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Goody I am back: Re: [UFOnet] Fw: [ufotruthseekers] Check this out

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  • Roger Anderton
    Goody I am back. The email I sent 11 April (below)has turned up today 26 April- after being lost in a time warp. If I do not disappear again, I can report how
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2006
      Goody I am back. The email I sent 11 April (below)has turned up today 26 April- after being lost in a time warp.

      If I do not disappear again, I can report how far I have got in my investigations of the UFO topic:

      What we have in the UFO scene is a conflict of Belief systems. Even if we try to remove the religious beliefs that can attach themselves to the UFO topic we have other beliefs.

      There are scientists that believe in the UFO side of things, but there is also on the other extreme those who want to debunk the topic.

      Those who debunk the topic want to believe that their version of science is the only true one.

      But there is of course Alternative Science.

      In the Alternative Science there can be various points of view, but there is within it those who believe in the UFO side.

      One of the key branching points in science history is the detour from Einsteinian physics.

      In the history of science Einstein is supposed to have revolutionised science with his theories of relativity, and then later there was a Quantum Physics Revolution which Einstein disapproved of, and he then went off searching for the unified field theory.

      The mystery is what happened to Einstein's unified field theory.

      The answer is simplicity itself - the theory existed in the literature and was merely ignored.

      I have just had my article on the Unified Field Theory Coverup published on e-journal: The General science Journal.

      at: http://www.wbabin.net/

      The Editor of the journal tells me the quotes of my paper are particularly relevant.

      I tie in the "Greats" of Science and Philosophy --- Tesla, Boscovich, Einstein, LL Whyte, Nietzche, Emile Meyerson and many others as doing work on the Unified Field Theory AND I do so by quoting the literature where this is mentioned! ---- And I explain why this Great Tradition of Theoretical Investigation is being overlooked/ignored by a large number of scientists in the Mainstream--- basically because it is Mental Blockage.

      If all goes well with this e-list, I will email a summary of that article anon.


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      > Yes, very good a lot of things to note there; one is that it mentions Tesla's outlook taking on a very spiritual view like Einstein's; this point-of-view is difficult for a lot of scientists to understand.
      > On the theoretical side what's not mentioned is: Lt Col Bearden (in the video) has taken up investigating unified field theory from Maxwell and Tesla.
      > Both Maxwell and Tesla were working from Boscovich's theory; as was Einstein.
      > www.einsteinconspiracy.co.uk

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