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"Sydney will Buzz in 2007"

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  • Diane Harrison
    Sydney will Buzz in 2007 with The 2nd International Scientific & Metaphysical Symposium. http://www.auforn.com/sydneyconference2007.html The UFOlogist
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      "Sydney will Buzz in 2007" with
      The 2nd International Scientific
      & Metaphysical Symposium.

      The UFOlogist Magazine & Hard Evidence Magazine
      are proud to announce the following confirmed guest
      speakers for the 2nd I.S.M.S in 2007

      Sponsored by The Australian UFO Research Network.

      CONFIRMED - International & National guest speakers are

      George Knapp - USA
      Author Researcher, TV presenter & documentary maker.
      You can read more at: http://area51.eyewitnessnews8.com/stories.html
      George has a new book out called "Hunt for the Skinwalker"
      were science confronts the unexplained at a remote ranch in Utah.

      This is what ReviewJournal.com had to say about George
      Knapp shows guts by treading on shaky ground of UFO sightings.
      Courage is required of any journalist who admits to believing
      in the possibility of UFOs because your peers turn on you. And
      your bosses worry that a UFO-loving reporter might lose some
      credibility with the public.

      Courage also is necessary to live on a remote Utah ranch and
      stay there for 20 months even when frightening and unexplained
      things occur as soon as you move in. George Knapp doesn't
      lack courage. And he's just co-authored a book about the family
      in Utah whose ranch was a site of unexplained paranormal

      Knapp expects to be ridiculed once again by colleagues, and
      he's ready for that as he starts promoting his first book
      "Hunt For the Skinwalker." Ever since Knapp first broadcast a
      series in 1989 about mysterious happenings in the Nevada
      Test Site's Area 51, he's been mocked, even though the series
      won national journalism awards. "The ridicule comes from my
      fellow journalists," Knapp said. "The public can't get enough of it."

      The KLAS-TV, Channel 8 newsman is at the forefront of
      news stories covering political corruption and the mob, but
      the one subject the public brings up to him most often is UFOs.
      Knapp doesn't say yes, but he also doesn't say no when asked
      whether he believes in UFOs. Speaking carefully, he said that
      even if you eliminate the hoaxers and the deranged, there are
      still weird things happening out there.

      "They can't be explained, and they haven't been investigated,
      " Knapp said. The events at a ranch in Utah that he and medical
      researcher Colm Kelleher wrote about are unique, he said.
      "They're ongoing, in one spot, over a long period of time.
      " And they have been researched.

      After the strange activities drove the family out, Las Vegas
      businessman Robert Bigelow bought the ranch in 1996 and
      paid for a research team to study it for years.

      Philip Gardiner - UK
      Author Researcher & TV documentary maker.
      You can read more at: http://www.gardinersworld.com/
      Philip will have a "fantastic new book" out in March
      that I've heard will knock your socks off.

      Philip has a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing
      and 9 diploma�s ranging from Personnel Management
      through to Holistic Medicine and the craft of Etymology.
      Although he has been asked on numerous occasions
      to become �a member� of several institutions, Philip has
      strictly refused on the grounds of independence � seeing
      membership of certain organisations as being overtly
      influential on his research and understanding of the truths
      of mankind. Philip believes that some authors/researchers
      have been lead into membership of institutions or �societies�
      and are therefore of questionable authority. His background
      in the history of propaganda and the ancient and ongoing
      manipulation of mankind tell him that such things do indeed
      occur. He has however joined (upon being requested) a
      couple of what are known as secret societies in-order to
      find out what was happening inside � the conclusions of
      these journalistic forays appear in his books and he is no
      longer a member of any organisation.

      Philip began his writing career with a book entitled Proof

      ? Does God Exist? Published in 2002 and followed this up
      with his best selling The Shining Ones

      : The World�s Most
      Powerful Secret Society Revealed, which launched in the
      UK and immediately outsold.

      During the process of the launch of "Proof" Philip appeared
      on 46 radio programmes across the country, from Scotland
      to the South of England, including the James Whale show.
      He also had a programme produced in Scotland called Eikon,
      which was shown on national Scottish TV.

      Philip has acted as an advisor to various other authors
      regarding mythology and history.

      In his book "The Shining Ones" he has set about proving a
      theory discovered regarding an ancient priesthood calling
      themselves The Shining Ones who have developed into the
      worlds most powerful secret society. Philip uses history,
      mythology, symbolism and his own expertise of propaganda
      to prove his theories. He appeared on over 200 radio
      program's, TV and in the general media during this launch.

