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UFO Recently Reported Sightings 4-22-06

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  • ronnie h
    HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings Release Date: April 22, 2006 Midlothian, U.K. Bright White Light HBCC UFO Research Note: I most likely will be posting
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2006
      HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings

      Release Date: April 22, 2006

      Midlothian, U.K. Bright White Light

      HBCC UFO Research Note: I most likely will be posting the witnesses website link to my site, so everyone can view the footage, or where the reports sits as of now. Or as soon as I hear from the witness about doing so.

      Date: 2002 ?
      Time: 11:50 p.m.

      Number of witnesses: 1
      Number of objects: 3
      Shape of objects: Light object.

      Full Description of event/sighting: I look out my back window and could see a light moving northwest. I got a hold of my cam and went outside. I could still see the light but just before I started film. It disappeared or went out. Then what I saw was another coming from west northwest. I started to film this as it came over my village.

      Additional Information:
      Hi, what happened I looked out and saw a light, like that on tape moving north. I got cam went out to film it. That light went out, then the one on tape came in to view. I stared filming as it went over the village and this one was heading east. Later I saw another light coming from west north west. I walked up to window and watched this light head up, and then move to a west southwest. The sound you hear on the tape is from bus and cars going down the road. The light object did not make any unusual maneuvers as it flew in a straight line. When the object is moving erratically that's me using focus zooming in on object, and out trying to get the best look I can of the craft. You can see a object move past the light object. This craft was moving very fast and was no aircraft that I have ever seen before. There was not even any sound from the light object as it went over. I have footage from 2005 of what I think is this object again, it looks very alike to this craft, and
      a few more daylight UFOs that I took here in Midlothian. When you slow this footage down to frame by frame you get a image of a craft. You can view these two images of the crafts on site and many more.
      Second reply from him below:
      Hi Brian,
      I am going start to put on other footage that has been taken over my village in Midlothian from 1999. I am just going put one on at a time. I reported the Orion UFO to you early this year but never had the footage on for people to view the light moving in front of Orion's belt. This will be the next footage I am going show. That footage is great the same with the daylight all great footage.
      Hope to hear from you.
      Thank you to the witness for their report.

      Northwest Of Edmonton, Alberta Object Shoots Off On An Right Angle

      Date: November 12, 2004
      Time: 11:45 p.m.

      Location of Sighting: N.W. 1/4 Sec. 24-57-5-5
      Number of witnesses: 1
      Number of objects: 1
      Shape of objects: Unknown

      Full Description of event/sighting: My wife and I like to play a game while we sit around the campfire to see which one of us can spot the most "space junk" floating overhead in the night skies. We have played this game for over 10 years and have seen the usual objects (mostly satellites) that look like stars and travel in a precise direction silently through the night skies. Sometimes the object will be spinning and it will have a "fade in - fade out" twinkle as it travels. On some nights we can see up to a dozen or more objects over a period of 2 to 3 hours.

      We moved to a rural acreage Northwest of Edmonton, AB in the fall of 2004. On the night of November 12, 2004 at approx: 11:45 p.m., I was walking outside from the house to another building on our property. As I walked, I looked up to admire the night sky. It was absolutely gorgeous. There were no clouds and the stars were breathtaking.

      I saw a very bright object in the sky traveling from East to West. It was almost behind me as I walked and I watched it for about 5 seconds before I turned my head back in the direction I was walking. Then I thought to myself "that was one very bright piece of space junk" and turned back to take a second look. The object was exactly where it was supposed to be in it's path as I looked at it a second time. This time I actually stopped and turned my whole body around to watch it travel towards me over my house. I was just about to come to the conclusion that this object must be an aircraft with a bright light turned on, such as a landing light, when the object suddenly "shot off" at a right angle towards the South like a shooting-star at an extremely high speed and disappeared like it turned off the light. I saw the light streak for about (arms length measurement) 6 inches before the light disappeared. This did not "fall towards the ground" like a shooting star. The
      object was originally traveling West at a slow rate of speed then all of a sudden was traveling South at a high rate of speed at the same altitude. There was no sound and I could not judge how far away the object was. I stood there for a moment and thought that this was the oddest thing I have ever seen in the night sky. I looked all over the sky for anything that looked "unusual" but it was just a spectacular view of the stars with nothing else moving.

