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    Lotsa strange stuff here. Peace. Linette ... From: andrew hennessey To: Sent: Thursday, July 27,
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      Lotsa strange stuff here.


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      Subject: [ufonewswire] the place is also full of Lizards

      michael vincents - memory recovery project
      In 1968, without media fanfare or conference drama an international
      project for the recovery of memory from adoptees was quietly launched.
      The promoters claimed that a large number of children who had been
      adopted after the Second World War, were suffering an identity crisis
      once they reached adulthood and as a consequence were entering the
      psychiatric hospital system in ever increasing numbers. Of particular
      interest to the researchers were adopted twins.

      It is well known that many families were split up during the war, in
      the belief that children were much more vulnerable in the cities due
      to bombing and the displacement caused by the destruction of homes.
      Some children left without relatives or abandoned by parents were sent
      as far afield as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. By the 1960's it
      was discovered that many of these displaced children were beginning to
      appear in the psychiatric hospital system or seeking some form of help.

      In the mid 1960's it was decided, by whom is unknown, to conduct an
      international investigation into the causes of this increase in
      psychiatric admissions. The first part of the investigation was to try
      and recover the lost memories of patients using the then new range of
      psychotropic drugs. It was believed that by recovering these memories,
      the patient could begin to understand what had occurred in their early
      lives and begin to deal with the problems arising from that time. This
      was what the papers introducing the project claimed. Synthesized L.S.D
      (Cylocybin) and Ritalin were the drugs selected for the process. It
      was claimed that Ritalin was used as a stabilizer for the LSD, but in
      fact this was not the case. Ritalin, which at that time was highly
      experimental, was designed to over activate the frontal lobe of the
      brain, increasing the perception of the user. Thus the effects of
      Cylocibin were greatly increased.

      During the late 1950's, as a result of pre-war Marxist theories
      originating from the Soviet Union, western psychiatry believed in the
      dogma that environment was the principle determinant of personality
      trait development. Genetics had, they claimed, very little to do with
      the psychological development of the child. We now know this to be a
      tragic mistake, resulting in millions of children being placed with
      incompatible parents and causing untold misery for both adoptee and
      their parents. From a 2006 perspective, it appears that this may have
      been a deliberate policy.

      The project.
      The project, of which I was a test subject, required deep memory
      recovery from twins who had been separated at birth and compared with
      those that had not been separated. I was one of those apparently rare
      twins who had not been separated and was asked if I would act as part
      of a small control group for the experiment. I was 20 years old at the
      time and remember the whole event fairly well.

      Being unsure of what I was letting myself in for, I asked to read the
      various papers that had been circulated to the clinicians outlining
      the experiment. I remember at the time they made no real sense to me
      even although I had a reasonable understanding of psychology and its
      practices. When I questioned the purposes of the experiments outlined
      in the papers I was told that it was so advanced few understood it.
      But, having a personal relationship with those directly involved with
      the project, I trusted their judgment. This, as it turned out, was a

      The procedure.
      The actual procedure was fairly straightforward. The selected person
      was given an intravenous dose - the amount was unknown to me - of a
      combination of Cylocibin (synthetic LSD) and Ritalin, and after a
      period of about 15 minutes asked a series of questions. I immediately
      regressed to before the time I was born and saw the inside of my
      natural mother's womb. I also remember seeing my twin brother for the
      first time. I don't remember the birth process, but I felt as though
      I'd been hit by a baseball bat around my neck and shoulders soon after
      I recovered from the effects of the drug. According to my natural
      mother, whom I met many years later, the births were difficult and
      painful for her. The bruising memory I experienced lasted for about a
      week after the event and I can assure the reader that even as a 20
      year old it was a painful experience. I bet I yelled my head off as a
      baby! What it did prove to me was the fact of cell memory and much
      more besides.

