennett

      8). Up and Coming Conferences of Note

      9). Happy Fun Days Are Here Boys And Girls As Uncle Stuart Shows
      You How To Make Your Very Own UFO Lantern.

      Sadly, that's all but in fairness, it's probably more than you
      can take anyway. Or would want to!

      And remarkably still free at http://www.uforeview.net
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