      Andy Thomas - UK
      Author & Crop Circle researcher & TV documentary maker.
      You can read more at: http://www.swirlednews.com/
      Andy has written five books exploring aspects of the crop
      circle enigma: Fields of Mystery: The Crop Circle Phenomenon
      in Sussex (1996) and Quest For Contact: A True Story of Crop
      Circles, Psychics and UFOs (1997, with Paul Bura) were his
      first, followed by his best-known and much-praised book Vital
      Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and why
      it is NOT a Hoax (1998, revised 2002), which has been
      described by many as the definitive guide to the subject.

      Most recently Andy has written the revised version of An
      Introduction to Crop Circles for Wessex Books, and produced
      Swirled Harvest: Views from the Crop Circle Frontline, a
      collection of many of his articles from an eleven-year period.
      This has been published simultaneously with A Oneness
      of Mind: The Power of Collective Thought and Signs of Our
      Times, which collects together edited transcripts of Andy�s
      renowned Glastonbury Symposium presentations. In 2003,
      Andy founded Vital Signs Publishing to publish his own
      work, and from 2005 the work of others, beginning with
      Geoff Stray's book Beyond 2012.

      Andy has written articles for many publications, including
      Nexus Magazine.

      Suzanne Hansen - NZ
      UFO Researcher & Close Encounter resource networker.
      You can read more at: http://www.ufocusnz.org.nz/ProfilesT.htm.htm


      Wallace Thornhill - AUST
      Author & Lecturer TV documentary maker
      Wallace has a new book out called "Thunder Bolts of the Gods"
      You can read more at: http://thunderboltsfilm.com/PAGES/thornhill.html

      Wallace Thornhill earned a degree in physics and electronics
      at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and began
      postgraduate studies. Before entering university he had
      been inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky�s best-selling book,
      Worlds in Collision. However, the lack of curiosity and the
      frequent hostility toward this challenge to mainstream science
      convinced Thornhill to pursue an independent path outside

      While working, first with IBM and the prestigious IBM
      Systems Development Institute in Canberra, followed by
      the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, Thornhill
      devoted much of his life to the study of plasma and
      electricity in astronomy, following in the footsteps of
      twentieth century pioneers. His work often took him to
      the Research Schools at the Australian National University,
      which gave him excellent access to libraries and scientists

      David Reneke - AUST
      News Editor of "Sky & Space Magazine".
      Read more at:
      He was the chief lecturer at the Port Macquarie Observatory,
      situated on the mid-north coast of N.S.W. for 10 years presenting
      live astronomy shows three times weekly for up to 150 overseas
      and interstate visitors per night. Currently, David is the news editor
      of "SKY & SPACE Magazine" writing articles, news stories, and
      editing a mass circulation weekly email newsletter.

      Mary Rodwell - AUST
      Author & Close Encounter Researcher and much more.
      you can read more about Mary at: http://www.acern.com.au/
      Conference topic to be announced.

      ROB MacIntyre - AUST
      Rob is a great speaker he has lectured many time at
      the Inverell forum and around Australia. I was so
      impressed with Rob and his enthusiasm of wanting to
      warn the people though his research "Is the food you
      eat making you sick " & "your good health is in your hands"
      that I asked him to come and warn more of the people.

      Researcher writer soon to be author
      "Satellites Spies - The Shocking Truth".
      For those who read Hard Evidence magazine you
      would have read some of Paul's amazing articles
      about "Mind control" Paul will shock you as he states
      the shocking truth is right here in Australia".

      One more speaker to come so stay tuned.

      For more details re Speaker topics, exhibitors
      & workshops go to: http://www.auforn.com/sydneyconference2007.html
      Conference Saturday June 2nd & 3rd 2007
      Workshops Monday the 4th.
      Seating is limited so get in early.
      $200 early bird or pay $240 there after 5th May 2007
      Single day price $120 per day.
      Workshops $20 to $40

      The conference booking form is now on the internet
      at the Conference webpage.

      Warmest Regards
      Diane Harrison/Frola

      The Australian UFO Research Network

      UFOlogist Magazine

      Coming Conference 2007
      The 2nd International Scientific &
      Metaphysical Symposium

      P.O Box 738
      Jimboomba, 4280

      Tel/Fax 07 55487205

      Report a UFO Free Call Hotline
      1800 77 22 88

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