      Once I had sufficiently regressed, I was questioned by the clinician
      and although I understood the questions I found it extremely difficult
      to answer them. What had not occurred to anyone was that at the point
      in time I had regressed to, I had not learned to speak! I eventually
      found that I could regress and then return to the present time and
      give `yes' or `no' answers that put the clinicians in a difficult
      position, having to lead the questioning process rather than elicit
      natural responses.

      The other part of the investigation I found to be truly fascinating
      was the optical effect of the drugs. I remember lying on one of those
      typical 1940's hand knitted patchwork quilts made of multi-coloured
      wool squares. As I looked at it, each of the coloured squares assumed
      a different layer above the bed so that each colour appeared at a
      particular level All red colours appeared at one level, blue at
      another and so on so that each colour appeared on its own level. It
      was extremely beautiful and interesting. A heater directly across from
      me on the wall had a perforated guard plate with hundreds of holes
      drilled in it covering the front. This plate stepped out from the
      heater and across the room towards me in multiple ranks. Each image
      being slightly fainter than the one behind until it disappeared into
      thin air before it reached me. I looked at this apparition for several
      long minutes. Then I saw something totally unexpected.

      One of the investigators appeared in the doorway of the room where I
      was lying on a bed. I was incapable of sitting or standing at this
      point. I could barely raise my head above the pillow. As I turned my
      head to watch their entry into the room the investigator's face
      suddenly changed as they crossed from a brightly lit hallway into
      shadow at the doorway. The room I was in was deliberately kept dimly
      lit so as not to cause me too much optical stress and thus interrupt
      the investigation. At first I thought it was the face of a snarling
      dog, but as I continued to look I could see that it had a shorter
      `snout' than a dog and skin like a lizard. There was no hair on the
      face and the bared teeth were different to that of a dog. Shorter and
      less pronounced. As I watched, the face appeared to be covered by what
      can only be described as a light fog or misting. I could see through
      it, but it was like looking at an image in a pool of water that
      suddenly has a breeze disturb it. The image alternated between this
      reptile face and that of the person I had known for many years. The
      image was clear for a few seconds and slightly `fuzzy' the next. The
      whole event must have lasted no more than 20 - 30 seconds at most.

      I was deeply puzzled, but not frightened or alarmed, just puzzled. I
      rationalized what I had seen as a projection of extreme anger by that
      person who was experiencing difficulties in their marriage at that
      time. Not aimed at me, but just general anger at their situation. It
      was not until I came across the material written by David Icke many
      years later that I began to rethink what I had witnessed all those
      years ago. I also began to rethink the basis of the experiment and the
      lack of information about what it was designed to achieve. I knew
      there were at least 5,000 subjects in the original experiment. I also
      had been told that some of the regressions had produced some
      remarkable results. But that was as much as I was allowed to know. I
      felt somewhat misled by the whole process, although it was to have a
      remarkable effect on me personally.

      I recovered from the drugs by the late afternoon of the same day and
      returned home to an exhausted sleep. I believe I slept for nearly 12
      hours afterwards, which is unusual for me. I awoke late next morning
      to find that my whole world had suddenly changed. My first encounter
      proved to me how great the changes had been. I drove across the city
      to visit a friend of mine in the early afternoon and was met at the
      door by his wife, whom I had known for many years. It was a bright
      sunny day. She looked at me as though I had arisen from the dead then
      asked me if it was ME! I naturally replied that it was ME. She clearly
      had not recognized me and I appeared to be quite different to when she
      had seen me a little over a week earlier. What surprised me was though
      I had gotten up and shaved in front of a mirror that morning, as
      usual, I had noticed no physical change in my appearance. Similarly my
      parents had made no comments about it either.