      Additional facts: I was inspired to submit this report after reading about the 1954 Mayerthorpe sighting. The Mayerthorpe sighting location is only 4 miles west of where 4 RCMP were shot last year. About 15 miles west of where my sighting in 2004 occurred.

      Additional Information:
      Hi Brian, The object left no trail or anything as it "streaked". No sound, nothing. Just a smear of light as one would expect as a bright point of light moves fast. After the object disappeared, I looked all over the sky but there was nothing as far as the eye could see except stars. Nothing moving. I was definitely looking for anything else out of the ordinary. There wasn't any airplanes. I immediately told my wife who was in the house what I saw. I did have a strange thought afterwards about the incident, that is, I wondered if "the object" took evasive action after it discovered that I was staring at it. It was coming towards me from over my house so maybe I was invisible to it until it was almost on top of me. Just a thought!

      Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


      Great Falls, Montana Triangular Shaped UFO With Rows Of Lights

      Date: October 2005
      Time: 9:30 p.m.

      Message: Hello Mr. Vike

      I had this sighting in October of last year, and posted it on the NUFORC site, but thought you might like to hear it too. It took place in Great Falls, Montana.

      Just moved here from Fresno CA. I have had only 2 other sightings in my life. None of which compared at all to what I have seen on the dates of 10-05-05 through 10-07-05.

      The first night, I was stuck outside of the house (keys were not made yet) waiting for my girlfriend and her family to come back home. We live in a residential area nearby the airport, and Malstrom AFB is about 10 or so miles away.

      Around 9:30 pm, I saw 2 shapes outlines under the clouds, pitch black and a large boomerang shape, no lights, not a sound. At arms distance, they would be about the size of my hand. One was slightly smaller, or further away. I have no idea how high the clouds were that night, but I felt they were close.

      I didn't think much of the sighting at first as there were lots of large birds flying south, and I had seen them in the day time, flying in similar formation. But I kept my eye in the sky.

      About 5 minutes later, a few more went nearly overhead, no sound, same shape. But these were not birds, or crazy hang-gliders. They seemed to be going to slow to stay in the sky, but really how can you know how fast they are going.

      After that, I saw something that made me scream literally. And cuss just a bit. A triangle shape, with two rows of lights on all sides came just over a neighbors house, about 200 feet down the road and silent. Then stopped completely, and stood up as to show off, and sat for maybe 3 or four seconds and faded into the stars.

      I am surprised I didn't get shot at for yelling like that. My heart was pounding, and no one else was seeing this.

      After some more sightings and around 10:00 the family pulled up, and I told them what I had seen. After a few jokes, haha, and unloading the car at light speed, I was out in the driveway again. My girlfriend stayed inside. I ended up seeing "something" 32 times that night.

      The next night about 16, and the last night, I stayed up until past 4 in the am. I saw roughly 44 of these altogether, a few triangles, and even a circle shaped craft. My girlfriend and I together have seen well over a dozen, and even her mom saw one nearby and well, she's not one to give in easily...

      I know the airbase is nearby, but the people here say that the runway at the base is shut down, and they are flying out of the airport. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything since.

      I believe these are not experimental, and why would they fly them right over the city all night. "Electric City" at that.

      I don't have internet access my self, but I had to get this report down, so I am at the library.

      If you have any other questions, or any other reports of this, please contact me. I know others have seen these craft, unless the people here didn't look up on those days.

      Have a great day!

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Vancouver, British Columbia Hovering Object

      Date: March 26, 2006 (?)
      Time: 9:30 - 10:30 p.m.

      Message: My 11 year old son , noticed an object hovering over our apartment and took a closer look with his telescope. Myself and two children observed the hovering object for more than an hour and one half. It had flashing red lights like strobe lights. There were also blue lights that flashed only about every minuet. Other lights that flashed were green and orange.

      There were four other objects like this in the sky , but further away. The one that was closer to us finally began to move away at a very gradual speed and then it suddenly disappeared. One of the objects that was further away disappeared for a moment and then popped back again.

