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      May 19, 2006

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      » Show Update

      » Utah Campground Closed Because of Plague

      » Race of tiny people didn’t exist, scientists say

      » Tesla's Death Ray

      » DNA evidence for Atlantis

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      Gods in the Garden

      Kevin Smith's new book, "Gods in the Garden" has been
      released, and it is a blockbuster.

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      Show Update

      * Kevin's new book is finally out and available for sale.
      The foreword is by Dr. Brooks Agnew and the Epilogue is
      by Robbie Thomas. Most have have previewed the book have
      given it rave reviews. Those who did not like it have,
      nevertheless, raved about it being very well written.
      Those who have not liked it did not like it because it
      contradicts the standard paradigm of those who believe in

      "Gods in the Garden" looks at the biblical book of
      Genesis, but not from a theological point of view. Kevin
      says, "If you just read the words that Genesis says and
      forget what all the theologians say it means, you find it
      actually says something very different from what you have
      been told."

      * The FLASH!

      Because we have listeners who live outside the area where
      our toll-free number is active (North America), Kevin has
      instituted Flash Messages.

      If you listen to the live show, and our toll free number
      does not work for you, you can FLASH a message to Kevin
      asking your questions for the guest. Just send the
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      Utah Campground Closed Because of Plague

      SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A campground at Natural Bridges
      National Monument has been closed because of bubonic plague
      detected among field mice and chipmunks.

      Plague also has been found this spring in rodent populations
      at Mesa Verde National Park and Colorado National Monument.

      National Park Service officials said there never has been a
      reported human case of bubonic plague originating from the
      parks or national monuments.



      Race of tiny people didn’t exist, scientists say

      May 18, 2006
      Special to World Science

      When researchers found 18,000-year-old bones of a small,
      humanlike creature on an Indonesian island in 2003, they
      concluded that the bones represented a new species in the
      human family tree.

      This view was widely accepted among scientists and trumpeted
      by the press. Because of its size, the creature was
      nicknamed the "Hobbit."

      But a growing number of scientists have raised questions
      about the claim.

      In a new paper, a some researchers say the bones are
      probably just from an ordinary person who suffered
      microcephaly, or small-headedness. Microcephaly is often
      associated with short stature also.

      "There has been too much media hype and too little critical
      scientific evaluation," said primatologist Robert D. Martin,
      provost of the Field Museum of Chicago and the paper’s lead

      He blasted some of the research that went into the case as
      "unacceptable" in quality.

      But supporters of the initial finding gave no ground. They
      argued that Martin’s own study of the evidence lacks detail
      and focus.

      Full Story:


      Tesla's Death Ray

      Given that Tesla's inventions generally possessed an element
      of social conscience, of doing good for humanity, it may
      seem surprising that he created a number of devices with
      military applications. And the notion of the Tesla
      harnessing his mind for purposes of war may seem immensely
      frightening. After all, this is the man who boasted that
      with his resonance generator he could split the earth in
      two... and no one was ever quite sure whether he was joking.
      The first Tesla invention with a proposed military use was
      his automaton technology, with which the labor of human
      beings could be performed by machines. Specifically, Tesla
      produced remote-controlled boats and submarines. He
      demonstrated the wireless ship at an exposition in Madison
      Square Garden in 1898. The automaton apparatus was so
      advanced, it used a form of voice recognition to respond to
      the verbal commands of Tesla and volunteers from the

      In public, Tesla spoke only of the humanitarian virtues of
      the invention: it would lessen the toils and drudgery of
      mankind and keep human lives out of harm's way. But Tesla
      actually had his hopes on a contract with the U.S. military.
      In a presentation before the War Department, Tesla argued
      that his unmanned torpedo craft could obliterate the Spanish
      Armada and end the war with Spain in an afternoon. The
      government never took Tesla up on his offer.

      Tesla then decided to pitch the automated submarine to
      private industry, and submitted it for the approval of J. P.
      Morgan. According to some accounts, Morgan offered to
      manufacture Tesla's vessels, but only if Tesla would agree
      to marry Morgan's daughter. Such a deal was of course
      anathema to Tesla, and he and Morgan would not work together
      until Wardenclyffe, a couple of years later.