      The results.
      And then it started. After the experiment had finished, the
      investigators made an almost throw away comment that those who had
      taken LSD could experience a period of `flash backs'. Just what this
      was supposed to mean became apparent as the weeks went by. All of a
      sudden I would be sitting at work or elsewhere and I'd experience a
      flood of returning memories, none of which in themselves were
      disturbing or unpleasant, but they were intense enough to disrupt my
      concentration sufficiently that I'd be forced to take the rest of the
      day off until the event passed. On reflection it must have been very
      difficult for those who had gone through the bitter fighting at the
      end of the war in Europe. And there were those in the program who had.
      They must have witnessed some very horrific sights as three or four
      year olds. To suddenly have all those memories flood back in such
      extreme detail caused major trauma. Today we call such things `post
      traumatic stress disorder'. In 1968 we had no such understanding.

      Essentially those who were regressed in this program were left largely
      to their own devices to cope with what had been revealed to them. The
      psychiatric community on the other hand claimed a great triumph in
      unlocking memories which in retrospect may very well have been best
      left alone. One case I remember was of a man who had been brought to
      New Zealand as a very young boy from Germany. He remembered under
      regression being told by the other children that he must not speak
      German otherwise the American troops wouldn't like him and refuse them
      food and clothing. Apparently this man had become convinced he was not
      himself and suffered an identity crisis that had led to him being
      hospitalized in a mental institution. Once he had recovered this part
      of his memory he apparently made significant progress in
      re-establishing who he really was. He was one of the lucky ones. Many
      others reportedly found the whole program extremely harrowing.

      Yet one question has always remained with me, even though I now know
      my own personal pre-adoption history. Was there another motive for
      this project? I have finally concluded that there almost certainly
      was. Starting with the First World War there were a number of attempts
      to psychologically destroy the will to resist of the combatant
      populations. The political leadership realized that if they could
      break the will of their enemy's civilian population, military collapse
      would soon follow. The British blockade of Germany in the First World
      War did precisely this. Thus with the outbreak of the Second World
      War, great effort was expended by both the Axis and Allies to
      undermine the enemy civilian population's morale and bolster their
      own. Propaganda advanced from an amateur pursuit to a highly skilled
      science. What the social scientists learned from these wars was that
      populations could be influenced by a number of means to accept or
      reject almost any proposition regardless of how right or wrong it may
      appear to an unbiased observer.

      Then government researchers began to realize something else. change
      was not only psychological but could be physical and finally spiritual
      as well. In other words they discovered that change was
      multi-dimensional. Change one part of the human equation and the other
      parts of the equation tended to follow. Once this process was known a
      whole new area of investigation was opened. survival after death and
      During the late 1950's reports began to surface of war wounded
      surviving apparent death and living to recount stories of survival
      after death. This had become possible because of the advances medical
      science had made in the treatment of serious battlefield wounds. It
      soon became evident that these were not isolated events. Further, many
      who had undergone such experiences did not want to return to this
      existence and most assuredly lost their fear of death. What these
      individuals all had in common was extreme trauma.

      It soon became apparent that if there was going to be a further
      investigation of this phenomenon then only those subjected to extreme
      trauma were likely to have similar experiences. The obvious candidates
      were road accident survivors but they seem to have been ignored.
      Instead, adoptees were selected. So what comparable trauma was it they
      were supposed to have experienced? Or was it something entirely
      different that was being explored?

      During my own regression I could remember being constantly asked what
      I could see. Not what I could feel or sense. This question began to
      strike me as rather odd, given that the researchers understood they
      were dealing with the perceptions of a very young baby. Why would
      anyone ask a young baby to describe what it could see, when it is
      obvious they lacked the necessary language skills to coherently
      observe and describe their environment? Or did the researchers expect
      the subject to retain a memory of the observation and be capable of
      describing their observations after they had recovered sufficiently
      from the effects of the drug to describe what it was they saw?
      Obviously they did.