      We had no video camera to take photo's and the camera wouldn't have captured it. However, we did call this event to the attention of a neighbor.

      Additional Information:

      Hello, thank you for your interest. I can't remember the exact date, but my son thinks it was March 26, 2006. It was definitely 9:30 and disappeared around 10:30 pm. I'd posted an email the next morning on the National UFO website. I gave them the exact date and time , but I can't find the post anywhere there.

      The sighting could be seen from 6th avenue and St Catherine's Street in Vancouver , BC.

      The weather conditions were that it was a clear night. Usually you can't see much up in the sky because it is too cloudy. But this night there was a good view of the stars and the crafts or whatever the objects were.

      I asked my neighbor if he would like to comment and he said he only saw flashing lights. He was waiting for a friend to come to his place and he didn't come up to look through the telescope. But he said he would Do you have an 800 number because he doesn't have a phone and he doesn't have email.

      The main craft we were observing was situated to the south west of the location from which we observed. The other 4 craft were hovering to the west. One airplane came through but did not come near the craft. It was probably on it's way to the airport which is out toward Richmond I think. But the fact that the objects in the sky hovered and for such a long time would say that they weren't your ordinary airplanes, right ?

      My 11 year old and 7 year old were also witnesses and they did see the objects through the telescope. So what do you think they were ?

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Oshawa, Ontario A Falling Amber Light

      Date: April 6, 2006
      Time: Approx: 10:35 p.m.

      Hi Brian, hope you well and not too busy. Indeed, the sightings are in fact growing in numbers, as I have seen it.Your site also gives confirmation on the stats/survey, of what's up. I have a sighting of something seen here, at home in Oshawa.Ontario. On Thursday, April 6, 2006, near 10:35pm, while outside having a smoke. I looked up above my neighbor's roof, facing west with clear skies. Directly above, at about 2000 feet, I noticed a falling amber light, which appeared round-like a falling star. As I watched it falling at about 500-800 feet-as guess, from a couple thousand feet high. This thing leveled out, traveling about 100 yards or more horizontally and than faded out. The total time of this sighting was about 7-10 seconds. The last couple of seconds was it moved horizontally and faded out. The speed did not change from the turn. Do falling stars do this ? Can they appear "amber" in color as well?. I have seen falling stars before, which appear whitish blue. Not to
      mention that they keep falling straight downwards-then fade out. I have never seen one turn like this one, or color associated. I'm curious if there is a natural explanation? Take care and have a great weekend. Feedback would be appreciated.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Gatineau, Quebec 3 Orange Bright Lights With A Golden Tail

      Date: April 8, 2006
      Time: 8:04 p.m.

      Number of witnesses: 3
      Number of objects: 3-4
      Shape of objects: Sparkling with Golden tail.

      Full Description of event/sighting: Ok, Here's my story (Remember I was 100% sober).

      I was just outside and about to pick up my girlfriend near St Raymond/ Tache Gatineau, Quebec Canada. I was enjoying
      the clear sky night and I saw 3 orange, bright lights with a golden tail of an unidentified flying objects moving and getting very, very close to earth. You can see it right above an apartment building close by.

      First I thought it was an airplane, as they get closer and sparkling, they separate forming a triangle. I guarantee there was no noise at all, not air balloon and not helicopters. I have never seen anything in that kind of shape moving. I was in shock, freaking out. I saw a man on the street and had him stop, showing the sighting to him. He asked me if I had a camera, then I ran into my car, getting my digital camera. I took one picture and my battery was totally dead. To bad I couldn't take more pictures. The guy also took pictures with his cellular camera. I went to the A channel TV station to report the story, but I guess no one will believe me. I thought I would share this story with you all.

      Myself, I do not believe in UFOs. But after my girlfriend and I saw this, I do believe in it now, crazy.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Fort St. John, British Columbia A "U" Shaped UFO

      Date: April 11, 2006
      Time: 4:30 p.m.