      Tesla eventually landed a successful military contract --
      with the German Marine High Command. The product here was
      not unmanned sea craft, but sophisticated turbines which
      Admiral von Tirpitz used to great success in his fleet of
      warships. After J. P. Morgan cut off his support of
      Wardenclyffe, this foreign contract was Tesla's only
      substantial source of income. Upon the outbreak of World War
      I, Tesla chose to forfeit his German royalties, lest he be
      charged with treason.

      Nearly broke, and finding the United States on the brink of
      war, Tesla dreamed up a new invention that might interest
      the military: the death ray.

      The mechanism behind Tesla's death ray is not well
      understood. It was apparently some sort of particle
      accelerator. Tesla said it was an outgrowth of his
      magnifying transformer, which focused its energy output into
      a thin beam so concentrated it would not scatter, even over
      huge distances. He promoted the device as a purely defensive
      weapon, intended to knock down incoming attacks -- making
      the death ray the great-great grandfather of the Strategic
      Defense Initiative.

      It is not certain if Tesla ever used the death ray, or
      indeed if he even succeeded in building one. But the
      following is the often-related story of what happened one
      night in 1908 when Tesla tested the foreboding weapon.

      At the time, Robert Peary was making his second attempt to
      reach the North Pole. Cryptically, Tesla had notified the
      expedition that he would be trying to contact them somehow.
      They were to report to him the details of anything unusual
      they might witness on the open tundra. On the evening of
      June 30, accompanied by his associate George Scherff atop
      Wardenclyffe tower, Tesla aimed his death ray across the
      Atlantic towards the arctic, to a spot which he calculated
      was west of the Peary expedition.

      Tesla switched on the device. At first, it was hard to tell
      if it was even working. Its extremity emitted a dim light
      that was barely visible. Then an...

      Full Story


      Alien Seeker News

      The home for those who know and for those
      who are determined to know.



      DNA evidence for Atlantis

      Beyond the Bering Strait
      DNA Evidence Rocks the Boat

      By Will Hart

      In recent years, genetic research has produced
      unexpected results that have opened the doors to many
      historical mysteries. The surprising outcomes have
      also provoked unintended controversy. The reasons
      that these DNA investigations have sparked intense
      debates in the fields of anthropology, history and
      even cultural evolution will become clear as our
      story unfolds.

      The genetic probes began innocently enough with
      geneticists wanting to see what secrets human genes
      might reveal about our complex, mysterious and often
      disputed history. Anthropologists and historians had
      long thought that the America's had been populated by
      Asians crossing a land bridge that connected Asia and
      North America during the last Ice Age. This was
      referred to as the 'Bering Strait Crossing' theory
      and was believed to have occurred about 12,000 years

      Genetic analysis on Native American DNA samples began
      in the 1980s. However, the research effort greatly
      accelerated in the 1990s due to rapid technological
      progress in the field. In fact, the early results
      confirmed the generally accepted theory showing a
      clear link between Native Americans and DNA samples
      collected from native peoples in Siberian-Asia.
      Nevertheless, as the studies both deepened and
      broadened to include Asians across the continent, the
      increasing data revealed that the migration pattern
      had been more complex than anthropologist's had

      The early results showed that Native American tribes
      were comprised of four distinct mtDNA haplogroups, A,
      B, C, and D. The haplogroup designations represent
      four different (maternal) lineages. These four
      lineages are found throughout North, Central and
      South America. However, only three of them A, C, and
      D were discovered in the Siberian-Asian populations.
      The B haplogroup was traced to aboriginal population
      groups in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Melanesia,
      and Polynesia.

      Before proceeding we should briefly clarify what
      mtDNA is. There are two types of genetic material
      used for analysis, cellular and mtDNA, the latter is
      found in human mitochondia outside the nucleus of
      cells and is only transferred down generations
      through females, hence mtDNA stands for maternal DNA.
      This type is simpler than the cellular DNA and it
      evolves faster,so it is used to distinguish human
      groups that evolved in separate geographic areas.

      In historical terms, what the genetic evidence
      obtained from mtDNA samples translated into was a
      much more diverse and complex migration pattern that
      included people arriving to the America's in boats.
      Thor Heyerdahl had hypothesized that this was the
      case by showing that it was possible during his Kon
      Tiki expeditions across the Pacific Ocean to Peru.

      While orthodox anthropologists embraced the results
      of the earliest DNA findings, the later results
      caused consternation and controversy. They not only
      showed that the Americas were settled by many
      different racial groups coming from many different
      parts of Asia, the genetic findings also demonstrated
      that the migration events took place much earlier
      than previously thought.