      It was this insistence of remembering what had been seen that seemed
      out of place to me. What did they expect me to see? It was not until
      45 years later that I began to appreciate what it was they were
      looking for. The project was about recovered memories all right but
      not for the purpose of assisting those who were troubled by past
      forgotten experiences. They were attempting to unlock the inner
      secrets of what could be seen before their current birth. An
      exploration of the process of reincarnation. They were trying to find
      out if the subjects could remember back beyond the current time they
      had been born into. Hence the insistence on getting them to see and
      remember what had been observed. If it was obviously older than the
      present era, they had discovered a reincarnated individual. Once the
      researchers had identified the individual they wanted to interrogate,
      it was a simple matter to continue the process of exploration under
      the guise of psychotherapy.

      Most thinking people today accept the reality of reincarnation. It is
      an accepted fact for the vast numbers of Asians who practice the
      Buddhist faith. Although the west has been much more reluctant to
      accept such a belief early Christian texts show it was an accepted
      part of their philosophy. Yet, it can be demonstrated reincarnation is
      a much older belief than any other known philosophy, predating even
      the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations by eons. No one actually knows
      from where it originated.

      In the past few years there has been some spectacular research into
      cases of children who exhibit remarkable past life memories indicating
      reincarnation is a demonstrable fact. The questions I was asked during
      my regression all those years ago, closely parallel those later
      researchers have asked their subjects. And did I remember anything
      `out of time' from my present existence. Not immediately. But after
      several years I had a recurring memory, as opposed to dream, of being
      in Berlin in the last days of the war. I was part of a contingent of
      infantry ordered to counter attack a Russian penetration of the
      defense perimeter around the Tiergfarten Strasser. We suffered
      horrendous casualties. I must have perished in that attack, but have
      no direct memory of death. In 1990 I visited Germany and traveled to
      Berlin where I walked along the roads around the Reichstag and
      Tiergarten Strasser. They have changed little since 1945, with the
      exception of the Wall that was added in 1961. Strangely, it was the
      Wall that largely preserved the pre-war character of the area. I
      instantly knew I had been there before and even found an underground
      tunnel I was sure had formed a defense point to which I had once been
      attached. It had a number of repaired Soviet 85mm shell holes in it
      and must have been subjected to severe attack before being overrun.
      Everywhere I went in central Berlin I felt as though I had been there
      before, even though I had not been raised in the city itself.

      So, this is what they were looking for. But why would the clinical
      investigators be interested in an individual that had led a simple
      mundane life, such as mine, probably just like most of the other 5,000
      involved in the project? And then it struck me. It wasn't `what', but
      `whom' they were looking for. Many of those that had died in the
      fighting had been originally chosen as leaders of a new world order,
      not just a Germanic world order, but an international world order.
      They included German, British, French and Russians to mention only the
      main nationalities involved. Every nation on earth was represented
      among the casualties of this greatest of human catastrophes. Now, a
      generation later, both sides were looking for those reincarnating to
      complete their tasks. What an advantage to be able to not only
      identify the gateway to reincarnation but also select those who are be
      allowed to enter once the process was understood. Such an idea sounds
      pure fantasy, does it not?

      Well.Maybe not.

      David Wilcock, in his ground breaking Convergence III, set about
      collecting the works of a number of prominent physicists in an effort
      to prove we were not what we appear to be. Prior to the work of this
      group of researchers it had been accepted by science that we were
      basically a collection of sub atomic particles spinning on a
      theoretical axis called a nucleus. It was all held together by a
      series of electrical charges that passed between each of the
      components as they moved in their circular orbits. But the more we
      worked with the nuclear models formulated at the beginning of the 20th
      century, the more we began to understand their limitations. It
      required a new paradigm, quantum physics, before some of the apparent
      anomalies could be solved. But this too has proven to be of limited
      value. The problems began when it was discovered the `solar model' of
      the atom was in fact wrong. New technology enabled researchers to
      discover the more they were able to look into the structure of atomic
      particles, the less solid that structure became. Ultimately they
      discovered that sub atomic structure was in fact sound and light. What
      was an even greater surprise was a 1989 experiment conducted by David
      Hudson using iridium. By applying heat to this material it was
      observed to have increased its weight by more than 300%. But, as the
      temperature of the micro-cluster of iridium was increased to 850 o C
      the material vanished from view and became weightless! As soon as the
      temperature was reduced, it immediately reappeared. Hudson discovered
      that this micro-cluster arrangement of metals had a number of
      previously unknown properties. At room temperature it acts as
      superconductors (it transmits electrical energy without any apparent
      loss), has super-fluid qualities and levitates in the presence of
      magnetic fields. There is a fascinating streaming video of this
      phenomenon available at
      http://soulinvitation.com/braidingDNA/BraidingDNA.html . This is the
      work of Dan Winter and others that forms part of his Braiding DNA: Is
      Emotion the Weaver? 1999. URL .