      Number of witnesses: 1
      Number of objects: 1
      Shape of objects: U shaped

      Full Description of event/sighting: Since my friend had his kid we smoke outside. Yesterday as we were coming back inside from one of these breaks I looked up and saw a white object moving across the sky. At first I thought it was a bag as I have seen bags blowing around high up. But then after a couple seconds I noticed that whatever it was, was very high up. I grabbed my camcorder at zoomed out to 22x and saw it was not a bag...too big. It was moving around a lot and seemed to be "U" shaped. No noise was noticed. It was moving slightly crossed into the wind. Wind moved northeast object moved east.

      Thank you to the witness for their report.


      Montreal, Quebec Unknown Object

      Date: April 12, 2006
      Time: 6:00 a.m.

      Hi Brian, its me again from Montreal, Quebec. One woman I know took some pictures this morning at 6:00 am and I thought you can have a look on two pictures that she took from inside the house, and the window is not crystal clear but you can see a black dot that is on one picture. Not on the other one and the other one is chemtrail of a jet very low altitude and she didn't here any sound of a passing by jet. Thanks, and keep up the good work on searching not for the truth cause they are here but more proof that they live here.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Vancouver, British Columbia Object With Flashing Lights

      Date: April 14, 2006
      Time: 9:05 p.m.

      Hello. It's (name removed). My 7 year old just came running in to tell me that " thing with the flashing light , it's back ". We all had a look with the binoculars as well as telescope and sure enough it was there with flashing blue,red and green. It stayed in the same spot for maybe 10 minuets. We were about to go around and get the neighbor to take a look but then it disappeared. It was 9:05 April 14, 2006. It is far enough away that to most people it might look like a star if you don't take a closer look with binoculars or telescope. If you have good eye sight and you happen to be star gazing you might notice something more like my children did.

      It doesn't move like an airplane. It hovers. The object was in almost the same location , but just a little to the left above the tree.

      Let me know what you think.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Lethbridge, Alberta Boomerang Shaped Grey Object

      Date: April 14, 2006
      Time: 9:44 p.m.

      Dear Mr. Vike, as of 9:44 pm Alberta time April 14, 2006 I saw a boomerang shaped grey object appear suddenly and streak soundlessly across the Lethbridge night sky travelling from South to North covering the distance visible to me in seconds. I was standing at my fence in between my house and my neighbours looking up when it appeared. It covered about an inch of the sky. I am not sure of the size because I don't know how far away it was from me. Do you know of any other sightings of that object that occurred this night. Another thing was that there were no lights on this object, so I do not believe it was an airplane flying at great heights. The sky was clear and the object was easily visible. Sincerely.

      Additional Information:

      1. No there was no aircraft in the area at the time of my sighting. 2. No there was no tail or trail behind the object.
      3. Yes we do have a pet and she was out with me but 2 days before she injured her hip and has been acting withdrawn.
      4. The Lethbridge airport is about 8 KM south east of where we live.
      5. No I am not aware of any other person's witness to the sighting of the object.
      6. Surprisingly there was no wind that night.
      7. There was no sound what so ever.
      8. The object looked like a boomerang.

      Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


      Camden County, Georgia Object Almost Full Moon Sized

      Date: April 15, 2006
      Time: 8:34 p.m.

      Location of Sighting: East
      Number of witnesses: 1
      Number of objects: 1
      Shape of objects: Couldn't tell, too far away.

      Full Description of event/sighting: Walking home in the middle of the street, (a driveway-like street in the apartment complex) I happened to feel something out of the ordinary bright almost peering at me from above. So I looked up eastward, and there was a huge light in the sky, almost full moon-sized, maybe a tad bit smaller in diameter, but appearing as if someone turned on a fluorescent bluish flashlight from the air and was shining it right at me!! I stared in wonder for a few seconds, and realized the light was growing, and then suddenly started shrinking in size as if moving upward into space, then fizzled out of sight.

      I just stood there for a moment hoping it would come back, but it didn't so I casually started walking off normal. Playing with the golf ball I had just picked up previous to the sighting. Yet all the while repeatedly glancing up in that direction. Let me add, this is the fifth UFO sighting I've had here in this area since moving here 3 years ago. This was one of the more distinct sightings of the 5, with 3 being fly-bys, and one a hovering of 3 objects near Jax Beach. This area seems to have company overhead. And they are not commercial flights.