      Anthropologists, archaeologists and historians had
      postulated that the migrations had taken place less
      than 20,000 years ago. DNA analysis placed the
      initial wave of migration at between 38-50,000 years
      before present. This finding too raised eyebrows in
      the orthodox community. However, in recent years
      radiocarbon dated materials from South America,
      California and the Southwestern United States has
      come to light and the dates agree with the
      conclusions of the DNA research.

      Clearly, the genetic investigations had produced a
      mixed bag of outcomes for orthodox anthropologists
      and historians. In general, their long held theories
      about a north Asian origin for Native American
      populations were proven correct. Nevertheless, their
      narrow focus on Siberia, the single land-bridge
      migration route and their chronology had been in
      error. Some of the Asian immigrants did come from
      Siberia along that route but other groups came from
      Japan, Polynesia, etc., in boats and their journeys
      began in remote antiquity.

      Genetic researchers determined that 96% of Native
      Americans fell into one of the four A-D haplogroups
      and while these mtDNA types were also found in Asia
      they are not present in Europe or Africa. This too
      indicates that Asia was the ancestral region of most
      Native American tribes. Then in 1997 another lineage
      was discovered, which geneticists dubbed X. This
      discovery ignited a storm of controversy that has not
      died down to this day. The X haplogroup needs
      careful,thoughtful, and deep historical analysis
      because this group may well hold one of the most
      important keys to unlocking the secrets of our
      collective past.

      Obviously about 4 percent of Native Americans, from
      Alaska to the tip of South America, do not fall into
      one of the four major haplogroups. Scientists assumed
      that these minority lineages came from interactions
      with European and African groups since the time of
      Columbus. This proved to be true for about 1.5% of
      Native Americans however 2.5% were found to belong to
      the X lineage. Once this small mtDNA group was
      identified as a distinct genetic type, the race was
      on to ascertain their place of origin.

      This is where the mystery really gets complicated and
      interesting. In spite of the fact that the previous
      genetic data was forcing the orthodoxy to make some
      alterations in their migration scheme and chronology,
      as we saw their basic paradigm had been confirmed.
      But the discovery of the X haplogroup changed that
      situation dramatically. It was known to exist in
      Europe in about 5% of the population and unknown in
      Asia and Africa at the time. The X lineage was
      ascertained to have arrived in the Americas from
      about 38,000 to 10,000 years ago. What could this

      At first anthropologists argued that since Europeans
      had not traveled across the Atlantic at such a remote
      point in time the X group had to be the outcome of
      post Columbus contact and intermarriage. However when
      researchers analyzed ancient DNA samples, found in
      the Great Lakes (Mound Builder) region, which dated
      back long before Columbus they identified some of the
      samples as belonging to the X group. This proved they
      were not the outcome of any post-Columbus contact and
      were not of recent origin.

      When investigators compiled the genetic data on the
      distribution of the X haplogroup in the America's
      what they discovered sent shock waves through the
      conventional and alternative history camps. The X
      lineage was only found in a handful of tribes
      scattered across the country, the Yakima and Sioux in
      the northwest and the Navajo in the southwest, in
      about 5% of their populations. However, the greatest
      concentrations by far occurred in the Ojibway, Oneota
      and Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribes where almost 25% of the
      tribal members fell into the X lineage.

      Moreover, the vast majority of tribes contained no X
      members. In fact, it was not found in any native
      tribes in Central or South America. Again, what did
      these patterns mean? Independent researchers
      associated with the Edgar Cayce Association (A.R.E.)
      quickly pointed out that the data supported some of
      the material found in the Atlantis readings that the
      'sleeping prophet' had given in the 1930s. Cayce
      noted that some Atlantis refugees had immigrated to
      the northeastern region of the United States and
      later formed the Iroquois nation. It was in those
      tribes that the highest concentration of the X
      haplogroup was found.

      The Cayce readings also claimed that some of these
      refugees went to the American southwest and others
      migrated to the Mound Builder region and formed that
      civilization. Odd that his psychic information would
      so closely parallel the distribution pattern of the X
      lineage. Cayce had also given the dates that these
      migrations had occurred and they too agreed with the
      DNA findings. The plot was surely thickening in a
      most fascinating way. If the story stopped here it
      would be enough to hold interest and provoke thought
      however it goes farther, much farther.