      What Wilcock had discovered is that matter as we perceive it is not
      actually solid. Not only that, but this has been known by the Greek
      and Egyptian Mystery Schools for at least 5,000 years. The Kabalaon,
      (A Sumerian phrase meaning `The Doctrine of the Creator') an ancient
      Hermetic publication allegedly authored by the great scholar, Hermes
      Trismagestus, claims that all matter is the creation of thought in
      this dimension; an illusion created in the mind of the ALL. There have
      been recent experiments that support such a claim. During the search
      for nutrino particles, the smallest known sub atomic structures so far
      discovered, an underground tank of carbon tetrachloride (dry cleaning
      fluid) was monitored for these particles as they passed through it and
      left a tell tale trace of their movement on a sophisticated monitoring
      system. Much to the chagrin of the research team they observed no
      particles for extended periods of time. Then after a particularly
      `dry' period of observation one of the researchers began to wish for
      the appearance of the sought after particles. Much to his
      astonishment, they began to appear every time he wished for them to do
      so. He refused to believe this method of appearance believing there to
      be another cause for the arrival of the elusive particles. But as soon
      as he stopped wishing for their appearance they stopped. The
      experiment was repeated until the cause of their observations could
      not be denied. Yet there were still those who would not accept the
      obvious result. Interestingly, Dan Brown, in his best seller, Angels
      and Demons, alludes to the same phenomenon

      What Wilcock and others had demonstrated is the fact that the world we
      are so familiar with is an illusion. Nothing is solid; it only appears
      so. Yet this is described as a `divine contradiction' by the Kabalaon
      and is explained thus. We live in an illusion that appears so real
      that we accept it as such. To us it is reality and while we live in
      such an illusion we should accept the rules by which it exists. To not
      do so is a contradiction that we cannot survive. However, knowing that
      our dimension is a construct - (yes I have seen all of the Matrix
      films many times) - allows us an insight into that which we cannot
      detect but logic tells us must exist. That is, there must be other
      dimensions of which we are unable to see, touch, smell or taste.

      Once we begin to understand other dimensions exist parallel to ours,
      it is but a short step to understanding that the process of death and
      reincarnation is not only possible but likely. We are therefore faced
      with the proposition that upon death we transfer to another dimension
      where we await the opportunity to either re-enter our present earthly
      dimension or move on elsewhere. Before the reader rejects such a claim
      they should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Near Death
      Experience studies that have been conducted by reputable scientists
      for nearly three decades.

      So we must ask ourselves the question again. What was this recovered
      memory experiment actually attempting to achieve? I have given the
      matter decades of thought and research and the only plausible
      explanation I can arrive at is that which I have outlined. There are
      those among us that understand and utilize the process of
      reincarnation to further their agendas. I perceived the edge of that
      agenda when I witnessed a human face morph into a reptilian and back
      again. I wasn't hallucinating, I could clearly see the surrounding
      background without distortion. I have never seen this apparition again.

      And what about the rest of those involved? I still often wonder how it
      affected them. Did it really unlock the mysteries of their origins, or
      were they abandoned in the shadows from whence they came?

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