      Thank you to the witness for the report. Also, HBCC UFO Research would like to note that GUFOG a Georgia UFO Organization will be following this report up.


      Vernon, British Columbia More Objects Witnessed

      Date: April 22, 2006
      Time: 3:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

      Clear sky with some light cloud.

      Hi Brian, early this morning I was outside watching a pair of raccoons playing and I noticed a "satellite" like object trace a path from the west to the north west in a horseshoe shape. The object was traveling slowly as though drifting. A few minutes later another one went from the north to the south at a slow pace. Then there were about four in the sky within 30 seconds of each other going the same direction. I thought they seemed to disappear in the same area of the sky so I retrieved the binoculars to have a look. As I was scanning the area, I saw two more pin head size bright objects zoom
      past. My attention was caught when three satellite objects moved toward the north direction in a loose triangle formation. Without using the binoculars I could see through the middle so I believe that they were three distinct objects.

      I again checked the Heavens-Above site and there were no satellites in the area at the time and the date. I am having fun, but I am not sure what I am seeing. They look like various light- magnitudes of stars moving in the sky. If they are large and
      illuminate they are probably under 3000 feet. The size will then decrease the further up they are. They can light up to pure white light at any altitude. They travel in the plane lanes here and I have seen one come up from behind the hill to come west over town after the plane to Kelowna was just out of sight heading south.

      You have pictures of the same kind of objects in the reports from Mount Shasta California and also from one in Arizona. It was from his report that I started watching the sky here in the early morning hours. Take care.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      South New Market, Ohio Ball Of Light Hovers Over The Fields

      Date: Various
      Time: Various

      Number of witnesses: 2
      Number of objects: 1
      Shape of objects: Only visible as a bright light, somewhat orange in spectrum.

      Full Description of event/sighting: I have noticed this periodically. Not everyday. It hovers and moves at will, it is very close. I have tried to hear engines as I thought it was a helicopter but I cannot verify any sound. It hovers over fields by my house and has no aviation lights to determine its direction (I have studied aviation) although it can move however it likes and often sits still and appears to have a big bright light (on the front?). It is not a typical aviation spot light which leans towards the blue spectrum, but instead it has more of an orange tinge but not as orange as a HPS light. A bunch of slow low flying jets often pass over my property (I'm in the countryside with only 11 houses on my road) one night a rather large plane (military?) flew over my property and shone a bright spotlight in my face as it passed. There were two powerful spotlights one pointing to the left and one pointing to the right towards the ground. This craft was low and
      slow I only mention it for reference although I do not know the purpose of this flight pattern or behavior. I believe the military is conducting special flights (training) over my area in the night. No strange behavior is witnessed during the day accept fighter training (very loud) which is at a much higher altitude than the activity I have witnessed at night.

      I'm very curious as to what this "ball of light" is, and I'm close to conducting my own reconnaissance mission to ascertain what it is. One night (10:00pm) I was coming home from work and saw the "ball of light" in the fields south of my house where my road happens to run. I decided to make it obvious to the craft that I was curious and I stopped my vehicle in the road and shut off my lights and watched to see what would happen. The craft became aware of my actions and started exhibiting its own "curious behavior". I started driving again until I was parallel with craft and I stopped my vehicle and rolled down my windows and shut off my engine to try to hear any type of noise from it but could not. The craft started to move away and we started to race each other it started to move faster and so I increased speed and it would slow so then would I. Whenever it knows I'm watching it, it eventually leaves in a NNE direction away from my location.

      In my opinion it hovers too low and its operation at night removes the idea that it is helicopter training. Besides it does not have the required aviation lights (no flashing or colored) and any helicopter I have ever seen this close emits the tell tale noise of the amount of power needed to sustain lateral flight by conventional means.

      Most of its operation is close to the tree tops which I assume is to avoid radar detection. I have also seen several personal craft during the day flying illegally (below 500ft).

      You may contact me for further clarifications as I'm sure I have left out something.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


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