      The apparent widespread presence of the X lineage
      across what is now known as the United States appears
      to show a wide initial dispersal. One could postulate
      a west-east migration of this haplogroup from
      Siberian Asia. But that scenario poses two serious
      obstacles:1) the greatest concentration of this group
      is found in the northeastern region of the United
      States and 2) X is virtually absent in Asia.

      Like a good detective novel, all of the clues had not
      been uncovered in the late 1990s when the X group had
      been identified and was being hotly debated.
      Geneticists pressed forward and launched a probe into
      the Altai tribe located in the Gobi desert and found
      the X lineage in small numbers. This is the only
      population in Asia that exhibits this haplogroup and
      as such they comprise a tiny, isolated genetic
      island. Orthodox anthropologists were elated when the
      news reached their ears. They seized on this finding
      as smoking gun proof that the X group in North
      America had its ancestral roots in Siberian Asia, end
      of story.

      To say that this was an unscientific rush to a final
      conclusion that just happened to agree with their
      long held beliefs is an understatement. Let us pause
      and use logic and commonsense and try to walk through
      what we are being asked to accept. The Gobi Desert is
      about 8,000 miles from the northeastern section of
      the United States. We are being told that this tribe
      trekked that distance and transferred their genes
      from their ancestral homeland to the Great Lakes
      without depositing the X group genes in any other
      part of Asia, Alaska, Canada, and the region between
      Washington and the Northeast America.

      Everyone agrees that any such migration would have
      taken place during the harshest of conditions since
      the Ice Age still held this entire region in its
      frigid grip. Furthermore, we are being asked to
      suspend our disbelief raised by the notion that a
      tiny tribe trekked these vast distances across a
      frozen landscape for unknown reasons. Why would any
      small tribe risk everything and wander half way
      around the globe during an ice age when they did not
      know what lay beyond the next horizon? In fact,
      anthropologists and historians know that this is not
      the way human tribes have operated since the dawn of

      On February 16, 1932 Cayce related some information
      during a reading that is extraordinarily cogent to
      this unfolding genetic mystery story. When asked
      about the position of the continent of Atlantis he

      "The position the continent Atlantis occupied, is
      that as between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand -
      and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of
      this lost civilization are to be found in the
      Pyrenees and Morocco on the one hand, British
      Honduras, Yucatan and America upon the other."

      Now, we must pick up the trail of clues on the other
      side of the Atlantic. Let us keep in mind that when
      Cayce gave this reading DNA had not yet been
      discovered and there was no such thing as mtDNA
      analysis. Nevertheless, he mentioned "evidences" in
      two specific locales, the Pyrenees, a mountain range
      sandwiched in between France and Spain where the
      Basques live, and Morocco where another ancient
      group, the Berbers resides. Astonishingly, these two
      populations contain the highest frequencies of the X
      lineage found in Europe and North Africa.

      The Basques have long puzzled anthropologists,
      linguists and historians because, although they are
      Caucasian they do not fit in with the rest of the
      European populations. Their language is not related
      to any other tongue in the world. Prior to the advent
      of genetic research tools investigators used the ABO
      blood groups to study the relationships between human
      populations as well as their migration patterns. The
      Basques turned out to be unique in terms of blood
      types as well. As a population they contain the
      highest levels of Rh- 'O' negative blood in the world
      and among the lowest type B.

      Now, what Cayce was suggesting is that some of the
      people that fled the sinking continent went west and
      settled and became the Iroquois. Others went east to
      the Iberian Peninsula then the Pyrenees (Basques),
      and the West Coast of North Africa then the Atlas
      Mountains (Berbers). Turning to the Berbers we find
      yet another group that contains the highest frequency
      of haplogroup X in the world. Is it a coincidence
      that these disparate peoples share a very rare mtDNA

      It is unfortunate that the Berbers have never
      received much attention from science over the years.
      Here we have a Caucasian race living in North Africa
      of all places. Anthropologists dismissed them because
      they did not fit well into the 'Out of Africa'
      scenario and it was assumed that they had back
      immigrated southward from somewhere in Europe.
      However, that theory has been abandoned and
      scientists now accept the fact that they are an
      indigenous people, which they believe go back to the
      Stone Age. But how can this be we must ask since the
      rest of the continent below the Sahara is black

      Full Article:


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